I just finished testing the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle. Right out of the box it shot 50 rounds without a hiccup. With very little practice I would say anyone could take the barrel and frame from the stock and assemble this rifle in less than a minute. It comes with two eight round mags. You can store the disassembled rifle in the butt with a mag loaded in the frame and one mag stored loaded. The rear peep sight is oblong shaped with an orange front blade. After firing eight practice rounds of .22 LR I could hit a coke can at 25 yards five out of five times. Henry’s AR-7 is equipped with a rail on top of the frame. This rail is perfect for a scope with a removable mount. In this way you can remove the scope and mount for storage and then replace them without moving your POI (point of impact). The scope and mount will have to be stored separate from the rifle unit.

One could make this their main survival rifle. It fits perfect in a two day or bigger backpack and can be pulled out and put together in less than a minute. Workmanship is the key word for the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle. A Teflon coated receiver and coated steel barrel make this rifle resistant to rain and other moistures such as salt laden sea air. Of course once you get to where you can clean the AR-7 you should apply a thin coat of good quality gun oil, not penetrating oil, and then wipe down with a cotton cloth.

If anyone is worried about a .22 long rifle being capable as a defense round then worry no more. Professionally I have investigated or been involved in investigations where a .22 LR was used to take another person’s life. The vast majority were gang related, disputes and a few suicides. I also know a many deer have been taken with a .22 LR as well. It is all about shot placement. If you are serious about prepping, survival and backpacking, in my opinion the Henry AR-7 is a must have. Great firearm which is 100% made in the USA. This excellent firearm in black retails for about $290.00 and the Camo version at $350.00.

shooting Henry XR-7Justin is having fun shooting and loving the Henry AR-7. He is the very proud owner of the Henry Golden Boy .22 LR. Together we shot the Golden Boy along with the AR-7. Being a lever action fan and owner of other brands such as Marlin, I found the Golden Boy to be equal or better than the Marlin .22 LR lever action.

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Model Number: H002B
Action: Semi-automatic
Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 8 round magazine X2
Length: 35″ assembled, 16.5″ when stowed
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Stock: ABS Black Plastic
Sights: Adjustable rear (Vertical) blade front
Finish: Teflon coated receiver and coated steel barrel
M.S.R.P: $290.00


Henry Repeating Arms
59 East 1st Street
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Tele: 201-858-4400

Ruger Firearms