In the mid-seventies, Smith & Wesson and Colt Firearms started marketing large fix blade knives as well as folders. These companies continued to introduce other products under their license too many to list and ill relevant to this article. Now comes another excellent USA firearms company, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., with their own line of fix blade and folding knives. These quality knives are produced under Ruger license by my friends at Columbia River Knife and Tool or “CRKT”. CRKT produces eight Ruger knife models with most models having various slight modifications to the blades, i.e. serrated blade, plain blade etc.

I am reviewing three of the eleven Ruger knives, the “Go-N-heavy”, the “2-Stage” and the “Accurate 2”. Each sample I received was carefully examined for quality, strength and functionality. Yes functionality. Now I know what you are thinking. The functionality of a knife is that it will cut something more than hot butter. For functionality, I determine the use for which the knife is intended. Is this knife design and blade size functional for the intended use? A fix blade hunting knife with a seven inch blade is not functional to skin out that trophy chipmunk. Now don’t go out and homicide a chipmunk and skin him out with your Bowie knife just to prove me wrong. It can be done but just not functional.

Ruger Go-N-Heavy

There is two sizes of the Go-N-Heavy. The, what I call, XL and the compact. I chose the XL because it seems I like either big or small knives the most. Well the Go-N-Heavy (XL) is on large folding knife. It is a man among men knife. When opened it is just over eleven inches long with a blade of five inches of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. The large blade is very strong but not made for prying. No folding knife functions well for prying. There are pry-bars for prying and knives for cutting. Two different tools. The Go-N-Heavy us up to the quality you would expect from Ruger products as well as CRKT. This knife is big, too big for chipmunks, but perfect for that trophy buck you have had your eye on. Sheepdogs this would be a great knife for EDC and if need be, for protecting the sheep.

  • Blade Length: 5.00 inch Drop Point
  • Overall Length: 11.1 inch
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV / 58-59 RC
  • Weight: 10.42 ounce
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Edge: Plain
  • Handle: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Open: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Liner Lock
  • Designer: Bill Harsey

Ruger 2-Stage

As for the folders in this new Ruger line of knives, my favorite is the 2-Stage. Now I can tell you I normally do not like the “tanto” blade design in a folding pocket knife. As an EDC, in my professional opinion, the tanto blade is less functional than the drop or clip points. The tanto (short blade) is an old and honored Japanese design. This design was developed for real use as a stabbing and or slashing knife. My main objection to the folding tanto is normally the knife maker/designer has only one beveled side of the point. The 2-Stage is beveled on both sides of the point which makes more sense. After all the tanto blade design is for stabbing and slashing.

Ruger Firearms

The 2-Stage is one of the best commercially produced folders with self-defense in mind. The model of the 2-Stage I chose has one and one half inches of the “Veff” bad-ass serration. I like this serration because if you have to use this knife to defend yourself, the recipient dirt-bag will feel the wound opening up. When it is nose to nose and toes to toes you want the attacker to know he or she, is being severely injured. This may take their mind off the attack and consideration to retreat. When going into harms’ way, I carry this knife. Warriors and Sheepdogs, give the 2-Stage some serious consideration.

  • Blade Length: 4.0 inches Tanto
  • Overall Length: 9.50 inches
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV / 58-59 RC
  • Weight: 8.10 ounces
  • Finish: Black Stonewash
  • Edge: Part Veff Serrated
  • Handle: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Open: Flipper knob on back
  • Lock: Frame Liner Lock
  • Designer: Robert Carter

Ruger Accurate

Ruger has chosen a great functional hunting knife. I like the slight up-swept blade which can only facilitate the skinning of your thirty pound trophy chipmunk. Kidding aside, the Ruger Accurate is designed for the hunters, trappers and fishermen in mind. The four point three inch blade is at the optimal length for any outdoor needs. This knife is light, strong and can keep an edge. For those of you who have cleaned big game, you know how slippery the knife handle can get. The Accurates’ comfortable handle is designed for a good grip in the slippery jobs of cleaning game. The slight curve near the end of the blade is perfect for taking that hide off your game. The sheath is very well made and designed for many years of use. It fits and carries well on my belt. I know I will be testing my Accurate this fall on the big whitetail I have been eyeing Kansas for the last four months.

  • Blade Length: 4.375 inches Up-swept point
  • Overall Length: 9.00 inches
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV / 58-59 RC
  • Weight: 6.22 ounces
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge: Plain
  • Handle: Black Rubber with Ruger Medallion
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Knife Type: Fixed Blade
  • Designer: Bill Harsey


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