North American Arms Black Widow, BWM-PVD Black Finish: The Best of Two Worlds Best Small .22 Mag Revolver for CCW Anywhere at Anytime

Mall walking is something Bob and the wife Helen enjoy three times a week. Being recently retired, Bob wanted to stay fit since he no longer worked those ten-hour days six days a week. Thirty years in the production section of the factory was hard work.  Bob and Helen have been looking forward to their retirement. A time they will be able to spend enjoying each other. The Mall has a great environment of cool air for brisk walking. There are few people waiting to enter the mall when it opens, so early morning walking for him and Helen is perfect. The parking lot is fairly empty so close parking is plentiful.

Bob rose early this morning like every Wednesday. He dressed in his sweatpants, tee-shirt and walking shoes. He went to the kitchen and started the coffee. Helen then rose dressed in her sweats and walking shoes and joined him in the kitchen for a cup of coffee. With coffee finished Bob and Helen drove to the mall parking lot.

Pulling into the north side of the mall parking lot, Bob sensed something was amiss. At first, he could not put his finger on what was out of place or different. As they parked in their usual parking spot Bob was still getting those little voices of warning. Bob learned while serving in the Marine Reserve in Operation Iraqi Freedom, to listen to those little voices. Those little voices saved him and his squad more than once. Bob and Helen exited their new 2019 Buick Enclave. He stood there looking around. “Well no one in sight.” he thought. Bob and Helen started walking toward the mall entrance all the time Helen was updating him on their married kid’s activities. All of a sudden Bob saw something to the left moving toward him quickly.

Instinctually Bob’s right hand went into his sweatpants pocket. As he turned to the left, he drew out of his pocket a hand full of death and destruction. This dirt-bag was coming on too fast. No time to warn Helen. Bob could see this ill-kempt man was holding a knife aimed at his guts. As Bob came on around, he had cocked the Black Widow .22 mag. His hands came together in a two-hand hold. Left hand cocking and the right-hand firing. Two quick shots of Winchester 22 mag 30 gr. Varmint HV to the chest of this scum and game over. The dirt-bag staggered three steps to Bob’s right dropping the knife. Then there was a thud and the strange sound of a head banging on a truck grill. It happened so fast Helen had taken three steps on toward the mall entrance before she heard the two quick shots. She turned and let out a stifled scream. There stood her husband of forty years pointing his pistol at a man on the ground. The man was not moving.

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This scenario can play out at any time at any place. Sheepdogs must be ready to defend themselves and the ones they love. Warriors must be ready to intervene in acts of violence toward citizens they are sworn to protect. The North American Arms Black Widow is the perfect CCW for those who like to wear sweats and shorts. The Black Widow is one bad-boy revolver. The .22 magnum in the Winchester 22 mag 30 gr. Varmint HV is one of the deadliest .22 caliber rounds on this planet. In my LEO carrier, I worked four shootings wherein a .22 mag was used. All four recipients of the .22 caliber bullet expired. In hunting rabbits in snow packed hedgerows, I would us a .22 mag single action revolver and my partner would use his six inch .357 mag Colt Python. He would shoot and the rabbit’s head would disappear. I would shoot and the rabbit’s head would disappear. The .22 mag round is just one nasty deadly little round.

For CCW carriers and law enforcement, there is no better small deadly weapon than the NAA Black Widow. I know of several fellow officers who carry as a backup a North American Arms .22 mag revolver. There is no better testimony for a firearm than the fact these NAA revolvers are carried by law enforcement for on and off duty. The quality and workmanship of the Black Widow is the best. One could carry this weapon for many years as could your decedents with never experiencing a single malfunction.

The Black Widow (NAA-BWM-PVD) test sample NAA sent me came in a lockable mental box. This “Black” version of the Black Widow is just beautiful. The workmanship is equal to fine jewelry. In test firing this mini revolver I found no malfunctions from the firearm or the Winchester ammo. I have used the Winchester 22 mag 30 gr. Varmint HV in other test and evaluations. This ammo is very dependable and is the ammo I carry in my Stainless Black Widow I have carried for about 10 years. The NAA-BWM-PVD is made of stainless steel but finished in a “flat black” tough finish. I must say I like the combination. As you pull back the hammer on this firearm you will hear the positive click of the different stages. The action is smooth with a trigger pull with very little travel. Even though I did not try a long shot with this test sample, I have made chest hits at 50 yards with my personal Black Widow. A very accurate firearm.

The NAA-BWM-PVD comes with a two-inch semi-fluted barrel. The Black Widow holds five rounds and is 5.88 inches long and 3.69 inches tall. This spunky revolver weighs in at 8.9 ounces unloaded. The sights are Marble Arms and are highly usable. The oversize rubber grips with Black Widow Logo on the right side are very suited for shooting this revolver. To me personally and professionally, I highly recommend the NAA Black Widow for a lite CCW duty and a backup weapon for LEO. I love mine so I believe you will love the new NAA-BWM-PVD.

Check out the video of Gridley shooting the test sample NAA-BWM-PVD Black Widow.

NAA-BWM-PVD Ballistics: Three shot averages

Winchester .22 mag, 30 gr Varmint HV .22 mag Feet Per Second

  1. 1,121
  2. 1,121
  3. 1,130

Average: 1,124 avg fps, 84 ft pounds


  • Caliber: .22 Magnum
  • Capacity: 5
  • Barrel Length: 2 inches
  • Overall Length: 5.88 inches
  • Height: 3.69 inches
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Weight: 8.9 ounces
  • Sights: Marble Arms
  • Action: Single Action
  • Grips: Oversized Rubber Grip (BW Logo)

MSRP: $318.00

North American Arms

Black Window – Black NAA-BWM-PVD

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Winchester 22 mag 30 gr. Varmint HV

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