If you’re on the hunt for the most affordable 9mm for CCW, take a closer look at the KAHR CW9. The KAHR CW9 is perfect and the most affordable CCW 9mm single stack compact on the market. Dependable, accurate and just fun to shoot.

In these times of unrest throughout the world, many of us struggle to wrap our minds around just what is going on. I have been to over 27 different countries where I observed the populations, customs and government. Many of these countries are stable and at peace. Several were not. But none of these countries are as great as ours. None of these countries have their “second amendment” for their citizens. None of these countries have the full rights we have here in the USA. No right to keep and bear arms means no guaranteed rights with the shadow of slavery hanging over them.

For those of us who are warriors and sheepdogs, we have become committed to protect ourselves, our families and those around us from the bipedal evil among us. As a LEO I can tell you this. Every time you leave your home and go out into the community you will come close to or come in contact with one of the bipedal who would do you harm. I have seen these types many times. An example would be, over a period of time, a male neighbor is very helpful to an elderly lady. One day this same nice helpful man knocks on the ladies door, enters and beats her to death. In a flash they turn to evil. For these and many other reasons, one should have a way to defend yourself other than your favorite putter. One needs a good dependable, affordable pistol of a caliber which will stop an attacker. A good dependable and affordable pistols in the “get the job done” calibers is made here in the USA by KAHR ARMS.

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In carrying a few different semi-autos from S&W Mod. 39-1 to the 1911, I can say I have developed a liking for a good semi-auto pistol. As I have said, firearms are a tool for us to use to put meat on the table, defend ourselves and to just have fun putting holes in paper and tin cans. As we know, having the right tool makes a job go much easier. Having the right firearm for the job ahead is the same. You can have a pump 12 gauge for defense and it will take about anything walking on two or four legs. But the shotgun tool was designed basically for hunting and use as the primary defense weapon by law enforcement and military. The shotgun was not designed for packing around while at the mall. If legal, you could pack a shotgun while shopping at the mall….and look crazy as one would expect. A good tool for personal protection in society is a concealable handgun of sufficient caliber.

KAHR makes single stack semi-autos from .380, 9mm, 40 S&W and .45acp. Their pistols are of the first quality but priced to be affordable. KAHR does make higher end pistols but the majority are very affordable. I know a semi-auto which only holds seven or eight rounds seems to be under powered. The KAHR CW9 is not a combat gun but you could use it for this. The KAHR CW9 is not a target gun but you could shoot targets with it. The KAHR CW9 is designed and made for personal protection. In other words, I do not plan to go to war today but if they start it, I will take it to them.

KAHR CW9 Test and Evaluation

I have tested their CM9, CW45 and now the CW9. All including the CW9 are highly dependable. Check out these reviews on this website. While testing the CW9 I also had several CCW holders test fire this pistol as well. Three of them are already KAHR owners. One has three KAHR pistols and is now looking at getting a forth. All who have seen or had the opportunity to shoot the CW9 are impressed with its quality and looks. All were very positive. I tested the CW9 over several outing to the Oklahoma City Gun Club range. A great range and organization. What I was looking for is the practicality of using the KAHR CW9 for CCW or in my case, off duty carry.

Between myself and three other shooters we fired a little over 200 round of Winchester 115gr FMJ 9mm ammo. We also fired 50 rounds of Winchester 115gr Silver Tips. The recoil was very manageable and could, I think, be acceptable to most women. Due to the manageable recoil and sights, I was able to get back on target quicker. The accuracy of the CW9, as with all KAHR pistols I have fired, is much better than I can shoot. This pistol is double action only. The plus is it will be harder to shove it into the back of your pants and shoot off a chunk of meat. The dependability of the KAHR CW9 is above reproach. During this testing, we experience zero malfunctions from the pistol or ammo. In fact, I have never experienced a Winchester center fire round ever not firing.

The KAHR CW9 is ideal for CCW holders who don’t have the $1,000 bucks at their fingertips. The CW9 is very easy to conceal and comfortable for the “inside the waistband” holsters. This pistol is very light at 17.7 ounces unloaded and is only 5.9 inches in length, 4.5 inches tall and less than an inch wide. The single stack seven round mag contributes to the concealability.

I have made a video which is featured in this article. From the video you will see how well the KAHR CW9 shoots. When I am on the metal targets you will see how fast one can get back on target.

KAHR CW9 Stats (CW9093)

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3.6 inches, conventional rifling; 1-10 right-hand twist
  • Overall Length: 5.9 inches
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Slide Width: .90 inches
  • Weight: Pistol 17.7 ounces with magazine
  • Capacity: 7+1
  • Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; “Browning – type” recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
  • Grips: Textured polymer
  • Sights: Drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight, pinned in polymer front sight
  • Finish: Polymer frame with black carbon fiber print, matte stainless steel slide
  • Magazine: One 7 rounds, Stainless magazine

MSRP: $495.00
Can be found for: $350.00



Winchester Ammo

Winchester 9mm Silver Tip

Champion Targets

Metal Pop-Up Targets

LE B-27 Paper Target (My go-to silhouette target)

Inceptor Ammo
Inceptor Ammo is something I have been testing. It is not a hollow point but performs much better. It turns the lighter calibers such as the .380, 38spl and 9mm into “one shot” deadly rounds. The Inceptor .45acp damage just has to be seen to be believed. We will be posting the Inceptor article and video after conclusion of testing in about two weeks.

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