A Warrior is one who is trained to go out and seek and remove evil where ever found: Military and Law Enforcement.

A Sheepdog is one who goes about their daily life making a living but keeping an eye out for the wolf.

When a wolf attacks, the Sheepdog will have the warrior in them, the tools at hand, to defend the young, the old and helpless: The private citizen.

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About The Founder

Clint Thompson in Dokhan KurdishstanLt. Clint Thompson Ret.
Clint Thompson is the founder of Warriors and Sheepdogs. He is a retired 45 year veteran law enforcement officer, author and independent writer. He has written for Knives Illustrated for 15 years and has written for Harris Publications and is presently writing for Engaged Media, American Handgunner and several other media publications and professional publications.

He is co-founder of 401-Kids Inc. Foundation. He is a husband, father and grandfather. He has served in Kosovo as a United Nations Police Officer and Iraq as an International Police Adviser. His interests are things that shoot, cut and PC Gaming.

Clint is a endowed life member of the NRA.