An ideal revolver to train young shooters

Being a peace officer for my entire adult life, I not only support firearm safety but I demand firearms safety. When I am around other shooters, known or not known, family and not family, I keep an eye on them when they handle a firearm. Even when I am in a store which sells firearm, I consider each and every firearm to be loaded. Guns on the walls, guns in the glass cases and even guns in their safe. All firearms are loaded at all times. This is my mindset. If I am with another shooter and they attempt to hand me their firearm, I tell them to make this weapon safe. Once the firearm is safe to my satisfaction, I will take it into my possession. Even then I will visually check to make sure this firearm is safe. When I hand them back this firearm, I show them I made it safe for them to accept. We must make this a routine which is second nature.

When the wife and I started having children, and the first one was up and running around, I started her on the gun safety training. She could only speak maybe fifty different words but she could say, “Your gun Daddy!” This means she saw my gun lying somewhere in her view. She never went to pick it up. She only informed me, rather excitedly, she saw my gun not attached to me. I tested her from time to time to see if she maintained this alertness.

To remove the allure, the mystery of her Daddy’s gun I would show it to her each and every time she made reference. I would set with her and let her handle my duty weapon as well as my off duty weapon. At the age of two I started taking her to the departmental firearms range. I would let her shoot my Ruger Super Single Six by holding the gun over her hands. I let her pull the trigger. This was repeated many times on many occasions. When my son was born and turned two years old, I repeated the same routine with my experienced daughter’s help. Big sister wanted to pass on what she learned. To this day, some 40 years later, my two adult children own and respect their firearms. When they take out their firearms, gun safety is at the forefront of their focus.

So what I am saying, firearms safety and familiarization is paramount for the youth of our country. Even if you do not own a firearm, you should have your children informed and trained. There are organizations which will help with this. The Hunter Safety programs in every state, Boy Scouts of American is another. You as the parent know your own children and should start their training at the age you feel is right. If you don’t think this is necessary know this: Your child will come in contact with a firearm sooner or later at a friend’s house or at a juvenile/young adult gathering. It is best they know the ends and outs.

Ruger Firearms

Ruger who is very good to me, sent me a Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper .22LR single action revolver. This model of the Ruger New Bearcat is solely distributed by Lipsey’s wholesaler. I asked for this revolver to be used in training my cousin’s two children. For two reasons, this revolver has the bird-head grips, and is chambered in a light recoil .22 short, long and long rifle. As in all Ruger products, the sample of the Bearcat Shopkeeper they sent me is just amazing. This Bearcat has a three inch barrel in lieu of the four inch. It has iron sights in lieu of the adjustable. It is made of stainless steel which is impervious to peanut-butter and jelly laden hands.

Once Eric, their father, and I went through the firearms safety on hands talk we started the shooting. Between three adults, Willa, and Rusher we fired around 80 rounds of Winchester .22 Long Rifle. As you will see in the video, Willa was interested in shooting the Bearcat with her father, Eric, being the chair and supporter. Willa shot for a while but quickly decided to give over the shooting to her little brother Rusher. Now Rusher started out somewhat intimidated. Once he and his dad fed about 18 rounds to the Bearcat, Rusher started to take a more interest in this process. Before it was over he was standing alone, holding the Bearcat alone, cocking the hammer back and shooting the ever deadly zombie cans. A funny thing. When we told Rusher the cans we were shooting were zombie cans, he became a little leery. Finely it was starting to rain and lunch was waiting on us, so we packed up the Bearcat Shopkeeper and drove back home.

Conclusion about the Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper

I have owned and pass on down to my children and Nephew many Ruger firearms. The Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper is made as good as my Super Single Six made 51 years ago. No I still have this one. I found the bearcat to be just fun to shoot. The smaller size, weight and balance of this single action revolver is very pleasing to me. I love to shoot this revolver. I can say the New Bearcat Shopkeeper would be perfect for adult use as well. This revolver would be perfect for camping, hiking, trapping and a second gun for hunting. This Bearcat Shopkeeper would also be perfect to teach youth about firearm safety and especially handgun safety.

Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper

  • Barrel Length: 3.0 inch inches
  • Overall Length: 8.0 inches
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frame: Stainless Steel
  • Cylinder: Stainless Steel, Rolled Engraving
  • Front Sight: Sight Blade
  • Rear Sight: Integral Notch
  • Weight: 22 ounces
  • Action Type: Single Action
  • Grips: Hardwood

MSRP: $749.00

Ruger Firearms

Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper

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