KAHR 9mm with Night Sights (Model P9093NA)

I have shot and wrote about KAHR firearms for sometime now. Because of their design and engineering, I believe they have one of the best lineups of single stack semi-auto pistols in the World. For home defense, personal protection, backpacking, truck-gun, Harley rider’s gun and general all-around dirt-nap lead-pill dispenser, the KAHR P9093NA semi-auto pistols is the gun for you.

Now I know many of us love our own personal brand of firearm. For me I love the old Colts and Smith and Wesson’s. Being a history buff, I guess the older revolvers and some autos just appeal to me. I call these my “grin and giggle” guns. I take them out of the safe, wipe them down and grin and giggle. Once in a while I take them to the woods to clear their throats out. Again, much grins and giggles.

Henry Repeating Arms

KAHR makes many models of semi-auto pistols in the popular 9mm round. They also make these pistols in .45acp, a favorite caliber for me, as well as 40 S&W and 380acp. By fare the most popular KAHR semi-auto round is the 9mm Luger which mirrors the choice for American and world consumers of semi-autos. If you have the training and experience of mindful shot placement, the 9mm Luger round is a perfectly good round for self-defense. In other words, shoot the attacker, human or beast, where the round will stop their threatening actions. So, I decided to review and test the upgraded KAHR Model P 9093NA. This is a very excellent pistol which has night-sights and two extra magazines.

The KAHR Model P 9093NA, hereafter called KAHR 9mm or pistol, has a 3.5-inch barrel with a Browning type recoil lug. This is a good thing. There is no magazine disconnect meaning you can fire this pistol without a magazine. This is also a good thing. The trigger is double action only (DAO). This means there is a long smooth pull with a sudden release of the internal hammer. This action is remanence of the double-action revolvers but better. One has to learn where within the pulling of the DAO breaks over. Now this type of DAO pistol, without some modifications, does not make it as a 25-yard target gun. However, the DAO system is perfect for CCW carriers. I say this because to fire this pistol there has to be a deliberate act of pulling the trigger. This means fewer unintentional discharges. In high stress moments where the adrenalin is flowing, a longer pull on the trigger is better than say a striker-fired pistol’s short pull such as a Glock. How many times in my professional life have I heard, “The gun went off by its self?”.

KAHR P9 Test and Evaluation

I took the KAHR 9mm to the Oklahoma City Gun Club. OKC Gun Club is a nice well-organized huge outdoor shooting facility. After applying some lubrication on this pistol, I loaded up some Winchester 115 gr. FMJ ammo. I love the Winchester ammo. I shot at the Champion NRA LEO B-27 paper target which is my go-to target. In my firing of 150 rounds of Winchester 115 gr. FMJ and Winchester 115 gr. Silvertip Personal Defense ammo I came up with some real good groupings. I fired at a distance of 15 feet. Most gun-fights take place around 10 feet or less.

In firing the Winchester 115 gr. FMJ, the KAHR 9mm eat all 100 with one jam. The jam was due to the 115-gr. projectile being seated a little too shallow, not allowing it to fully load into the barrel. The difference was very minute but enough for this pistol to not want to play. I then fired 50 rounds of Winchester 115 gr. HP Silvertip Personal Defense rounds. The Silvertip round design has been around for a good deal of time. Winchesters Silvertip Personal Defense ammo is not a +P 9mm round. This ammo was designed for personal defense without the +P recoil. Because of the less recoil, one can recover their sight-picture much faster. I believe the Winchester Silvertip Personal Defense 9mm Luger rounds are ideal for those Warriors and Sheepdogs who carry to defend themselves and others. For those who shoot their carry pistol 100 plus rounds a month could likely step up to the Winchester 9mm Luger +P, 124 Grains Defender bonded jacketed hollow-point. This bad-boy will have a noticeable recoil effect but still controllable by an experienced shooter.

The KAHR 9mm shot the Silvertip ammo with out a single problem. It was like this pistol was saying, “Feed me more.” As you would expect, the shots were easily kept in the “X” and “10” rings. I am use to shooting revolvers and the KAHR brand pistols. I am experienced in the long yet smooth trigger pulls. I know just about where in the trigger pull the pistol will fire. When you get your KAHR, I would suggest you first dry fire it about 100 times in 25 pulls increments. Make sure the pistol is unloaded with no magazine inserted before practicing the dry firing. Once you have familiarized yourself with the trigger pull and know where the “breakover” is, you are ready to take this bad-boy to the range.

At the range I carried the KAHR 9mm in a DeSantis “Mini Slide” belt holster. This high quality all leather holster is open top with no cumbersome straps. As a professional I have used DeSantis products for many years. Agencies from the Federal alphabet group, U.S. Marshals to the small-town marshals have and are using the DeSantis brand products. In time of stress, if you are like me, you will want a top-quality holster which will facilitate a smooth and certain draw. In other words, if my ass is on the line, I want the best equipment I can afford. DeSantis is affordable. The cost of one night of take-out pizza with the wife can buy you the peace of mind in carrying your KAHR 9mm.

In conclusion my overall impression of the KAHR P9093NA is an excellent firearm. As in all KAHR firearms, the KAHR P9093NA is dependable and a good buy. I recommend you check this pistol out as well as my video of testing the KAHR P9093NA.

Ballistics:  Winchester 9mm Luger

  • 115 gr. FMJ:  1,116 fps
  • 115 gr. HP Silvertip:  1,121 fps

KAHR P 9093NA Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3.565 inches
  • Length: 5.8 inches
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Slide Width: .90 inches
  • Weight: 16.9 ounces with mag
  • Magazines: 3 – 7 round, Stainless-steel
  • Capacity: 7+1
  • Operation: Trigger DAO, lock breech; “Browning – type” recoil lug, no magazine disconnect
  • Grips: Textured polymer
  • Sights: Drift adjustable, tritium night sights
  • Finish: Black polymer frame, matte stainless-steel slide

MSRP: $762.00


KAHR 9mm P9093NA

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DeSantis Mini Scabbard

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NRA B-27 Green LEO Paper Target

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