In the Texas Hill Country is a Western gun and clothing store called Texas Jacks. This gun shop and store is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg was established in 1846 by German immigrants who fled Germany because of religious differences. To this day Fredericksburg is still a small town of 11,000 people with a strong German history.

Texas Jacks is one of my few favorite gun shops and western clothing store. If you are into the Cowboy shooting culture or just like the western culture then this is a store to put on your list of places to visit. The western firearms at Texas Jacks are Cimarron Firearms a top brand of imported western pistols, rifles and shotguns. Cimarron Firearms has many different models and variations of historical firearms. I own the “Conversion” “Man with No Name” 38 spl single action revolver. This model was made famous in the epic movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” In this movie Clint Eastwood carried this pistol. I love mine which shoots very tight groups.

Cimarron Firearms has many other “Hollywood Series” Firearms. To name a few more there is the Rooster Shooter (John Wayne True Grit), Wyatt Earp Buntline special, Doc Holliday Thunderer (Tombstone), and Rifle From Down Under (Quigley Down Under).

Ruger Firearms

So if you are in South Texas go to Fredericksburg and stop in and see the nice folks at Texas Jacks. There you will see all the shooting irons which Cimarron Firearms sells.

Man With No Name

This is the Man With No Name single action revolver conversion model. There is a Colt replica of the Single Action Army, SAA, Man With No Name as well. The snake inlayed in the fight grip is sterling silver.

Ruger Firearms