Deer Were Everywhere, With Wild Hogs Stampeding Through the Meadows and Hills

Double JM Ranch sets in the rolling wooded hills of Southeast Oklahoma. The ranch encompasses 8,000 or so acres of land of meadows, wooded hills, fishing lakes and plenty of game. Fencing is for domestic stock only. The Double JM Ranch’s fence does not restrict game from coming and going. In fact, hunting pressure around the Double JM Ranch likely causes the trophy game to remain on their property. So, all trophy animals on this property will qualify for “fair chase” scoring.

The Double JM Ranch is not like the small properties of other game hunting areas which have 80 acres surrounded with high fences. It is wide open and a true adventure in hunting. Double JM Ranch is a full-service high-quality hunting ranch which has night hunting for wild hogs with rifles and high-quality night vision optics.

About three weeks ago, I visited the Double JM Ranch. There to greet me was Jared Truett the Ranch Manager and guide. Jared showed me around the bunkhouse and property adjacent to his ranch house. The Double JM Ranch is near Coalgate, Oklahoma but sets on the northern edge of Bromide. Bromide has a population of about 160 people and sets back a few miles from any main highway.

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In Jared’s tour of the bunkhouse and adjacent property, I found the property to be well maintained. I could tell Jared takes pride in his work and in this property. The bunkhouse has two separate rooms which can sleep four adults each. Each room has its own full-bath. In addition, the bunkhouse has a kitchen including a dining room and common area. Right in front of the bunkhouse is a shooting area with a small lake nearby.

While on the hunt Jared will transport you to and from the hunt in an ATV. Jared is a good driver and takes all precautions for your safety. While being given the mobile tour of just a small portion of the Ranch, I saw many deer feeding in the open areas and in the woods. We encountered wild pigs about everywhere we turned. It seemed to me the wild pigs were just showing off as they were everywhere. If you are looking to take a large wild hog, the Double JM Ranch is your place to go.

I heard wild turkey calling and some feeding in the open. I was shown several small lakes which have produced some decent size fish including bass. Later in the evening we heard coyotes yipping back and forth. Being a farm/ranching boy, I have heard my share of coyotes on the farm every night. So, there are many of these furry varmints as well.

After being with Jared for several hours, I can assure you he is an individual of the finest quality. He is college educated and was a football coach for a few years. He knows his firearms and the game you want to hunt. Like me he does not believe in drinking and hunting. This is good as in Oklahoma, it is a felony to possess a loaded firearm while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol and loaded guns do not work well together. After a day’s hunt you put up the guns, and can sit with fellow hunters knocking back a few telling tales of the day’s hunt or of days past.


Over the years, I have been to private hunting ranches or property. Some huge and some small. I found at the Double JM Ranch a sense of comfort in knowing there is plenty of game out there. Jared is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. When you hunt here, it is not like hunting in a farm pen where animals are restocked is the norm. All game at the Double JM Ranch are there by their own will and are free to move on. I viewed some of the pricing. I feel the pricing is fair. One of the huge hunting ranches near Matador, Tx. Charges ten times more for a wild hog. Other game hunting prices were much higher than the Double JM Ranch. If you are looking for adventure and a good hunt, check out the Double JM Ranch in Southeast Oklahoma.

For more information go to the Double JM Ranch website for details about pricing and how to book a hunt.

Double JM Ranch

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