When Things Go South Very Badly, you want a Winkler Blade on Your Side

Sometimes smaller is better when it comes to urban use. For an every day carry fixed blade which will comply with 99.9% of state laws, the Daniel Winkler WK SD2 three-inch blade is an absolute must. The Daniel Winkler brand of cutting tools was born out of trial and error in the World’s most dangerous regions.

Special Operators from around the World look to Daniel Winkler for their cutting needs. They don’t want some blade sold in the PX. They want a blade which will not fail them at a time of their greatest need. If you are going into harms’ way, whether in some 3rd World country or in one of America’s great forests, a Daniel Winkler blade should be in your kit.

As one who has gone into harms’ way, in my way of thinking if you are willing to arm yourself with a $1,200 firearm because of dependability, then a tool which is more functional than your firearm should be as equally or more dependable. A $300 to $500 blade is not out of reason. The Daniel Winkler blades will outlast you, your children, your grand children and beyond. Daniel Winkler has a wide verity of blades and axes which have been tried and tested in the most dangerous environments. I have both. Love my Winkler ax, hatchet and blades.

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I have visited with many blade fans who collect “high-end” knives. Collect is the optimal word, not use. I use my Winkler blades and ax. I don’t collect them……because I would just have to use them. Use them very hard. The Winkler blades are very tough and almost impossible to damage under legitimate extreme use. Sure, after time they will need some sharpening, and the finish will be marred, but the blade is still 100% functionally intact.

The way I recommend to carry the WK SD2 is on your belt is from trial and error. In this way I learned from the T&E the WK SD2 is handy and more usable than a folding pocket knife. To bring it into action is faster than the fastest auto folder. The sheath is secured by a strong……did I say strong? I mean very strong belt spring. I just slide my pants’ belt through the spring with the sheath and knife on the inside up against my Levis. This holds the blade and sheath close to my side avoiding snagging while setting in a chair with arms or scraping leather or cloth vehicle seat-covers. You can carry the WK SD2 with the spring against your Levis, but it will wobble and catch on many things at the most inopportune times. When I said trial and error, I mean I learned a lesson.

The practical use of the WK SD2 would be for everyday chores of maintenance cutting of rope, string, leather, plastic etc. I have used mine in the kitchen for cutting tomatoes, corn cobs, meat, and other foodstuffs. Before you use the WK SD2 for cutting food I would wipe the blade with a wet towel to clean off the excess residue of back oxide. After I finish my kitchen duties, I wash this blade with soap and water. I then take a paper-towel and wipe the entire knife with olive oil then wipe it with a clean paper-towel.

In my YouTube video, Larry my friend and Bible Study buddy provided the demonstration of how the blade looks in an average to larger hand. It also shows my recommended way to carry this bad-boy. After the video was finished Larry wanted to keep the WK SD2. He had a big grin on his face. I did not. Larry said he was going to buy his own Daniel Winkler WK SD2 for his use. For the very best 3.5-inch fix blade which will give you many years of service, I highly recommend you purchase one as I am not going to give anyone mine.


WK SD2 Knife Specifications

  • Blade steel: 80CrV
  • Black oxide no-glare finish
  • Blade length: 3 ¼ inches
  • Overall length: 7 inches
  • Blade thickness: 5/32 inches
  • Skeletonized full tapered tang
  • Thumb index file work
  • Handle Material: Maple
  • Sheath: Lined Boltaron® Steel spring, belt clip

MSRP: $295.00


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