High Plains Handgun Metallic Silhouette Range, Top 5 in the Nation

July 15th thru July 23rd 2022

“In 1975 in Tucson Arizona, a group of dedicated hand gunners got together to have some fun. Those notable hand gunners included such famous shooters as, Lee Jurras and Harry Sanford of Auto-Mag fame, Jeff Cooper, Dean Grennell, George Nonte, J. D. Jones of SSK, Hal Swigget, Ray Chapman, and Elgin Gates. “  Source Member of the OKCGC.

From the fun of shooting metal plates in the desert to present day has evolved into a huge handgun shooting sport. The Oklahoma City Gun Club has a National ranked handgun metallic silhouette range. This range has been worked over, developed, improved on, invested in with much sweat, and some blood to become the top metallic shooting range in this region.

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The matches vary according to handgun type (Air Pistol to .22 to big bore) and shooting position (standing to free style). We as members pride ourselves in our diversity as all competition is open to men, women and children of all ages, and physical abilities. If you are physically challenged and interested in shooting, we have a PC committee willing to meet your needs. Each shooter is classified based on skill level and only compete against those of the class.

Even AR-15-Pistols are allowed up to a 7-pound gun under 25″ length for the pistol. The cartridge must have sufficient power to topple the steel targets. Simulates hunting in this way.  Donald Klei, a longtime member of the OKCGC told me he has assembled five builds of the AR-15-Comp-Pistol, and uses them in silhouette matches. He has been a competitor in handgun silhouette for decades. His favorite handgun to use is the AR-15 Pistol.

Oklahoma City Gun Club is not in Oklahoma City. The club is located in northeastern Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. The southwest corner of their section of land, minus 40 acres, is located at Sorghum Mill Road and Anderson Road. It lies a little over two miles north of Historic Arcadia, Oklahoma. The club owns all but about 40 acres or 600 acres total, and contains many different firearm ranges even an archery range. Check out their webpage at the link below.

Being a member of the OKCGC for many years, I do most of my T&E of firearms there. The facilities are excellent and even have bathrooms for members and club guests. There are two locations for RV camping when competitors require this service.

Jim Fields and Jim Myers are two very friendly and accommodating metallic silhouette handgun Division Chairman’s. As a longtime metallic silhouette handgun and air rifle competitor, holding several World Championships, Jim Fields is stepping aside for Jim Myers to take the helm. I love visiting with both Jim’s, but Fields is an encyclopedia of valuable information about firearms, competition, and personal experiences. For you young folk, encyclopedia is the Google of the printed World.

The Handgun Metallic Silhouette Range sports distances from 25 meters to 500 meters. The High Plains Handgun Metallic Silhouette Range also hosts full-size AR-15 Rifle competition for those semi-auto 5.56 fans. The range for these types of shoots start at 200 meters.

Check out the YouTube Video of one of the High Plains Handgun Metallic Silhouette National shoots.

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