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Cody has never served in the military nor as a law enforcement officer. He spent his adult life as a teacher and then principal, combat duty within itself. He loved to hunt and was very familiar with firearms. He owned a gun safe which was near full. He owned two hunting handguns as he never felt the need to carry one for himself or his family’s protection. Cody is a Sheepdog with a warrior’s heart. He has never been trained to seek out Evil and deal with it wherever found. But if Evil comes to him, he will deal with it then.

Due to the craziness of the world these days, Cody decided to buy a small 9mm semi-auto pistol for basic defense. The 9mm round is not a “Man-Stopper” by any means. However, from Cody’s hunting experience he learned if you place your shot well you can bring down larger game with a smaller round. Shot placement is paramount. So, he decided to not invest in a larger caliber due to size and expense of the rounds.

Cody researched and studied smaller 9mm pistols. First on his list of standards was country of origin. The firearm which will protect him and his family’s lives will be made in the USA. It will be a semi-auto. Since he had shot his cousins .45acp 1911 Sig “We The People”, he wanted the 9mm pistol to be a single action with much of the same characteristics.

Ruger Firearms

Cody had tired the double action semi-autos as well as the striker fired weapons. Some of the double actions had too stiff of a trigger pull for the wife. The striker fired were just too different than what he was familiar with. The pistol he was going to buy will have a safety. If he ever encountered a high stressful confrontation, he did not want to unintentionally shoot someone. He wanted to consciously take the pistol off of safety to shoot someone. He knew training and more training would enhance his muscle motor skills.

Searching the Internet for American made firearms, Cody found very few small single-action 9mm Luger semi-autos. He found well over a dozen of the “plastic guns” of which many are of the highest quality but just not for him. Cody kept thinking about his cousin’s Sig 1911 .45acp. He liked the way it handled and operated. Being a principal, Cody knew the police officers working his school district, all carried Sig Sauer pistols. Because of this Cody decided to get a Sig Sauer P938 SAS Micro 9mm Luger with the night sights.

Cody dropped by his local Sig Sauer dealer where he had looked at the P938. He chose this firearms dealer because it also had several indoor ranges and instructors on staff. His idea was to buy the P938 SAS and three extra mags there. Pay for instruction of its use and learn the laws and legal rights which govern him carrying a concealed weapon. Cody lives in a Constitutional Carry state so there is no need for carry permits.

Sig 365 9mm JHP 115grWithin a week, Cody and his wife Ann were taking their instruction on the use and handling of their brand new P938 SAS. They signed up for three two-hour instructions. The total amount of ammo to be expended would be 300 rounds each. They took their instructor’s recommendation and bought Sig Sauer 365 9mm, 115gr JHP elite v-crown ammo. The instructor told them this ammo was designed to be used in firearms with three-inch barrels. With the considerable instruction and training in the use of their new pistol, Cody felt comfortable in carrying the P938 SAS when leaving the house.

The Sig P938 SAS weighs only 21.1 ounces fully loaded (7+1), and rides really well in the DeSantis Gator Sting Holster he purchased. Cody sometimes forgets he is carrying the P938 as the Sting keeps it tight to his side. It had been about six months since Cody and Ann had purchased the P938 SAS. Being retired, when one needed to go out they did this together. Cody and Ann had some errands to run this day. First, they were going to the grocery store then to the cleaners to pick up some dry cleaning. As always, Cody strapped on the Sig P938 and put one loaded extra mag in his magazine holder on his belt. He was ready to go and happy he and Ann were going to get out of the house.

On this beautiful fall day driving down Broadway Avenue in their GMC pickup, Cody and Ann talked about family news and their plans for a cruise this coming spring. Their son Jim, had told them they were going to be grandparents. Their first grandchild will be born in July. As Cody pulled into the full huge strip-mall parking lot he thought, “Everyone must be shopping today.” He drove down a parking lane noticing all of the cracks in the asphalt. The parking lot seemed to be overflowing. About midway down, he noticed someone backing out of a parking-stall. He quickly pulled into the slot. As he pulled in, an older red Camaro whipped around him laying on the horn. Cody notice there were three males inside all of who were flipping him and Ann off. Their action really pissed him off. It is one thing to flip him off, but another to have them flip off Ann.

Cody and Ann exited their vehicle and started walking to the grocery store. They had not taken ten steps when the very men who flipped them off, stepped out from between some vehicles. The driver and apparent leader, stood in their way with his legs firmly wide apart. In his hand was a mini baseball bat. The other two dirt-bags stepped on either side of their fearless leader. One was armed with a folding knife and the other with a hammer. Cody and Ann stopped dead in their tracks. Cody was shocked at the brazen actions of these young men in broad daylight.  The Fearless Leader spoke, “Hey old man you took our parking spot. Now you are going to pay for the privilege of parking in our spot.”

SIG P938 SAS 9mmBefore Cody could answer this challenge, he was shocked to hear his spunky wife Ann’s voice. She spoke with authority and defiance, “You men should be ashamed of yourselves. There is no question who owns this parking spot. We are parked there and as long as we are, we own it!” All three laughed in unison. The Fearless Dirt-Bag leader stopped laughing and took one step forward. “Look Bitch, I think we will beat your old man here till he can’t move. Then we are going to take you to our favorite private spot and do thing to you he never would.” he said in a contemptuous voice. With this final threat, Cody was almost raging inside. He pulled the Sig SAS P938 with one fluid movement. He aimed it right at the Fearless Dirt-Bag Leader’s head not 15 feet away. Cody forcefully disengaged the safety making a distinct click leaving no question in the minds of these scums what was about to happen. Cody said in a low angered tone, “Drop the weapons!”

With the smiles and despicable grins being replaced with fear and concern, the three dropped their weapons. “Now you have one chance to walk away. Take this chance or suffer the consequences.” Cody sternly warned. At first, they stood shocked and frozen in place like a pathetic statue covered in pigeon crap. They could not believe this old man had the sand to stand up to them with a gun. Cody moved his aim from one to the next so they would knew he was about to shoot them all. They turned and walked away back toward their red Camaro. As they sped off, they yelled obscenities with hand gestures for all to see.

Cody walked up to the weapons lying on the blacktop. As he picked them up, the shopping center security patrol pulled up in their electric cart. Cody explained what happened. The security officer told Cody he saw them leave and knew the dirt-bags well. They called the police. Cody was not going to let these dirt-bags remain on the street to threaten and attack other citizens. The moral of this story is, be a sheepdog and not a sheep. The sheepdog has done his work today.

Something to Think About

Cody and Ann are fictitious characters who help make my point. Anything can happen anywhere at any time. While researching, I was surprised at statistics based on surveys by credible institutions which show well over 1,000,000 citizens yearly defend their homes and themselves by merely presenting a firearm as defense with intent of deadly force. This type of statistics are not reported in leftist news medias. A report of the number of firearms used illegally should also include the number firearms used legally in defense. In fact, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) did a study which showed the same basic results but never reported these results. Strange the CDC would spend our tax money on such a study and not share the results to the very people who paid for said study.

The link below is an academic paper by Gary Kleck, College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University. The title of the research paper is: What Do CDC’s Surveys Say About the Frequency of Defensive Gun Uses?

View Research Paper

The whole point of this is each day many citizens just like you, defend themselves by either show of force or use of force. Many of these encounters go unreported by those citizens. Their reasons would likely be because they don’t trust their local law enforcement agencies to be supportive of their actions in protecting themselves. I will not suggest a course of action you should take if you deter an attack or crime by a show of force. My reason is, many States to the northeast look down onf brandishing a weapon for any reason. Here in the “Bible Belt” you will likely get a pat on the back. To deter an attack or a serious crime without taking a life should be preferred to the alternative.

So, my story and scenario are very well within the realm of possibility. One does not know what will happen each day we go about our business. My story is very simple. A man and wife decided to be Sheepdogs and not sheep. They took the proper steps to buy a firearm, be trained and ready to act if danger comes their way. As a law enforcement officer of 45 years on three continents, I can tell you we cannot keep you safe. We are a reactionary force who depends on citizens to aid us with information and observations. We will not be there when a Dirt-Bag shows up on your porch or confronts you while away from home. You must be ready to defend yourself, or like a California man I met recently told me, “If it is God’s will I die, then I will die.” “Baa….Baa….Baa!” is what I say. Wolves have to eat too.

Sig Sauer Model P938 SAS 9mm Semi-auto Pistol

The P938 SAS Micro-Compact I was provided by Sig is one very compact 9mm pistol. I can tell this model has undergone some de-horning process giving it an ultra-smooth snag free profile I greatly appreciate. The Sig Sauer P938 SAS is a single-action-only three-inch barrel, 7+1 or 6+1 round, blow-back semi-auto 9mm Luger pistol with ambidextrous safety. This pistol operates much like the Sig 1911 models. The P938 SAS sports full-size “SIGLITE” Night Sights. These sights are excellent for such a micro pistol. This Sig pistol is slightly larger than most small .380 pistols. I placed the T&E model beside my Colt Mustang for comparison. (See photo in this article) The P938 SAS has an all-metal frame with a very nice polished and engraved stainless-steel slide.

Trigger Action Worth Commenting On

Because the Sig P938 SAS is a single-action pistol, the trigger on my sample was crisp with no travel. Therefore no movement equates with no movement due to a sudden release. I just applied pressure and it fired. For three days, I dry-fired this pistol a total of about 200 times. I wanted to do this prior to going to the range. In this way I could tell how the pistol was going to react when I pulled the trigger. Each dry-fire showed my sight pattern was consistent and never moved. This is the best trigger action on a small pistol I have ever experienced.

Sig P938 SAS 9mm Review

I took the Sig Sauer P938 SAS micro 9mm pistol to the Oklahoma City Gun Club range. I decided to use the informal metal plat range to test this bad-boy out. I was shooting the Sig 365 9mm 115 gr V-Crown jacked hollow point and the Sig 365 115 gr Full Metal Jacket Elite Ammunition. I did this to see if I could consistently drop the five-inch metal plates at 20 yards. If I could it means under stressful encounters at 12 feet, I could place 90 percent of my rounds fired into the center mass of a man size target. No matter how much an average person practices, in a high stressful encounter when flying metal fills the air, their accuracy will drop at least 40 percent. It is one thing to shoot at paper and another to shoot at someone who is shooting at you. If you can hit the ten ring ten out of ten times at 12 feet, then in a gun fight you will likely place six of the ten in their torso. Four in the eight ring and two in the nine ring. The four other rounds will not connect and hopefully not strike an innocent person. You will need to have a cool head at these times which only comes with experience.

In shooting the P938 SAS with either the JHP or the FMJ Sig ammo, I could hit the five-inch plates at 20 yards. When I moved up to within fifteen yards, it was very easy to hit the five-inch plates. On the metal plate tree, I was very successful in hitting the smaller metal plates driving them around the tree so as I could shoot them again and drive them back. In all I fired 100 rounds of the Sig Sauer 115 gr FMJ “Elite” ammunition and 100 rounds of the Sig Sauer 115 gr JPH V-Crown. The Sig ammo performed perfectly. The P938 SAS jammed one time due to a defective magazine. I continued using this magazine with no further jams. I contacted Sig and they are replacing this mag. When it comes to your life, you have to have 100 percent functional magazines.

As you can see in the accompanying video, I really liked shooting this micro 9mm. It is a straight shooter with minimal recoil using the Sig 365 ammo. The P938 SAS fit my average size hand quite well and was comfortable to shoot. I highly recommend this ammo for anyone who has a short barrel 9mm Sig or another brand of firearm. In past tests with the Sig P365 models, the 365 ammo reaches over 1,000 fps which is vital for the hollow-point to perform as designed. Practice is paramount. To stay sharp and frosty, you must practice at least one time a month using you carry ammo.

Should You Get The Sig P938 SAS 9mm?

If you are looking for a real compact 9mm pocket pistol then look no further. In my professional opinion, the Sig P938 SAS’s engineering is excellent. It is an excellent pistol. You can safely carry this pistol in your empty front pocket and even in your back pocket. Just make sure there are no other items in the pocket. Make sure the safety is engaged and check the safety each time you remove the pistol. I recommend you carry the P938 SAS in a holster designed for it like the DeSantis Gator Sting. The P938 SAS is dependable, very accurate, light and with the seven round mag you can carry eight Sig 365 ass-kicking dirt-nap pills.

DeSantis Gun Hide Gator Sting Holster

In my testing, I wanted a first quality belt holster for the Sig P938 SAS. Of course, I contacted DeSantis as I have used them since the early seventies. Their holsters are made in America by American workers. Their product is of first quality. The holster I chose is the Gator Sting open top belt holster. This is a very strong holster which will give you years of trouble-free use. As of this writing, I am still carrying the P938 SAS in the DeSantis Gator Sting holster. I will continue to test this holster along with the pistol. When my ass is on the line, I want the best equipment having my back. DeSantis holsters will have your back. Check out their line of holster at the link below.

Sig P938 SAS Specs

  • CALIBER: 9mm Luger
  • ACTION TYPE: Semi-Auto
  • FRAME SIZE: Micro-Compact
  • FRAME FINISH: Hard Coat Anodized
  • SLIDE FINISH: Nitron
  • SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • SIGHTS: Full-size SIGLITE Night Sights
  • TRIGGER: Single Action Only
  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.0 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 5.9 inches
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.1 in
  • HEIGHT: 3.9 inches
  • WEIGHT: 16 ounces

MSRP: $699.00


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