The LifeCard Can Save Your Life.

When I received my sample of the LifeCard by Trailblazers Firearms LLC, I knew in present times this is a revolutionary firearm. A revolutionary firearm which was designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA with CCW firearms owner’s in mind. An unconventional firearm design of the likes the firearms world have not seen since the “Key Gun” of the 1600 hundreds. Key guns were carried by jailers to protect themselves from dangerous prisoners but still functional as a key.

The LifeCard is a single action, single shot pistol chambered for the .22 long rifle rimfire ammunition. This pistol folds up into the dimensions of a credit card but a credit card one half inch thick. The grip has a very handy and well-designed compartment to hold four 22LR rounds. You stagger the stacking of the rounds to facilitate the holding all four. I placed four CCI .22 Stingers in my test sample which fit perfectly.

In looking over and handling the LifeCard .22 LR pistol, I can say this firearm is not a combat weapon. It is not a target pistol. It is not a pistol you would want to carry into the remote wilderness areas where furry things with teeth, claws and a bad attitude reside. The LifeCard is something you can slip into your jean pocket when you go shopping at the mall or eat at your favorite restaurant. The mind set would be, “Where I am going, there is no real threat to me, to my family and to others around me.” If there was a real threat, you would just not go there. The LifeCard will give you a sense of confidence you otherwise would not have if you were unarmed. You will know you could defend yourself if the unexplained and unexpected would happen.

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How The LifeCard Works

When the LifeCard is folded up, you can load this firearm by simply sliding the rectangle release button and pull up the barrel. You can then load the single .22LR round into the chamber and close by sliding the barrel release once again. Once you let go of the rectangle release button the barrel is locked into place. When you decide to fire the LifeCard, you slide the rectangle release button on the grip and open. When the rectangle release button on the grip clicks or returns to the lock position, the grip is locked open. You then pull on the firing pin plunger, which takes some effort, till it clicks and remains in the cock position. You pull the trigger and this pistol fires. As always remember this is a firearm and a deadly one at that. Like all firearms practice firearm safety rules.

Once fired, you pull on the rectangle release button below the barrel and pull upward exposing the fired case. Take your fingernails and remove the spent round. Load or not load and close the barrel. Pull the firing pin plunger just enough to hear the click and see the trigger return to the ready position. This is called “half-cock”. You can now close or fold up the LifeCard in complete safety as it cannot fire unless you pull the firing pin plunger all the way back. You cannot pull the firing pin plunger back when the LifeCard handle is locked shut. Watch the video in this article to visually see how the LifeCard works.

LifeCard Practical Use

For practical use of the LifeCard, I would say it could be a really simple way of carrying a personal protection weapon. The .22LR round ballistics do not rank well compared to the .380acp, .38spl and 9mm. But professionally as a LEO, I have seem more people killed with the .22LR than the rest. My first homicide was when a man shot another man with a .22LR High Standard derringer from across the bar room. One shot to the chest and the victim dropped like a rock. Many times when a .22LR inters the chest cavity it does not have the power to punch on out the other side. But it does have the force to bounce around inside the chest cavity causing lethal hemorrhaging. I have been told by the people at Trailblazer Firearms, a .22mag version of the LifeCard is in serious consideration. A .22mag LifeCard would be a game changer.

Another practical use for the LifeCard is for a hideout gun. A hideout gun would be used or carried in a hidden place on your body or within your reach. The practicality would come only if you expect to have the few seconds to unfold and cock this firearm. A law enforcement officer being held hostage would be a good example. A lady being abducted by a dirt-bag to be taken away for some despicable reason. She is placed in the trunk of a car. When the dirt-bag opens the trunk she sends him where he belongs.

In testing the LifeCard, fifty rounds were fired including ten CCI Stingers. There were no problems with the LifeCard. All rounds fired and were removed easily. The Stingers fired and were removed as well as the slightly shorter case regular long rifle did. As I said previously, the LifeCard is not a target gun and was not designed for such use. But at 10 feet, (most gunfights take place between two and ten feet), no one who shot the LifeCard pistol missed the target. New shooters, young shooters and experienced shooters all hit the Champion VisiColor Adhesive Silhouette 16 X 20.5 inch Target. Taking shots at a greater distance can be made but with no certain reliability.

Final Word About The LifeCard

In my evaluation and review of the LifeCard, professionally I can say this firearm is a quality made in the USA pistol. It is reliable, functional and fun to shoot. The LifeCard is well engineered with some creative American ingenuity. I can see the practical use by CCW holders as well as a hideout gun for law enforcement or military elite units. If you believe this firearms fits the bill for the one thing missing from your defense weapon choices, I can say the LifeCard will serve you reliably.

LifeCard .22 LR Single Shot Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 2.5 inches
  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Action: Single Action – Pull Cock
  • Folded Dimensions: L – 3.375, H – 2.125, W – 0.50 inches
  • Deployed Dimensions: L – 3.375, H – 4.50, W – 0.50
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Materials: 4140 Pre-hardened Steel (barrel, bolt, trigger, aluminum, frame, handle. 100% machined billet.
  • Finish: Corrosion Resistant Isonite® Steel / Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum.
  • Safety: Will not fire when closed.

MSRP: $399.00

LifeCard is a registered trade mark. U.S. Patent Pending. Not For Sale in CA or MA.

LifeCard Dealer:

GunsAmerica Can Buy: $339.99, as of this writing.

Champion Targets, Silhouette Target

Peel-and-stick Champion VisiColor Adhesive Silhouette Target. The five pack contains five silhouette targets which you can peel off and place on your preferred target holder without the use of a staple gun or tape. This feature is just great and makes my job much easier. The Champion VisiColor Adhesive Silhouette Targets’ dimensions are 16 inches by 20.5 inches. Each silhouette contains two small bullseyes and many….many peel and paste dots to cover you previous shots. In this way you can burn up a hundred rounds just using one Champion adhesive silhouette target. This is my go to reactive target.

Five Pack MSRP: $14.95

Can be bought at Natchez Shooters Supply

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