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There is no secret in the fact I like North American Arms products. The NAA products are of the first quality. Their service department’s handling of issues is nothing less than fantastic. The people there are friendly and very helpful. As a writer, I have visited their headquarters in Provo, Utah. Their employees are good and happy employees. This says a lot about a company. Someday I will return to see what new and interesting product they are developing next.

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Last year NAA came out with the Ranger II, a break open revolver chambered in the vicious .22 mag and economical .22 long rifle with extra cylinder. I personally know it took several years to perfect this product to the high standards of NAA. This year, 2019, the people in Provo, Utah took a step further and introduced the Ranger II with a 2.5-inch barrel. To me, an exciting addition to the NAA revolver lineup. Now I am wondering if there will be a 4-inch version? I hope so.

I was one of the lucky writers who received one of the first samples of the Ranger II 2.5 .22 mag revolver. The public should be seeing these bad-boys for sale in late April or early May. The MSRP as of this writing, has not been set. This being said, my guess the MSRP will be around, plus or minus, $525.00. Not bad for a deadly little dependable pocket revolver which will go “BOOM” when commanded to do so. The Ranger II 2.5 is in every way the same as the Ranger II with the exception of the 1.265 (1 5/8) inch barrel being replaced with a 2.50-inch barrel. My sample has oversized rosewood “boot grips”. My guess this grip will be standard for the Ranger II 2.5 in lieu of the “Birds Head” grips which comes on the shorter version. NAA has a selection of grips which will fit all of their mini revolvers.

When I received my sample, I checked the weapon to see if it was loaded. Old habits die hard. I examined this revolver while adding a minuscule amount of lubricant to vital moving parts. I then tested the action, careful not to dry fire this rimfire weapon. I pulled back on the cylinder release and exposed the cylinder face. I rotated the cylinder with my hand to see if it moved freely. I then removed the cylinder and placed a tiny drop of lubricant on the rod on which it rotates. I then opened and shut this action about a dozen times. My sample of the Ranger II 2.5 worked flawlessly.

Ranger II 2.5 revolver

Ranger II 2.5 vs Ranger II

NAA Ranger II 2.5 Review

In my testing phase, I drove to the Oklahoma City Gun Club to the informal range which is on the east side of this sprawling one-half section of land. I was assisted by Gridley, my Pistolero friend, with setting up the targets, chronograph and recording system. Photographs and video were mainly taken by him.

I started the test and evaluation (T&E) by firing five round of Winchester .22 mag 30 gr. hollow point at my favorite Champion Target. The Champion B27 Law Enforcement NRA approved target is just the best. I fired five shots double handed from 12 feet. All shots were within the “10” ring but one. So, I adjustment my hand hold to bring them back to the Ten ring. The test firing continued until we expended 50 .22 mag rounds. Check out the video.

In our testing, I fired five shots from eight feet at a circle drawn on a ¾ inch thick rectangle piece of plywood. All five rounds were within the circle with two touching each other. All rounds blew through the thick plywood exiting with a much bigger hole than was made going in. I did this to see if this lighter bullet would have any penetration. I was very pleased with the results. In the Ranger II with the 2.5-inch barrel, the Winchester rounds goes supersonic which makes for better projectile performance.

NAA Ranger II size comparison

NAA Ranger II size comparison

What I Like About Shooting the Ranger II 2.5

The longer sight radius on the Ranger II 2.5 does help with sighting this revolver which has minimal sights. However, as a pocket revolver being carried for defense, point and shoot would be the order of the day. The key is practice. With an unloaded revolver, practice drawing from the front pocket or a holster of your choice. Then while at the range, practice this same draw in slow motion. Repeat this several times while increasing the speed of the draw. Then, if you feel comfortable in your ability to be safe, load and draw the Ranger II 2.5 at a medium speed, cock and fire. I like to use the two-handed hold. With the Ranger II in my right hand with my left hand supporting and cocking back the hammer. In this way, this pocket pistol will not go off in my front pocket and damage my ability to have fun. With the two-handed hold, the firearm is pointing at your assailant and intended target before you cock and fire. I repeat, practice is always the key.

With the 7/8 inch longer barrel, not only do you get greater velocity but the round has a little longer to get the full twist within the barrel. This will result in better grouping and less tumbling with lighter projectiles at greater distances. I like this aspect of the longer barrel.

My preferred carry of the Ranger II with the 1 5/8 inch and 2 ½ barrel is the cross-draw. The Ranger II is easily concealed and readily accessible with the cross-draw holster. In the photo you will see the NAA Ranger II and Ranger II 2.5 with various belt holsters.  The black and brown holsters are cross-draw. The open top black holster is for inside the pants carry. I have and will use both styles, depending on my need for the Ranger II 2.5, i.e. duty backup or sitting in a vehicle on stakeout. But the cross-draw holster system is much better while sitting and driving. For backup, one on my hip and the Ranger II on my belt.

It is my professional opinion the North American Arms Ranger II 2.5 is an excellent pocket revolver for self defense and or backup. The oversized grips and longer barrel only add to the growing reputation of the Ranger II line of mini revolvers. I suggest you contact your local gun store to pre-order your NAA Ranger II – 2.5.

Ballistics: Winchester .22 mag, 30 gr. Hollow Point
Three Shot Average Velocities Per Chronographer Test & Foot Pound (fp)

  • Ranger II 1 5/8 in barrel: 1,026 fps = 70 fp
  • Ranger II 2.5-inch barrel: 1,100 fps = 81 fp

NAA Ranger II 2.5 Specs

  • Caliber: .22 Magnum
  • Capacity: 5
  • Length: 6.250 inches
  • Height: 2.81 inches
  • Width:  1.06 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 ounces
  • Barrel Length:  2.5 inches
  • Sights:  Bead Sight
  • Action: Single Action
  • Grips: Rosewood Boot Grip (GBG-M)

MSRP: $525.00 (Not Confirmed)

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