The Henry Lever Action .410 Shotgun

Best Varmint and Furry Pests Removal Firearm
Time to time, the firearms manufacturing community comes up with a new product which takes the firearms consumers by storm. Henry has just accomplished this in a huge way. The Henry lever action .410 shotgun. Henry took their popular 45-70 frame lever action rifle and produced an excellent lever action .410 shotgun. The idea of a lever action .410 bore is not new to the firearms world. What is new is Henry, a very popular and high quality firearms USA manufacture, has used their expertise to produce a functional quality lever action .410 shotgun in the tradition of Henry lever actions. This Henry lever action .410 is in fact the ideal close range varmint and furry pest removal firearm. In addition, this Henry lever shotgun is perfect for home defense.

I have an uncle who is still farming at the age of 85 years young. I showed him the Henry lever action .410 shotgun with the 20 inch barrel sporting the rifle sights. He was impressed. I then let him keep this Henry for two weeks for T&E. If you live on a farm, you will have varmints and furry pests coming to or passing through your barnyard as well as up and around your house. The only way one can keep this critter trespassing to a minimum is to shoot a few to keep the population down. The Henry .410 lever action shotgun is perfect for this type of work.

My Uncle Mike liked the Henry .410 lever action shotgun and had it at ready and at hand for the next varmint who decided to dig up his yard or get into the garage. He said this about the Henry I loaned him to test, “This gun is well built. It could be passed down to your great grandkids.” For the farmers who need a reliable .410 shotgun which can be used to shoot coyotes at 50 yards, skunks, possums, raccoons, armadillos and gofers at 15 yards, look no farther. Henry has your ideal shotgun. I would suggest to the farmers to buy a good scabbard for the Henry .410 shotgun and mount it on your tractor or other motorized farm equipment.

Henry produced two models of their .410 bore shotgun. There is one model with a 20 inch bore choke barrel and rifle sights (H018-410R) and the 24 inch Smooth/Full In-vector Style Choke barrel with a vertical blade for a front sight (H018-410). I received the H018-410R for T&E. Both models shoot only the 2.5 inch .410 shotgun shell.

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For hunting the .410 shotgun round is very popular for youth, bird hunting, pest control and slug deer hunting. As a young man I used a .410 bore to shoot dove, quail and if close enough pheasants. The .410 bore was developed around 1857 as a pinfire cartridge by Charles Lancaster a Master London Gunsmith. In 1874 this bore shot-shell was offered in a centerfire two inch version. The modern .410 bore is offered in 2.5 and 3 inch.

Home defense can be achieved with the .410 bore lever action Henry. At close range with self-defense shells the Henry .410 lever action is a very deadly weapon. The light recoil of this Henry lever shotgun is perfect for ladies who need a home defense weapon but don’t want to practice with the much heavier recoiling 20, 16, and 12 gauge shotguns. I recommend the Hornady Critical Defense® 410 Triple Defense® 2.5 inch shell. In my testing this slug plus two .35 cal. balls performed exceptionally. At 25 yards, the two .35 caliber balls consistently struck the target within three inches of the slugs’ impact point. Other non-critical defense .410 shells were tested with “000” buck Federal copper plated pellets doing the best. Birdshot patterns of all brands were impressive out of my Henry lever action .410.

A good companion to the Henry lever action .410 bore shotgun would be the S&W Governor and Bond Arms Derringers. I own both of these handguns and recommend them to be a companion weapon to the Henry .410 lever action. Both the Governor and the Bond Arms Derringer I have, chambers the .410 round. The Governor chambers six rounds and the Bond Arms two. The 2.5 .410 round does buck in both handguns but are very manageable even by a smaller framed person such as a lady. Carrying my Governor and the Henry allows me to have medium range (50 to 75 yrds.) big game hunting, bird and small game hunting, camp pest eradication and personal defense. Of course the S&W Governor chambers the .45 LC, .45acp as well as the 2.5 inch .410.

Reports I have received from numerous firearms storefront retail dealers is they have many requests for the Henry .410 lever action shotgun. I was told they can’t get enough of this firearm to satisfy the demand. The Henry .410 lever action shotgun, and rightly so, is highly sought after by firearms consumers.

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In conclusion, The Henry lever action .410 bore shotgun is just sweet to shoot. I fired over 100 shells through my T&E Henry. The Henry never experienced a single problem. This firearm was built on a 45/70 frame so is heavier than most .410 shotguns. However, I did not find the weight to be a bother but a comfort in letting me know this firearm was solid built in the USA. Love Henry lever action .410 bore shotgun.

  • Model Number H018-410R
  • Action Type Lever Action Shotgun
  • Caliber .410 Bore
  • Capacity 5 Rounds
  • Barrel Length 20″
  • Barrel Type Round Blued Steel
  • Rate Of Twist Smooth/No Choke
  • Overall Length 40.5″
  • Weight 7.33 lbs.
  • Receiver Finish Blued Steel
  • Rear Sight Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
  • Front Sight Brass Bead Post
  • Scope-ability Drilled and Tapped
  • Stock Material American Walnut
  • Butt-plate-pad Black Ventilated Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Length Of Pull 14″
  • Safety Transfer Bar
  • Best Uses Target/Hunting/Bird Shot
  • Embellishments / Extras Swivel Studs. Can use 2 1/2″ shells only. Cylinder Bore
  • M.S.R. Price $850.00

The pinfire cartridge, invented by Frenchman Casimir Lefaucheux and patented in 1835, was one of the first accepted practical rifle and pistol cartridges. The pinfire proceeded the rim and center fire cartridges. The pinfire incorporates a firing pin as part of the cartridge. The pinfire cartridge was the beginning of the end of the bore loading firearms. Though this obsolete cartridge is highly collectable.

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