Best Firearm for Ladies Who Do Not Shoot on A Regular Basis

Ruger makes many excellent firearms. Revolvers among the best. I have three. An excellent CCW Ruger revolver is a LCR Model 5401. The LCR 5401 is chambered in .38 special +P. The +P designates this revolver can safely shoot the more powerful, higher chamber pressure, and higher velocity .38 special ammo. This Ruger is a five-shot revolver with an internal hammer, 1.87-inch barrel, tips in at 13.5 ounces and sports Hogue grips. This little five-shot snubby is unique in that it has a patented friction-reducing cam which enhances a smooth, non-sticking trigger pull. I am really impressed with the action on the T&E LCR Ruger sent me.

The LCR has a patented fire control housing which holds the components of the action in proper dimensional relationships, reduces weight and greatly reduces recoil. You may wonder how a slim and trim small five-shot revolver can handle the potent .38+P ammo? Well, the Ruger LCR has a high-strength stainless steel cylinder with a PVD finish for excellent durability. The extensive fluted cylinder reduces weight.

My lady shooter, Vicki, did good. Vicki has very little shooting experience. She and her husband Phil, good friends of mine, are not use to shooting handguns. Phil is retired military and has had combat rifle training but little handgun training. Phil has concerns for his wife’s safety so this article in part, is about her.

Ruger Firearms

Shooting the Ruger LCR 5401 was a new experience for them. Vicki was determined to learn to shoot a handgun, but was honest in saying she would not likely go to the range once or twice a month. For this reason, I chose the Ruger LCR 5401 for the CCW she should carry. For someone who want to defend themselves with a firearm but will likely not go to the range at least once a month, here is what I recommend. In my professional opinion they need a simple, easy to operate firearm such as the Ruger LCR 5401. There are no safeties except “do not pull the trigger”. There is no stiff slide to engage as well as the LCR 5401 remains un-cocked until you fully cycle the action by pulling the trigger. It is safe to carry loaded in your front pocket of your jeans as well as a lady’s purse. The chance of a jammed action is rare, but if this happens it is likely a “high-primmer”. This LCR is easy to clean and load. I believe the Ruger LCR models is a perfect fit.

I can hear the howls from some of my readers who believe a semi-auto handgun would be the perfect CCW for a lady. And, this could very well be the case for those ladies who take seriously their safety. For those who do not here is my thinking. For a novelist, which handgun is the simplest to shoot and reload in a non-combat situation? Revolver. Which is the easiest to clean? A revolver. Which is the simplest to make safe? Revolver. If the novice shooter limp-wrists when shooting, which firearm will fire reliably, a revolver or a semi-auto? Revolver. Which handgun is the most likely to operate reliably when carried in a lady’s purse for six months with all that.….stuff? Revolver. If a round fails to fire which firearm can fire the next one the quickest? Revolver. The .38spl ammo comes in many configurations. I like the shotshells for camp critters and such.

Some years back, I worked at the range with ladies who carried semi-auto pistols in their purse. The two ladies in mind did not train or practice. The field striping of their pistols was just too hard for them, so they didn’t clean them. Needless to say, when the semi-auto jammed, they had no clue about “Tap-Rack-Bang”. Upon inspecting the two pistols, one had cracker crumbs. No clue how this happened. In pistol number two I found the hair spray had leaked on the slide and into the inner action. Man-O- Man what a mess.

How Does the Ruger LCR Handle?

The Ruger LCR 5401 paired with the Hogue Tamer™ Monogrip® grip makes for good Mojo. The grip for this small revolver is small as well. However, with my medium hand size I was able to achieve a good grip on this five-shot revolver. With the Hogue grip on the LCR 5401 I could shoot four-inch groups at 15 yards. No practice, just straight out of the box. For me the Ruger LCR 5401 handled well. It was and is excellent to shoot.

How Does It Shoot?

For a smaller five-shot internal hammer revolver, the Ruger LCR 5401 shot great. The action was smooth and not too stiff. Vicki had no problem cycling the rounds through the entire time she shot this revolver. As the cylinder rotated to the next live round, I noticed very little in the locking and the internal hammer striking the firing pin. The down side of having a revolver incapable of shooting single action is the ability to cock, aim and squeeze off a precision intentional shot. For me, the hammerless Ruger LCR 5401 is much easier to carry concealed without the coat lining or love handles being damaged or irritated. This Ruger is also perfect for the front pocket of manly blue-jeans. No “skinny-jeans” Warriors.

Ruger LCR Accuracy

For a 1.87-inch barrel, I would say the accuracy in a fixed bench-rest vice would be as good as or better than the competitions. I found the accuracy to be more than acceptable. Remember, no matter what brand of short barreled “snubby” revolver you buy, this type of firearms is designed for close in personal protection. When you are eye to eye and nose to nose with Death riding the “White Horse” for you or him. Let it be him.

The Ruger LCR 5401 is designed for simple and safe operation. Vickie did really good for never shooting a “sub-nose” revolver. The only thing I corrected her on, was after each shot, she would stop, look and ask “where did that shot hit?” In a life-or-death situation, where you are facing someone who will do you harm, pick out a spot on their chest such as a pocket or button. Aim at the pocket or button. Do not get tunnel vision or panic. For your life and possibly others, stay focused. Just shoot the target this dirt-bag has presented to you.


Depending on the .38 spl ammo used, the recoil is acceptable to me, and was acceptable to Vickie as well. When you step up to the .38 spl +P ammo or a heavier weight projectile you will experience more recoil. In our testing using my personal ammo, Vickie fired 148gr. full wadcutters, 125gr. full-metal jacked rounds and some good CCW defense rounds. Vicki did not experience shooting .38spl +P as I do not keep them. Self-defense rounds designed for the .38 snubby revolvers and .357mg is all I use in my snubby. Overall, Vickie did very well.

What situations is the LCR best for?

The Ruger LCR 5401 is designed for CCW users, off duty or backup for law enforcement, backpackers, hikers or those who love adventure. If you are a mountain biker this revolver would fit the bill. The Ruger LCR models would be excellent for those of you who like to travel the country and see American’s wonderful sites. If you are traveling in a motorhome or pulling a trailer, these LCR models are perfect.

Best carry system for the Ladies. Galco Del Holster Handbag

Many ladies who carry a firearm, do not like to carry said firearm on their body. I would say the most of them stick it in their purse. The dark bottomless pit where who knows what lurks there. Well, Galco has come up with an ideal CCW lady’s purse. This made in America purse is extremely well made. The DEL Holster Handbag is large enough to carry all the shopping survival items most women have in their bags. The secret of keeping your firearm available is Galco placed a side pocket which is only for the firearm. There is a small nylon holster with Velcro strap within to keep the firearm in place. If you are right-handed, you wear the DEL Holster Handbag on the left and vice versa for lefties. The ladies in this article and another, just love their CCW handbag. They were very impressed with the design and quality of the Galco Del Holster Handbag. Hey Hubbies and boyfriends. This handbag would be a great gift for the gun toting lady in your life.


The Ruger LCR 5401 in .38spl +P is ideal for those who want a self-defense weapon who is being honest to themselves about any scheduled routine practice. They want a firearm they can carry safely and will go “BOOM” when they pull the trigger. They realize they will go to the range but likely not too much. For those of you who fit this profile, I highly recommend you attend a firearms safety and familiarization course for after purchasing the Ruger LCR or any firearm. Vicki, as many other ladies I know, has singed up for a full-day of training this fall at the Oklahoma City Gun Club.

Ruger LCR 5401 Specs

  • Caliber: 38 Spl +P
  • Barrel Length: 1.87 inches
  • Overall Length: 6.5 inches
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Overall Length: 6.5 inches
  • Weight13.5 ounces
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Cylinder Finish: PVD
  • Frame: Aerospace-grade 7000-series aluminum
  • Twist: 1:16″ RH
  • Front Sight: Replaceable, Pinned Ramp
  • Rear Sight: U-Notch Integral
  • Grip: Hogue® Tamer™ Monogrip®
  • Capacity: 5
  • Grooves: 6

MSRP: $579.00



Ruger LCR 5401

Galco Gun Leather

Galco DEL Holster Handbag

Henry Repeating Arms