Half Face Blades Pnuemo Spike Is the Best Light CBQ Blade Made

Half Face Blades (HFB) was founded by a retired Navy SEAL Andrew Arrabito. Outside of being a stuntman in some of the Transformer movies, Andrew is a master knife designer and maker. Andrew grew up doing all those things we love to do in the great outdoors. He learned early in his life to appreciate a good blade.

So, in combat Andrew learned the value of a good personalized combat knife which goes way beyond the standard (not) issued K-BAR. He learned the functionality of different blade designs for different uses. One recent example is his SHPOS blade which means “Sub Human Piece of Shit”. This knife has a unique task in close quarter combat (CBQ).

As a Warrior and an American Hero, Andrew decided to design and manufacture his own combat knives. I have several, including the SHPOS, of his knives. All are high quality and very functional. I consider his blades my “go-to” knife. In particular the Half Face “Fillet Blade Jr” is the blade I carry on the streets and when I travel. Of course, always I have my Sig 1911 .45acp with me too.

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But in this article, we are discussing one of Andrew’s newest blades the Pnuemo Spike. The Pnuemo Spike has a blade length of 3.67 inches, an overall length of 7.42 inches. The handle is 3.75 inches long and this bad-boy tips in at 1.8 ounces. Very light.

In looking over the Pnuemo Spike I cannot help thinking of the icepicks I use to use to break up 10-pound blocks of ice. As a law enforcement officer, I can not help but think of a “shiv” one would find in prison. The shiv was used to puncher the lung cavity quickly with rapid stabs to cause the recipient massive hemorrhaging in the chest. I am not saying the Pnuemo was designed for this purpose, but in a life or death struggle, it could be used for the final resolution of the struggle.

Because of the Pnuemo Spike blade being finished is a rich black cerakote coating, it is difficult to video or even still-photo to do justice to the knife design. For this reason, I took a section of cardboard and pushed the Pnuemo Spike through to show the blade design. Usually I would use a watermelon but social distancing of the day for the virus, precluded me going to the market just to buy one which was shipped in from Mexico. To see the blade design, check out my video wherein I discuss the HFB Pnuemo Spike.

The sheath of the Pnuemo Spike is made of kydex which is designed ideally for this weapon. The sheath and weapon are held securely by a strong metal clip. This clip can be adjusted to either side for preferred carry styles. I normally I do not like a metal clip to hold my expensive blade or weapon to my belt or tactical vest. However, this metal clip is strong and well designed. But this time, I like the sheath and metal clip combo.


I found the Pnuemo Spike from Half Face Blades to be an excellent combat weapon. There are no sharp cutting edges but the Pnuemo Spike does have a ver…very sharp and nasty point. I have no illusions the Pnuemo Spike would not make a good CQB blade. The diamond shape blade design makes this weapon very strong. Strong enough and designed well enough to penetrate a Dirt-Bags ribcage. The quality of HFB blades and hawks can not be topped. There are maybe two other combat knife makers in the USA with equal quality and design. The lack of uniqueness in design for a specific combat tasks only comes from field experience. For these reasons, I highly recommend the HFB Pnuemo Spike weapon for those of you who go into harm’s way.

Pnuemo Spike Specs

  • Blade Length: 3.67 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.42 inches
  • Handle Length: 3.75
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Thickness: .22 inches
  • Blade Material: S35vn American steel, Rockwell 59-60
  • Blade Finish: Elite Black Cerakote
  • Handle Material: Paracord wrap dual twist for grip and also a thumb over grip

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Pnuemo Spike

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