And I Looked, and Behold a Pale Horse and His Name Was Death

As I was watching Bill shoot the sample Charter Arms Bulldog in .45 Long Colt, it reminded me of a passage in the New Testament; The four horsemen of the apocalypse. As I watched Bill shoot and hit the metal target, I could hear the impact on the metal. The Hornady .45 LC 255 grain Cowboy ammo was making music.

The .45 Long Colt caliber and the .45 acp caliber are my two favorite slugs. I just like knowing I am sending down range nearly a half inch wide projectile made of American lead and copper. The cowboy rounds are normally all lead, but never the less a man stopper just the same. The .45 LC was designed for those shooters of the 1872 era. I have my Colt SAA I love to shoot. I do not get out as much to shoot

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Charter Arms did a wonderful thing. Their Bulldog model has been sold in the .44 special for 50 years. A very popular revolver. I know a lady who carried a .44 Bulldog in her purse every time she walked out the front door. I know of some law enforcement carried this revolver as a backup. The wonderful thing is they now make the Bulldog in .45 Long Colt.

Carter Arms sent me a sample of their Model 74530 which is the .45 LC version. For a few days I checked this product out. Out of the box I found in opening the cylinder was not smooth. The latch was not releasing the cylinder easily. With some use and gun lube, I had this sample opening a 100% better. Out of the box the action on the Bulldog was good. Serviceable good. The double action was better than most revolvers I have tested. The single action was not target-grade but for a snubby, it works quite well. After all the Bulldog is not a target revolver. It is a self-defense firearm. It is designed for defending yourself in your home, and in close while out and about. I would say with some practice, the Bulldog .45 LC will work well between zero to twenty feet.

Bill, a fellow club member, was my shooter for this project. Bill is an experienced cowboy shooter and competitor. For this reason, I had Bill test the Bulldog .45 LC revolver. Bill shot twenty rounds of Hornady .45 LC Cowboy 255 grain ammo through the sample. While watching him shoot, I could see he was having a good time enjoying shooting this revolver. I think there will be a Charter Arms Bulldog .45 LC in Bill’s future.


If you watch the video, placed within this webpage, Bill gives a good review of the Charter Arms Bulldog. Bill like this revolver because it combines the two things he loves. A revolver, and a revolver in .45 LC. Bill and I highly recommend the Charter Arms Bulldog Model 74530 in .45 Long Colt, and the Hornady 255 grain Cowboy round. The Hornady 255 gr. lead round had some decent power, but the Charter Arms Bulldog’s Neoprene rubber grips soaked up much of the recoil. Hornady’s 185 gr. Critical Defense with less recoil is excellent food for this beast of a revolver.


The Pale Horse Commith

The Charter Arms Bulldog .45 Long Colt is a great CCW firearm. This five shot Charter Arms revolver is a good firearm for backpackers, hikers, campers, and backup for hunters of big furry dangerous things. I have no problem recommending this product to anyone who take their personal safety serious.


Charter Arms Bulldog .45 Long Colt

Model: 74530

Finish: Stainless Steel

Frame: Stainless Steel

Grip: Neoprene Standard Rubber

Barrel length: 2.5″

Capacity: 5 Shot

Caliber: .45 Long Colt

Hammer: Standard

Weight: 20 oz.

MSRP: $487.20


Charter Arms


Charter Arms Bulldog .45 Long Colt

Model # 74530


Hornady .45 LC Cowboy!/

Hornady .45 Long Colt Critical Defense!/

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