A very cool and functional biker wallet with survival knife.

A friend of mine, Waysun Johnny Tsai, is known around the world as a knife designer, expert in street survival and the martial arts. He is based out of Chicago where one should have his skills. I am telling you this because the CUMA Survival Biker Wallet, my name for this excellent product, is well thought out, designed and manufactured. The product was designed by Johnny Tsai and produced for him by Engine House Leather. This very cool wallet is strictly sold from the CUMA Survival School website.

After receiving my sample of this survival wallet on a chain, I was highly impressed with the quality of leather, workmanship and most of all…design. As previously stated, this survival wallet was designed by Johnny Tsai because he saw a need. He saw a need for fellow Sheepdogs and Warriors to have a tool which can be used for peace or combat. The CUMA Survival Biker Wallet will contain your money, your plastic and a survival tool called the CUMA HISS.

The CUMA HISS is made by the world’s foremost knife maker TOPS. The 1095 high carbon steel blade is 2.375 inches long. The blade is a slightly modified Wharncliffe design which is very functional and very sharp. The skeleton knife handle is an ideal partner for the biker wallet design. I am impressed with the ingenuity Johnny put into this product. The overall length of the CUMA HISS is 6.250 inches which sets nicely in the 6.625 inch long wallet. To protect the carbon steel blade it is coated with a black traction coating. The coating has a slight texture which aids in the handling of this little life-taker.

The CUMA HISS can have many uses. In the wallet it can be safely, securely and privately carried at work. The HISS can be used for any number of uses from cutting your steak to cleaning your trophy Buck. I used mine to cut up some cherry tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers and lettuce for a salad. I would be able to cut my steak at a local steak restaurant who serves the finest steaks I have ever eaten. The next time I crave a steak I will use my CUMA HISS to carve me some beef. Being made of high carbon steel, you can wash the CUMA HISS in soap and water but you will need to dry and lightly oil the entire knife. After lightly oiling he knife, wipe with a cotton cloth. All the time you are cleaning the CUMA HISS, practice safety and respect the blade. Always respect the blade.

Henry Repeating Arms

I carried my CUMA Survival Biker Wallet for over two weeks. It only took about a half day to get use to this bigger wallet. I normally carry a small note pad/wallet in my right rear pocket. In my left rear pocket I carry my LEO ID and badge. So I am a two wallet kind of a guy. However, for the two weeks I carried this wallet I found it very functional and handy. I felt secure in knowing this wallet and knife has a chain which is attached to my belt. I will lose things but not this wallet and its deadly partner. I can say I love this wallet and knife. I highly recommend this product which you can acquire from the CUMA Survival School website.

CUMA Survival Biker Wallet

Designed by: Waysun Johnny Tsai
Length: 6.625 inches
Width: 3.625 inches
Thickness: Depending on how much money you have.


Designed by: Waysun Johnny Tsai
Blade Length: 2.375 inches
Overall Length: 6.250 inches
Thickness: 0.125 inches
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel RC 56-58
Handle: Skeleton
Blade Color: Black Traction Coating
Sheath: Kydex Neck Sheath w/ Ball Link Chain
Weight w/ Sheath: 1.4 ounces
Weight w/o Sheath: 2.2 ounces
MSRP: Wallet and knife $140.00


CUMA Survival School