A Sling Shot For the Youth In Your Life

Around 1850, for industrial use, Goodyear was mass producing vulcanized rubber. Then in 1860 it was documented about the youth of the industrialized cities were using this rubber for vandalizing property. Some ingenious young person invented the very first slingshot. Since then the simple forked tree limb and rubber inner tube has morphed into the modern slingshots we have today.

I was about eight years old when I asked my Dad if I could get one of those fancy store bought slingshots. Instead of buying the retail store model, my Dad wisely took me to the farm where we picked out a limb from one of the walnut trees. The limb had a nice fork which possessed proportionate dimensions. We then returned to home where Dad cut out of an old inner tube two strips of rubber. He then cut the green walnut limb with a handsaw. He notched the two fork-limbs and applied one rubber strip to each, securing them with tightly tied white cotton string. He took an old pare of lace-up boots and cut out one of the tongs. He cut out a projectile pouch and affixed it to the loose ends of the rubber strips. Again, he tied the ends off with the white cotton string. Within an hour, to me a mesmerizing process, I had my slingshot.

TOPS Sling: The best sling shot for kids

Now my homemade slingshot was very cool and functional but after constant use and repair it succumbed to many battles with outlaws and monsters. But now comes a World class slingshot you can buy your grandson, granddaughter, son or daughter which will last all of the battles with outlaws and monsters. TOPS is offering the best sling shot for kids on the market, the TOPS Sling. It was designed by Leo Espinoza, President of TOPS Knives, because like me, he had some good childhood memories with a slingshot of his own.

I received a sample of the TOPS Sling a few days ago. I checked it over and was impressed with its quality and American craftsmanship. But what else would you expect from TOPS? Later, I took this slingshot out into my backyard and engaged an outlaw who looked eerily like a piece of board. I quickly found out my finely honed slingshot skills of yesterdays had deteriorated considerably. After about an hour of slinging, in England catapulting, 3/8 inch steel balls I managed to start hitting the intended target. Because of the youth handle of the TOPS Sling, which is 4 inches overall with a handle-scale at 2.875 inch, about thirty minutes of use I put on a glove. I believe someone with tougher hands than me would be okay. But keep in mind this slingshot was made for a youth and not for an adult, which is why we’ve named it “The best sling shot for kids”.

Henry Repeating Arms

With practice I believe any youth could become proficient in taking small game such as quail, pheasant (game birds), rabbit, and uneducated squirrels. I know with my homemade slingshot I took my fair share of rabbits, quail, pesky packrats and English sparrows. All other birds were placed off limits by my Mom. I learned at an early age sparrows would invade other bird nests and destroy the eggs. So if your youth is a proud owner of the TOPS Sling, and is out in the woods where it is legal to use a sling shot, they will be able hunt along with you armed for the occasional monster they will encounter. I highly recommend the TOPS Sling and suggest they make one in adults size for those of us who still have a little kid left in them.

TOPS Sling Specs

  • Overall Length: 6.25 Inches
  • Fork Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Fork Gap: 2.13 Inches
  • Thickness: 0.19 Inches
  • Steel: 1095
  • Finish: Tumble Finish
  • Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Weight w/ Sheath: 9 ounces
  • Sheath Material: Brown Leather
  • Sheath Clip: Belt Loop
  • Designer: Leo Espinoza
  • MSRP: $130

TOPS Knives