Warrior and Sheepdogs, the Best Lightweight Shoulder Holster on the Market

While I was testing the SIG P938 SAS, excellent 9mm, I was wanting to add to the mix the Safariland Model 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster, referred to hear after as ALS or ALS Shoulder Holster. This is for those warriors and sheepdogs who like to carry when wearing gym-shorts. When I am dressed in a tee shirt and gym-shorts and plan on dropping the drawbridge to leave the castle, I have to go packing. In order to do this, I just sling on my dirt-nap pill dispenser in a shoulder holster and cover it with an open front short sleeve shirt. But when it became time for the production of the Sig P938 SAS the sample from Safariland did not arrive in time.

So not to be detoured from testing and writing about an excellent modern shoulder holster, I bought the SIG P938 SAS to be used upon the arrival of ALS® Shoulder Holster from Safariland. As writers we are given a timeline to return product, in this case the P938 SAS. The only way I could keep my word with Safariland and Sig was to buy the Sig. Well, this is what I told myself to justify the purchase.

Once the ALS® Shoulder Holster arrived I had four other articles lined up. I had to wait to start this article as I do them as I get the product. This gave me the chance to carry my SIG P938 SAS in the ALS® Shoulder Holster. So, for the last four weeks I have been using the “ALS” when I want to run to the store. For this reason, I have tested this shoulder holster for some time.

Ruger Firearms

When you receive the Safariland ALS® Shoulder Holster, you will likely have to make some adjustments to fit your body size and how it feels when it is worn with the Sig P938 or other pistol you carry. For using shoulder holsters, it is imperative you adjust them for comfort and concealment. The ALS shoulder holster has several ways to adjust the fit to your body. (See the YouTube video.) Small pistol for big warrior, no problem. Big pistol for small warrior with big attitude, no problem. The ALS shoulder holster comes in many sizes to fit most pistols from 1911 to Glocks to Ruger to Sig Sauer models etc.

Maybe it was because I use a shoulder holster for carry of my 1911 Sig, but getting use to the smaller ALS shoulder holster was very easy. Proper adjustment is the key to a comfortable carry. The bigger and heavier pistols may be a challenge but the Safariland Model 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster will adjust properly to make the carry comfortable.

When you switch to a shoulder holster, some of the time or all of the time, you need to practice your draw or deployment of the weapon. As always, make sure the “DNPD” (Dirt-Nap-Pill-Dispenser) is unloaded. Repeating this process, say 10 draws a day for two weeks, should do the trick for most people. When it comes to your life and your family, being prepared in a highly stressful confrontation will require some training you can do at home. It is called muscle memory. Just remember, the weapon has to be unloaded. I have killed a wall before, so I know from experience. At least I did not homicide my refrigerator like someone else I know.

If you are set on getting a shoulder holster for your pistol, small, medium or large, the Safariland  Model 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster is a real choice. For you who want leather, Safariland/Bianchi has those too.

The other holsters shown in this article are some of my favorite. The Minimalist shown with the Colt Mustang is just perfect. The Model 1L Lawman is my very favorite holster for revolvers. Stomping through the brush and climbing up trees, your weapons is secure. The Ruger .22 Super Single Six and holster I bought around 1968. The 1L Lawman has served this revolver well. The other larger 1L Lawman is housing a Ruger Bisley .480 hand-cannon. The Clearwater Cowboy holster and mag pouch are just fantastic. Slide them on the Bianchi Hondito Belt and you have a bad-boy rig. I love this rig made in America.

Fellow Warriors and Sheepdog, you cannot go wrong with Safariland and Bianchi products. I have worn the Safariland duty leather for many years. It takes years of daily duty to wear it out. Even drug filled dirt-bags can’t rip the Safariland threat level III holster of you as they attempt to take your service weapon to kill you. I know, they tried, I hurt them for it. A life lesson for them. Be safe and watch your “Six”.

Model 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster

Safariland’s excellent description of this excellent product
“The 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster is constructed of the innovative SafariSeven™ material making this holster highly durable and practically impervious to the elements. The model 7053 features the Automatic Locking System (ALS®), once the weapon is holstered, it locks into place and is completely operable with the thumb. The ALS device is instinctively released with a simple, straight out draw. The holster is worn in the horizontal position with no belt tie-downs needed due to the lightweight and compact harness.”

Holster Features

  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once holstered; simple straight out draw once ALS is deactivated by thumb while obtaining shooting grip
  • Proprietary SafariSeven™ material nearly impervious to heat, cold and water
  • One handed reholstering
  • Lightweight, adjustable elastic single side harness provides stability for handgun
  • Belt tie-downs not needed due to lightweight and compact design
  • Harness compatible with all 7TS™ holsters

MSRP: $99.00


Safariland-Bianchi Other Holsters Shown

Minimalist MSRP: $60.50 (A great buy.)

Model 1L Lawman MSRP: $110.50 (Worth every dime.)

Model 1815h Wild Clearwater Cowboy MSRP: $119.00 (An excellent made holster. Love this bad-boy holster)

Model 1815M Wild Clearwater Dual Magazine Pouch MSRP: $71.00 (A must have pouch)

Model 1805 Hondito Belt MSRP: $107.00 (Got to have it….can’t live without it)

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