Day of Infamy is a multiplayer and or coop first-shooter World War II European Theater game made in the Source engine. Released on March 23rd, 2017.

When I first downloaded Day of Infamy I had to agree to an anti-cheat plug.  After I started to play, I found out quickly this is a challenging game. I received recommendations of playing the “coop” version opposed to the multiplayer. Humans play against AI-Bots in the coop side. The warriors can play as Germans, Americans or Commonwealth. The reason is, many players who join the multiplayer games have spent hundreds of hours playing. They know the maps like their own room…cluttered as it is. They exploit every advantage. For this reason, as a newby, I chose the coop for the same reason you the reader might want to. To take the time to learn the game and not get discouraged and quit playing.

At the menu, click on Coop and then the browser at the top right-hand corner. Choose a server. If it says American then you will be an American soldier fighting German AI-Bots. If it says Commonwealth then you play as a Commonwealth soldier, former British colonies, and German as a German warrior. American soldiers use American weapons, Commonwealth use Commonwealth weapons and German use German. So if you join as a German Army server you play against Americans or Commonwealth. In fact you can join a German Unit on a server in Frankfurt, Germany. I see servers in Singapore, Sidney and others. I have played on the Sidney server and could not tell the difference from say a Chicago server.

At first when playing this game, for no rhyme or reason, the game would crash and deposit me back to my desktop. I learned this happen to all players on that server. I am happy to report this problem was fixed to a point. Recently it crashed and slung all players out. The developers also fixed several other glitches and sadly….jacked the AI-Bots up to stone-killers….which has made the game more fun. You can vote down the level of the AI-Bots but I am happy to report this rarely happens.

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My experience with AI-Bots in coop games like Counter Strike, fueled my expectations of mindless opponents. I figured in Day of Infamy, AI-Bots would be similar. I was wrong. The AI-Bots are way advanced. When cornered they surround you and enter the rooms in two and threes. You are quickly targeted as if the Bot was a human. At the same time you can slip up on them and carve them…bayonet them or beat with a shovel. The shovel is earned by knifing “X” amount of opponents. You have to be quite and use tactics to overcome their defenses or to repel their attacks. Tactics would consist of bombardments, air force strafing runs, covering fire, smoke or quietly sneaking up on them. You can shoot your opponent, blow them up, burn them down, stab and bayonet them. They can and will do the same. By the way, they can shoot you through walls and you can shoot them as well. If you see an opponent run by a window, you can machine-gun the wall where you last saw them. If they stopped and is close to the wall, you will injure or kill them.

When you throw grenades they throw them back. When you throw TNT on the artillery targets, if the AI-Bots are near, they will pick up the lit explosive and throw or run away with it until it blows them up. When using the flamethrower the AI-Bots panic and try to jump out windows they have no chance of getting out. All weapons are very realistic. Strategy is paramount. We do best in these battles when we have a good commander and radioman, with all warriors cooperating.

In an average map the humans win maybe one out of three game. If we win the first attempt, we then vote for the next map. If we lose we do it over till we lose four times then we vote for the next map or repeat the current map. Friendly fire is on. You can wound/kill fellow players. Hell our AI-Bots can and do wound the humans. On your third kill of a fellow player in one game, the server kicks you. You can come back if you like. But be advised, when you start this game, you will be killed many times. If you are killed by a fellow player be understanding as you will unintentionally kill you own as well.

Try and pick a server which has four to seven players. The game provided servers host eight human players. So you will need to find one with seven or less. If you have dedicated friends who will follow you, you might want to coop and pay for a dedicated server. In this way you can control the number of players, who comes and play and kick the dirt-bags who just join to kill fellow players then leave. I have one experience with this. If you go the way of a private server, I would not use a server from outside of the USA. If you live in Briton then a British server would be preferable. The exchange rate going up and down will frustrated you. Your credit card will alert till you get them straighten out. What cost $12 a month can jump to $15 due to the rate of exchange. I believe the reverse would be true.

There is considerable more to learn about this game. I will not try and explain the additional components as most millennials have dropped off about three paragraphs ago. Great game and fun to play.

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