I spend and great deal of time each day researching for new product which I feel is interesting to others. When I am out, I strike up conversations about new firearms or blades. I do this to query my friends, fellow officers, barbers and those I perceive to have the qualities of a warrior or sheepdog. In reviewing and writing about a Brite Strike product called APALS®, a 200 hour small light pad, I saw the Brite-Blade by Brite-Strike. In reading about this survival knife/light, the specs, other information and watching a video, I decided to check this product out.

A short time later, I received my sample of the Brite-Blade in the mail. I opened the substantial box and found the product packaged very securely. I can tell by just looking at the quality of the packaging and the Brite-blade tucked therein, this product must be made in the USA. Reading over the paperwork, I was very happy to learn the Brite-Blade is another fine example of American made products.

In looking over the Brite-Blade I was very impressed with its engineering, quality and functionality. When encouraged, the three and one-half inch partially serrated blade comes flying out with the help of an excellent assisted opening system. If you are not a fan of serrated blades, the Brite-Blade can be had with a straight edge blade. The blade is made of 440C Stainless Steel with an excellent “proprietary titanium coating”. I like the utility functionality of this blade.

In addition to this great assisted opening knife, the Brite-Blade has the following additional relevant accessories:

Henry Repeating Arms
  • 45 lumen mini-aluminum LED white light/flashlight held in place atop the blade with an “earth magnetic” base. This rain and water splashing proof light can be quickly removed from the body of Brite-Knife for independent use.
  • Red LED mini-flash light which operates the same as the white light but for reading you GPS or maps at night without causing night blindness.
  • Emergency Carbide Window Punch
  • Seat Belt Cutter/Wire Stripper/Line Cutter
  • Fire Starter striking tool/Edge Deburring tool
  • Positive line lock
  • Dual thumb posts and clip holes drilled on other side
  • Extra clip included

The Brite-Bade fits well in my hand with a slim design frame. The assisted opening blade is facilitated by copper beryllium bearings. The white and red LED light are very bright and can be removed from the knife frame and used independently and then returned when finished. On the butt of this knife there is a carbide window punch which is vastly better than the aluminum ones. Also, there is a slot equipped with a razor sharp blade which is used to cut things like seat belts, wire stripping and line or small rope.

I believe the Brite-blades’ engineering, design and construction is brilliant. For you Warriors, survivors, preppers, backpackers, hikers, mountain bikers or for the old backup bug-out bag, the Brite-Light is a must to have. I highly recommend this product. I suggest you go to the Brite-Strike web page and check out their outstanding product line. If you are serious about being a Warrior or Sheepdog Brite-Strike has the high quality equipment you will need.


Blade length: 3.5”; Thickness: 1/8” back
Blade: 440C Stainless Steel with proprietary titanium coating
Closed: 5.1”
Overall: 8.6”
Weight: 5.35 oz
Overall Width: 1.45”
Model: TLSK 100
MSRP: $150.00 USD


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Camelot Industrial Park
Plymouth, MA 02360

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