Looking for the most affordable .45 ACP on the market? The KAHR CW45 is the most dependable and affordable single stacked semi-auto 45acp pistol worthy of being carried by the Pistolero Warriors and Sheepdogs of this great Country. Read and watch our KAHR CW45 review to learn why we call it the best on planet earth.

If you are looking for a compact large caliber semi-auto which can put down range some serious man-stopping power? Look no further. If you are looking for a light CCW which can put a total of 1,610 grains of lead into a bipedal wishing you harm, look no further. Look no further as the KAHR CW45 chambered in the man-stopping .45 ACP is ready and able to defend you and your loved ones. This pistol is the best dependable, affordable and practical CCW on the market. This is one sweet shooting semi-auto.

KAHR shipped to me a sample of the KAHR CW45 for my testing and evaluation. As I took this semi-auto out of the box and shifted it around in my hand, I liked the feel and how light it felt. The grip felt secure and comfortable. Since all KHAR semi-autos are single stacked the overall pistol is compact and easily concealed. I also received two extra mags for the burndown test and a belt and holster from Gould & Goodrich which is the 806 45P model. As I normally do, I field stripped the CW45 and gave it a quick over. I could see the recoil lug is based on the browning design which I consider a plus. I then applied some gun lubrication Slip 2000 which is my go-to gun lube. This lubrication is made for adverse conditions including overheating.

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I then reassembled the CW45. The recoil spring is fairly feisty but I managed to “getter done”. I then worked the slide back and forth about a dozen times. Things seemed to be working just fine. At this point I was thinking how light his pistol is. The CW45 tips the scales at about one and one third pounds or 21.7 ounces. The barrel is 3.64 inches long with an overall length of 6.32 inches. Being 1.01 inches wide this is a slim .45 ACP.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Well this KAHR CW45 only holds six rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber. This is seven total bullets for you rednecks. For me a LEO (law enforcement officer) this is not an issue. For you Sheepdogs who carry every day to protect the sheep, even if they are trying to take our guns, seven rounds is all you need as well. Gun fighting is like all fighting, it is 90% mental and 10% physical. If you practice regularly with your KAHR or other brands of firearms, at a distance of from 5 to 15 feet you don’t need 19 rounds of ammo in your firearm. Stage one you safely draw from your EDC holster and point shoot three rounds. Stage two, repeat stage one. Do this twice a month shooting 100 round each time. If you need some instruction, contact your local manly store who will have a firearms instructor.

Where ever you are headed If you are expecting to get into a gun fight and feel the need for multiple magazines, then first don’t go there. Second if you are going there, then take your AR with you. When off duty as a LEO, I carry one extra mag. I do this because unlike sheepdogs, by law I am required to stick my nose into other people’s problems. In other words as a warrior I go looking for evil….leaving the sheep to the sheepdogs or in other words CCW carries.

KAHR CW45 Test and Evaluation

I took the KAHR CW45 to the Oklahoma City Gun Club range. Mr. Gridley and I set up the Champion B27 NRA approved silhouette target. This is my go-to target. I love the green silhouette. We also set up the Champion Center Mass™ AR500 Pop-Up Target metal target. Another great product from Champion. As you can see we took still and video shots of this T&E.

We used the Gould & Goodrich Holster for the CW45 which is 806 45P model. We also used the Gould & Goodrich under-belt which matched perfectly. Trey of True North Ministries tested the leather setup and remarked he was not too sure about the Gould “small of the back” holster. But after some use he found he loved the design and the way it felt and carried the CW45.

As we shot 150 rounds through the CW45, we both commented on the low recoil felt with the 230 grain flat point Winchester “3 Gun” ammo. We also shot 60 rounds of Winchester Train & Defend .45 ACP JHP which is designed for less recoil but provides threat stopping power. Because of the low recoil, getting back on target is much more manageable. The white marked back sight and the single dot front sight are a big bonus. I could keep all of my rounds in a circle the size of a small plate or about five inches. During this time I remarked to Gridley how accurate the CW45 was. This is something we found with the KAHR CM9. After completing the 150 rounds of force feeding, we found the KAHR CW45 not only accurate but dependable with zero malfunctions and zero feeding problems. I feel with proper practicing, the KAHR CW45 will make you an excellent off duty or CCW carry gun.

KAHR CW45 (4543) Stats

  • Barrel: 3.64 inches
  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Capacity: 6+1
  • Length O/A: 6.32 inches
  • Height: 4.8 inches
  • Slide Width: 1.01 inches
  • Weight: Pistol 21.7 ounces including magazine
  • Action: DAO, Browning type recoil lug.
  • Magazine Disconnect: No
  • Grips: Textured polymer
  • Rear Sight: Drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight
  • Front Sight: White dot pinned in polymer front sight
  • Finish: Black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide
  • MSRP: $460.00




Winchester Ammo

Gould & Goodrich
Holster 806 45P

Champion Targets

Oklahoma City Gun Club
OKC Gun Club is one of the top 10 gun clubs in the country. An exceptional organization run totally by members working as volunteers. The Club sets on around 320 acres of wooded rolling hills.

Truth North Ministries

Henry Repeating Arms