Pro-Tech knives is a family owned business based in Southern California and Captained by Dave Wattenberg President of this LLC. Dave has been overseeing the production of their products since 1999. This is a great company who takes care of their customers, appreciates their patronage and provides a great service. I highly recommend their knives as one of the finest in the World.

In 2002, I bought my first Pro-Tech knife the Godfather. I was in Kosovo at the time, serving as a UN Police Officer. I saw their ad in an issue of Knives Illustrated, a great magazine I now write for. Once I received my Godfather I showed it around to my Brother American Officers who were also serving in Kosovo. The response was overwhelming. So in this same year, as a group, we ordered well over 130 of the Godfather autos with laser engraved handles depicting our service in the United Nations. I still have my original Godfather and UN Godfather. The Godfather is one bad-ass knife.

Since the introduction of the Godfather, Pro-Tech has added to their lineup many different knife designs. I will review four of these excellent auto knives.


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Pro-Tech Newport

The Newport is what I call a medium size auto pocket knife. As in all Pro-Tech auto knives, the three inch S35VN stainless steel blade comes ripping out when the button is pushed. I am saying there is none faster. So hang on when you deploy the very sharp blade. The Newport’s DLC black coated spike blade design is finished with Crucible powdered metal technology. The handle is 6061 Aluminum and fine blasted and anodized and sports a strong functional pocket clip. When you put all this together you have a 7.1 inch (open) world class automatic pocket knife.

I must note here a warning. The Pro-Tech spike blades, Godfather, Godson, Newport and Don, are very, very, very…did I say VERY…sharp. How sharp you ask? As previously written, of the original 130 plus Godfathers sent to us in Kosovo, I know of six police officers with more than ten years’ experience each, injured themselves the first day they owned this knife. Four required medical treatment including stitches. So be careful with the Newport as you would any tool.

Also, spike blade knives are not made for prying. You can use the Newport to get the pesky clear plastic lid off of a new container of corn-nuts. You can use the Newport for some very light prying but nothing which requires much pressure. The Newport blade is strong and more suited for light prying than the other Pro-Tech spike blades. The very tip of the Newport, by nature of design and intended function, is not made for medium to heavy prying. I personally do not use any of my EDC pocket knives for anything more than light prying. You need to pry something open…use a screw driver. The Newport MSRP $220.

Pro-Tech Godson

Pro-Tech’s Godson is just what the name implies, a shorter version of the full size Godfather. The Godson has an overall length of 7.56 inches. Within this seven and one-half inch automatic knife is a 3.15 inch 254-CM stainless steel blade. A handle of T6-6061 anodized aluminum which is .45 inches thick contains this sharp blade. Closed the Godson’s 4.41 inch frame fits nicely in your front pocket held secure with an excellent pocket clip. The total package tips in at 3.2 ounces.

I personally own a Godson as well as a Godfather. Both knives are nothing short of bad-ass deadly. The Godson is not made to open you mail, clean your trophy chipmunk or clean your fingernails. You can do these things with the Godson but this knife was designed for and made for self-defense. Nothing more and nothing less. For personal protection with a pocket knife, the Pro-Tech has no…I mean no equal. I highly recommend the Pro-Tech Godson.

Note: The Godson, as most but not all Pro-Tech knives, can be purchased with many different handles and blade composition. For you Rednecks I mean the Godson can be ordered with a blade made of different steels and Damascus blade patterns. Check with Pro-Tech to design your dream auto knife. The Godson solid black handle, bead blast blade. MSRP $200

Pro-Tech Calmigo

A neat name for an outstanding small pocket knife. The Calmigo, was going to be called Amigo but changed to the present name and to my knowledge means nothing. Knowing Dave and some of his excellent craftsmen the name was combined from California and Amigo. Never the less I love the name.

The Calmigo 1.99 inch 154CM stainless drop point blade when released comes out as fast as the eye can detect. Calmigo is World class construction with a strong automatic action. The blade play is non-existence and tight, but at the same time smooth as silk. When opened the Calmigo is 5.49 inches long and closed it is around 3.5 inches and tips in at about 2 ounces.

An important feature of the Calmigo is the safety which keeps the bad-boy blade safely within the handle. Once the safety is placed in the launch mode, hang on when you push the release button as the Calmigo is coming alive. The Calmigo is a perfect first time EDC auto knife. If you want to step into World class auto knives, then the Calmigo is the path or “Camino” to start this journey. As in all knives, be safe when handling this little dynamic automatic knife.

Pro-Tech Runt J4

Pro-Tech Runt J4 is well….a runt of a pocket knife. It was designed to meet the California law requirements for an automatic knife. In California auto knives cannot have a blade longer than 2.0 inches. The Runt has a 1.94 inch 164CM stainless blade and is 5.27 inches long when opened. As in the Calmigo, the Runt is a small pocket knife which is equipped with a pocket clip. The 3.33 inch handle will not fill a normal size hand. However, I have handled the Runt and can testify the handle does not take away from any daily use.  The Runt and Calmigo are a true everyday carry (EDC) knife with many uses. I would recommend to any office worker who is looking for a handy pocket knife to check out the Runt J4 and or the Calmigo. The Runt J4 can be purchased with a Tanto blade but most models have the drop point.

A barber who cuts hair at my barbershop owns and uses the Runt. He carries this knife everywhere he goes. He has been amazed on the uses he has found for this knife. In the past he has always gone cheap when purchasing a pocket knife. Now after taking the path to a World class knife and purchased his Runt, he has no regret on spending the coin. You can purchase the Runt J4 in the EDC version MSRP $160 or jump in with very cool blades and handle and pay from $200 to $650 or get the full blown gold engraved model at $2,500.

As in most Pro-Tech knives, depending what handles you get, if it gets dirty and yucky you can pop it in some hot soapy water and let it soak, rinse and dry. This is the way I clean my Pro-Tech autos. Place some lubricant on the moving parts and a thin film on the blade. If you have a custom handle on your Pro-Tech, check with them before cleaning in this manner.

The Reason We Can Carry Auto Knives

Within the last ten years, twenty eight States within the U.S.A., have legalized or removed legal restrictions on automatic or “switchblade” knives and eight State they are legal with blade length restrictions. A great deal of credit should be given for these knife freedoms gained to the American Knife & Tool Institute. The “AKTI” provided information and education to our state elected officials. Many days and weeks of hard work and treasure is paying off. This strongly backed organization comprised of leaders in the knife and tool industry, has made a huge difference in how we perceive the automatic knife. Please check out their website and support with “Freedom Funds”.


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American Knife and Tool Institute

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