Author: Lt. Clint Thompson Ret.

Far Cry 4 Game Review

A Fun Game for Far Cry Fans. Parent’s Warning: The character your child or young adult will be playing engages in the use of illegal drugs which would appear non harmful and totally acceptable. In the past I played and enjoyed the Far Cry® games. I played one through three. I didn’t buy the Far Cry® Primal as the reviews were not positive enough to pay the $49 to $59. I felt Far Cry® Primal kind of drifted from the main theme of the game series. I am a big fan of the Far Cry® first three games. Now...

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KAHR ST9 TIG Special Edition 9mm

Looking to buy the KAHR ST9 TIG Special Edition 9mm? Continue reading and watch our video as we review and field test the TIG Special Edition from KAHR Firearms Group. John “TIG” Tiegen Former Marine and Benghazi American Hero The KAHR ST9 TIG Special Edition is limited to 1,000 of these semi-auto pistols. Engravings on each pistol includes its number in the series, the TIG logo, TIG’s signature and the Beyond the Battlefield logo. Part of the proceeds KAHR receives will be donated to Beyond the Battlefield (BTB) Foundation by Kahr Firearms Group. KAHR is helping our Heroes who...

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Murray State College Gunsmithing School

One of the NRA’s Top Picks for Gunsmithing School An Extraordinary Gunsmithing School Last fall I decided to take two firearms to the Murray State College Gunsmithing School in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. I have an old Sevens double barrel 16 gauge and a Remington Mod. 12 pump .22 caliber rifle. My Uncle Max passed down the 16 gauge to me, likely because I was bugging him too much. My Uncle Max is an extraordinary man. He has traveled the World as an ornithologist collecting rare birds. To his credit he has found numerous new species of birds with some being...

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The Best Small 9mm for Under $400

Looking for the best small 9mm for under $400? We review and field test the KAHR CM9 and discover why it’s the ideal 9mm for the money. The KAHR CM9 worth more than retail Not long ago I received the KAHR CM9 which is in 9mm. I took it out of the box and wiped it down, broke it down and added some light oil. I found this little 9mm breaks down very simply and goes back the same way. In my first examination of the CM9, I found it felt great in my average size hand. My little finger...

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Charter Arms Off Duty Model 53921 Review

Searching for the best .38 special revolver under $400? Look no further than the Charter Arms Off Duty Model 53921 revolver. While working undercover in the dark and dirt-bag filled world of illegal drugs, I carried a Charter Arms Under Cover. I carried my Charter Arms revolver in an ankle holster, in my waistband, in my pocket and on my belt. I cut some surgical tubing to fit the hammer and heat shrunk it to hold. In this way the hammer didn’t gouge me when I stuck it in the front of my pants. When I shoved it inside my...

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