Bond Arms Has Another Winner, the Rowdy in .45LC and .410 2 ½ Inch

The other day I was talking to a man at Church which I had never met before. We started talking about manly things such as firearms. I could see in this man’s face he had been around the block once or twice. By the way he talked and carried himself, even at his well-tested age, I just knew he was the “one man” you don’t want to screw with. I finely asked him if he carried a pistol or revolver while out and about. He looked at me as if I had just slapped his mama. He then grinned and said, “At least one.” “What kind of firearm are you carrying?” I asked. He replied, “A “1911” in .45acp.” “And the other?” I inquired. “A Bond Arms pistol in .45acp.

And so, it goes as Warriors wake up each morning to hear about another riot, another city burning or some unarmed citizen being run upon from behind and hit in the head with a brick. These Warriors are likely thinking, “We are sinking into total chaos. How am I going to respond to this? When cowardly dirt-bags who lacks the guts to face a real man, attack in mass those who show their love for their Country, what should be our response? For me, I am law enforcement and tend to handle things somewhat different than a Warrior or Sheepdog citizen. For the citizen Warrior or Sheepdog, I would say protect your life and the lives around you. Protect your family and home. You will have to make a proper response based on the actions of others and the threat of those who depend on you. I would be fluent on your State laws regarding acts of self-defense. You might buy some good insurance for attorneys to help protect you if charged. Tried by 12 or carried by 6 is an old but true saying.

Right now, as a Warrior or Sheepdog, you may be carrying a single pistol or revolver. You might be carrying a 1911 with a couple of magazines. Some of you might be carrying a 17 shot 9mm on your hip and an AR in 5.56 in your truck. Some I know carry a 9mm pistol on their hip and a Bond Arms .45LC/.410 in the “Bad Driving Holster”. I like to call this cross-draw holster “Bad-Ass Driving Holster” carrying a “Bad-Ass” pistol.

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In testing the Bond Arms Rowdy, between Dave and I, we shot about 50 rounds total. We stood about 20 feet from the silhouette target as we fired both the Hornady .45 long colt and .410 shells Critical Defense ammo. This is about twice the distance of the average gun fight. Both the .45LC and .410 shells bucked some. To pull the Bond Arms Pistol and send a dirt-bag to see St. Peter for Q&A, the smaller original Rowdy black rubber grips work great. If you have large hands then I recommend the next size up for a proper grip. This grip is extra but highly recommended. The larger grip is recommended for plinking wherein you shoot more than 20 rounds.

Since I have a Bond Arms Patriot which I carry in the Bad Driving Holster, I can assure you this is an excellent way to carry this pistol. Bond Arms offer many other types of holsters one of which I like as well. The BMT Bond Arms Premium Leather Holster is perfect for hiking and an alternative to the cross-draw holster. Bond Arms holsters are top quality and made in Oklahoma USA.

The Rowdy shot perfectly. The trigger pull is stiff which I like with very little creep. I know from professional experience, when the time comes for action, you will not feel the pounds of trigger pull, nor hardly any recoil. Your mind is focused on the target and your muscle memory is hard at work keeping up. I prefer a stiffer trigger pull over a hair-trigger pull. With the stiffer trigger pull there is less likely of a chance of an unintentional discharge.

All Bond Arms Pistols can accept any Bond Arms barrels. So, if you purchase the Rowdy and then decide you want more or less barrel length, then you can buy the barrel you want. Bond Arms even offers a 4.5-inch Mag-Na-Port double barrel. You can also get a six-inch barrel to gain some velocity and less recoil. The barrel lengths range from 2.5 to 6.0 inches.

All Bond Arms Pistols are made in the USA by American craftsmen. The quality is excellent which equates to reliability in those times when the rubber meets the road. I like the idea of having a pistol which I can easily switch barrels to gain or reduce the length. I like the fact I can move from the .45LC/.410 to a .38spl/.357 magnum within a minute. In my professional opinion If you are looking for that powerhouse backup, Bond Arms is the way to go. Check them out at the links below.

For self-defense with the .45LC and the .410 2.5-inch shell, Hornady’s Critical Defense ammo is the ammo you want. Hornady is an excellent ammo and is the ammo I carry in my Bond Arms Patriot as well as my Sig 1911 .45acp. When you or your family’s life is on the line, you want ammo which will go “boom” when you pull the trigger. In Hornady’s language there is no suck word as “click”.

Bond Arms Rowdy

  • Model #: Firearms: BARW
  • Caliber: .45LC/.410 2 ½ Inch Shell
  • Barrel Length: 3 Inches
  • Grip Material: Hard Rubber
  • Grip Size: Standard
  • Front Sight: Blade
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Length: 5 Inches
  • Weight: 20 ounces
  • Trigger Guard: Yes

MSRP: $299.00



Hornady .45 Long Colt Critical Defense!/

Hornady .410 Critical Defense Shells!/

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