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22 Henry Youth Rifle

A perfect brisk morning for hunting, with frost on the leaves and a thin layer of ice at a nearby watering hole. Terry was setting down on a large piece of bark to keep his bottom from resting on cold ground. He was leaning up against a cottonwood tree five and a half feet thick at the base. Terry was being very quiet. He strained his ears listening for the slightest sounds. Sounds which would betray the furry red Fox Squirrel he was seeking today. He had been hunting with his Dad many times. Since he was six years old, he and his Dad would go squirrel hunting every fall. He loved this time with his Dad. Today, it was the first time he had been allowed to go hunting by himself. For his recent birthday, he was given the most valuable item he owned. He was holding this item in his hands, a Henry .22 lever action rifle which fits his twelve-year-old frame just perfectly.

Terry’s Dad told him it was Henry’s youth rifle and perfect for him to use hunting and tin can shooting. His Dad told him he trusted him and to remember the safety rules he drummed into him. His Dad went on to say, this Henry would last him till he was big enough for a full-size rifle and then his children, his children’s children and so on, would prize this rifle as well. A family rifle with history which is just priceless. This was something to think about while waiting for his furry tailed game to appear.

A familiar musty smell was permeating his nostrils. Terry knew this was the smell of rotting leaves and vegetation all around him. A smell he grew to love. The sun had moved just high enough to share some of its warmth. To Terry, this is a glorious day. A day he hoped to bring home some meat for the family table. A rite of passage his Dad told him. He was not too sure what this meant but it must mean a lot for his Dad. He and his two sisters have been raised on wild game all their lives. Now he has the means and training to help fill the freezer.

Henry Repeating Arms

Suddenly, Terry heard to his right a limb crack. A little too loud for the pesky squirrels who live in these woods. Another sound of movement caused Terry’s heart to race. He waited and then saw a deer working her way down a trail not twenty-five yards away. It was not deer season and his rifle was not designed to take this size of game. In a pinch his .22 rifle could take this deer but it would be illegal. Terry stayed frozen while watching this ghost like doe walk right by him. How quite they can move. What an amazing moment. A moment he would never experience on his XBOX. Then he noticed something move in a tree fifteen yards away. The deer must have disturbed this critter.

Terry set very quiet. Shortly, a squirrel poked his head around the tree trunk about twenty feet up. Terry was calm and ready. He raised his Henry and cocked the hammer back off of safety and aimed. He lined up his sights on the small target of a head and squeezed on the trigger. “POP!” The squirrel fell to the ground. Terry set still just as his Dad taught him. He noted the location of his game and waited. Within a few minutes another target appeared. “POP!” “Another one for the pot.” Terry thought.

It was close to noon as Terry walked back to the house. In his game bag he had six squirrels. He now was a provider for his family just like his parents. Terry thought to himself, “When I get home, I will clean these squirrels and then have some lunch.” A wonderful and somehow magical day for Terry he will never forget.

22 Henry Youth RifleHenry .22 Rifle – Made in America

Made in America means a great deal to me. I once searched for two months for “Made in America” leather work gloves. Instead of paying $12 at a Big Box Store pair, I paid $32 at a seed and feed store in a small town in Kansas. So, when I want to buy a product which will last and has some intrinsic value, I look for this product to be manufactured in America by American workers. In these times wherein mega corporations have spread out across the world to provide cheaper production of their products, it can be difficult or not even possible to always buy American made products.

Lucky for me I was born, raised and live in America or the United States of America to be specific. The greatest country on this Planet. Because we are free people, as free as 327 million people living together can allow, we can choose to own a firearm or not. We can choose to train our youth to shoot or not. But for those of us who value our freedom, teaching our youth to shoot a rifle could be a valuable investment for our future freedom. After all, who would want to invade a country where over 40 percent of the population has personal firearms?

Henry makes one of the finest firearms on this planet. I personally have three. All three are the best examples of American workmanship. My AR-7 shoots as fast as I can pull the trigger. No jams of any kind. Just perfect. Henry’s AR-7 is dependable, which is much more than I can say for the previous manufactures of this firearm model. My other Henry firearms function and serve me just as well. No jams, malfunctions or disappointments.

The Henry Lever Action .22 Youth Rifle has a little over 16-inch round barrel. The overall length is 33-inches. This youth model weights right at 4.5 pounds. My eight-year-old great nephew could handle this rifle well. My twelve-year-old great nephew just fell in love at first sight. As you will see in the video, Julian just can’t say enough about this .22 lever action youth rifle. He said, “This is better than a BB-gun.” Well yes, it is. Between the two of them they went through over 250 rounds of Winchester .22 long rifle. My Nephew Michael and I enjoyed watching them shot this rifle. Many good memories were made this weekend camp out.

In testing the Henry Lever Action .22 Youth Rifle I found it to be flawless. As you will see in the video, I fired this rifle as fast as I could safely. No jams, malfunctions or disappointments. The Winchester .22 LR round nose performed perfectly. Winchester ammo is a family tradition. Now a new tradition has been added. Henry rifles. What a perfect match. Freedom loving Americans owning and shooting American made firearms with American made ammo.

I personally like the lever-action rifle design. I guess being raised around ranches and farms, watching westerns on TV and in the movies, just facilitated my love for them. Single action revolvers and lever action rifles. Just cannot be beat. I have hunted with them for many years taking small game to large game. I will be using my Henry lever actions in the field in the future.

As a father, grandfather, uncle and mentor to the youth in my family, I can say you will not, cannot buy a better lever action .22 rifle for your youth. The memories this rifle will create between the youth in your life and their mentors is just priceless. I suggest if you have a young boy or girl who would be interested in shooting, I would start them on the Henry Lever Action .22 Youth rifle. As a professional LEO, I know the young people who are properly trained with a firearm and schooled in the safe use of this firearm, will lead to less unintentional firearm discharges. Show them what a firearm is all about and teach them to respect all firearms.

Henry .22 Rifle Conclusion

In testing the Henry Lever Action .22 Youth Rifle, I can say it is my first choice for the first rifle a young shooter of eight to 15 years of age. Of course, this would be depending on their physical size. Some 12-year-olds can be big enough for a full-size Henry .22 lever action rifle. I started my grandson on a very small bolt action single shot, which he quickly out grew. Because of my experience with the grandson, I am recommending the Henry lever action .22 youth rifle to start your young shooters in the learning process. Each parent or mentor needs to make the decision on when they will start the training for their particular youth based on size and mental attitude. No two children are alike. I know from my personal experience, there are many great memories to be made in the woods or on the range with your child. As life goes, you just look away for a moment and they have grown up. Be sure to be a part of their life before this happens. Pass on the legacy of a Henry Rifle and let them become a future warrior.

Henry Lever Action .22 Youth Rifle Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 16.125 Inches
  • Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel
  • Rate of Twist: 1:16
  • Overall Length: 33 Inches
  • Weight: 4.50 Pounds
  • Receiver Finish: Black
  • Rear Sight: Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
  • Front Sight: Hooded Blade
  • Scope-ability: 3/8 Inch Grooved Receiver
  • Stock Material: American Walnut
  • Buttplate/Pad: Plastic
  • Length of Pull: 13 Inches
  • Safety: 1/4 Cock

MSRP: $378.00 

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Henry Lever Action .22 Youth

Winchester Ammo

Winchester M22 Black, copper-plated round nose cartridge

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