Author: Lt. Clint Thompson Ret.

Best 9mm Sub-Gun for Warriors

Looking for the best 9mm sub-gun on the market? SIG MPX SBR 9mm Sub-Gun is your personal defense weapon of choice. When it comes to the defense of one’s home, each Warrior and Sheepdog has the responsibility to provide their own defense. As a 45 year veteran LEO, I can tell you without a bit of hesitation, the security and defense of you and your family is your sole responsibility. No one else, including law enforcement, has this primary responsibility. In the growing city I live in, there are about 95,000 people. At any one time there are about...

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Insurgency: Sandstorm PC Game – Best New Game 2018

New World Interactive is on the verge of releasing their newest FPS combat game. I have played their PC game “Day of Infamy” and found it to be great fun. In coop the bots are highly intelligent and extremely dangerous. Based on the quality and great game play of Day of Infamy, I am looking forward to play and review Insurgency: Sandstorm. Sign up for our emails (see sidebar) to get exclusive alerts when Insurgency: Sandstorm is released by New World Interactive. Watch Insurgency: Sandstorm on YouTube From New World Interactive “The 3.6 million selling Military FPS comes enhanced...

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Ruger AR-556 MPR: A Top AR Semi-Auto

Is the Ruger AR-556 MPR semi-auto rifle one of the best ARs on the market? We review model 8514 using 5.56 NATO / 223 Rem. caliber ammunition and discover why the AR-556 MPR among the best. Over the years of reading about the various latest and greatest AR type rifles, I noticed most, not all, but most reviews, test- evaluations were conducted by talented people who never professionally carried one. Yes these professional writers knew what they were talking about and even personally own an AR rifle. To own and shoot a rifle is not the same as to...

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Sentry Gun & Knife Gear Care Kit

Searching for the best knife or gun cleaning kit? The Sentry Gear Care Kit is for you. Being a law enforcement officer on three continents with a total of some 45 years, I have learned to appreciate products which help me keep my professional tools clean and working at the levels needed to keep me safe on the job. In this time period I have identified many products which meet my high standards. In the case of keeping my firearms and knives clean and ready for duty, I have found around ten products which do the job. But keeping around...

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WK F3: A Warrior’s Best Folder Pocket Knife

The WK F3: Own a Piece of a Warrior’s Legendary Knife What can a Warrior say about his weapons and tools? He or she can say these weapons and tools are the best I can afford. I totally understand this. As a LEO supporting a wife and children on a salary which qualified me for government assistance, I struggled at surviving with a weapon meeting the minimal duty requirements. In other words I had six shots in my firearm and the dirt-bags had 15 in theirs. So I worked two additional jobs to upgrade to a comparable firearm to...

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