Springfield Armory’s SA-35 9mm Semi-auto an Outstanding 9mm CCW

John Moses Browning designed many firearms for civilian and military use. My favorite two semi auto pistols were designed by John Moses Browning. The 1911 .45 acp and the Browning P35 or High-power. Both are very similar in operation. Carrying one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday will not confuse your muscle memory….at least it does not bother me.

Designed by Browning in the 1920’s and upon his death was completed by Dieudonné Saive of Fabrique Nationale (FN). The finished product was for the French Military who was requesting design changes from the original. As the French do, once the P35 was finished, they decided to not accept their own 9mm pistol design. Belgum bought the Browning P35 and in 1935 they were produced for the Belgum military. The excellent design and very dependability was noticed by other countries. Germany in WWII took the Fabrique Nationale factory and decided to produce the P35 for their military. Therefore, the officers of certain units of the German military carried the 9mm FN or Browning Highpower. The plans were smuggled out of Belgum to Canada where John Inglis and Company made the P35 for the war effort. From there the Browning HP spread around the world, and the rest is history.

SA-35 Springfield

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Springfield joined the ranks of firearm manufactures who made a version of the P35 by introducing their SA-35 design. With the excellent improvements Springfield added to their SA-35, a new and very viable 9mm pistol is born. You can say, people do, Springfield brought this P35 design into the 21st century.

The improvements Springfield brought to the P35 design are: better side release, better thumb safety, so much better front and rear sights, recontoured hammer to prevent hammer spur bite, and a very well received beveled mag-well. Also, yes it keeps coming, a 15-round magazine, and factory-tuned trigger. This SA-35 comes with a single 15 round magazine. I would suggest to pick up at least two additional magazines.

Springfield Armory has taken the P35 solid foundation, modernized it with cutting-edge engineering, top-grade materials, and construction, and high-end performance. Now the best part is this 21 Century SA-35 is all made in the USA by American highly skilled craftsmen. This all for $699.00. Just amazing. Springfield you knocked this one out of the park.

If you watch the YouTube video on this sight, you will see I fired over 100 rounds through my SA-35. Previously I had fired over 100 rounds prior to carrying this pistol. After the test firing and practicing, the SA-35 pistol had no malfunctions. The Winchester and Hornady ammo were consumed hungerly by my SA-35. I say my SA-35 because I had to buy this bad-boy. There were no malfunctions from the tested ammunition Winchester and Hornady sent me. Excellent….I say excellent ammunition.

I am carrying my SA-35 off-duty as it is a little lighter due to the design and smaller caliber. I am not worried by the smaller caliber of 9mm opposed to the .45 acp as shot placement and bullet design is the key to taking down pesky vermin.

Evaluation and Recommendation: I am in love with this SA-35 and its $699.00 price tag in lieu of the alternative of $1,600 price tag. In fact, the SA-35 is a better pistol than its grandfather of the 1935 fame. If I carry a Springfield SA-35 to protect others and myself, then you can take this to the bank, I highly recommend this Springfield outstanding product. Just love this 9mm pistol.

 Springfield SA-35

  • Single Action Semi-Auto 9mm Pistol
  • Barrel: Hammer Forged Carbon Steel 4.7 inches
  • Slide: Matte Blue Forged Carbon Steel
  • Frame: Matte Blue Forged Carbon Steel
  • Trigger: Factory Tuned (excellent)
  • Sights: White Dot Front, Serrated Tactical Rack Rear
  • Grips: Checkered Walnut
  • Weight: 31.5 ounces
  • Length: 7.8 inches
  • Height: 4.8 inches

MSRP: $699.00



Springfield SA-35

Hornady 9mm

Critical Duty 135 gr flexlock

Critical Defense 115 gr flexlock

Winchester 9mm

Winchester 9mm NATO 124 gr ball

Silvertip 147 gr HP (Bad-Boy)

Winchester 9mm +P 124 gr Hex-Vent

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