The P320RX 9mm Is Number 1 Best Striker Fired Combat Handgun for Law Enforcement & VIP Protection

Lieutenant Garry Younger was patrolling the streets of one of the meanest cities in the Country. His job is to respond to felony calls to support officers in his district. He just celebrated his twentieth year as a police officer. He could remember a time when the department would go two or three weeks without a single “shots fired” call. Since then it was not unusual to have two or three a week.

Lt. Younger decided he needed to upgrade his defensive duty weapons. He was going to do this by buying his own personal Sig P320RX in 9mm. He was intrigued by the concept of a Sig Romeo1 mini red dot optic, which was factory installed and zeroed in by professionals. To be able to carry the P320RX on duty, departmental regs require Lt. Younger to qualify with this weapon. To prepare for this and for his own personal familiarization with the P320RX, Lt. Younger bought a case of 1,000 rounds of 9mm and four extra magazines, one holding 21 rounds.

Sig P320 RX

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At first the “Lt.” had to focus on placing the little red dot on top of the front sight. He found if he did this, and with proper trigger control, he could keep all of his rounds inside of the “nine-ring” on the B27 target. On the first day on the range, the Lt. qualified with a score of 100 percent of rounds in the scorable section of the target.

After a third day on the range, the Lt. began to automatically, and quickly draw and bring to bear the P320RX on target. On his fifth day and second week of training, the Lt. increased his speed and acquisition of target. On his last day of training and his last 100 rounds of 9mm, at fifteen yards the Lt. kept all rounds in the ten and “X” rings. The last 100 rounds of 9mm were the Sig 365 V-Crown jacked hollow-point ammo he was going to duty carry. He was now ready to carry the P320RX on duty.

It started out as a routine night with officers going from one call to the next with little time to write an in-depth report. One call was about a lady who found a huge boa constrictor in her basement. She had no idea how it got into her house. A job for animal control. Another call was about a man running naked down the street. He was high on crack and needed to keep cool. Well so he said. A drunk driver who spotted a scout car setting in a parking lot, pulled in and surrender himself to the officer. He claims the “Lord” told him to. He very well may have.

What the Lt. always feared would happen. “Shots fired” came over the radio. The location was sent to the Lt. via his MPC (Mobil Police Computer). The Lt. like to call it his “not so smart device”. The Lt. made a 180 degree turn in the middle of Broadway and headed to the location. By the time he arrived, the suspect had evaded capture. The suspect, a white male of about 30 years of age, had shot at an officer who was leaving a “Stop and Rob” where she purchased a soda. Last direction of travel was north along Lewis Street.

The Lt. called dispatch on his cell and told them to alert all other districts of this suspect and incident on their “not so smart devices”. He then headed north on Lewis for three blocks and then started to patrol the alleys running between the buildings in a four-block radius. He felt this suspect had a statement to make and was not giving up till he had shot a cop. After about twenty minutes the Lt. came upon a dead-end alley which ran between set of buildings which were five to eight stories each. He called in to dispatch and reported his location. Checked out on foot to sweep this section of the block.

Lt. Younger started walking down the alley which had sparse lighting, mainly from lights illuminating the individual businesses back doors and freight docks. The alley was littered with trash and boxes which is typical of alleys in this area of town. As Younger walked along his intended path, his mind wondered on subjects about family, his children, his x-wife, how many hours at his part-time gigs will he have to work to pay bills? After twenty years of doing just this, looking for an armed dirt-bag, he was not very concerned. He searched on toward the end of the ally, using his flashlight in areas where needed.


Jack Crow, or Kinky Crow to his friends and enemies, was a man who grew up with abusive parents. He had a good side and a bad side, but mostly a bad side. He would help a lady fix a flat tire one time and rob her the next. He would rob an occasional convenience store or small business to hold him over till his next “big score”. He like to do home invasions.

Just thirty minutes ago, he was going to collect a payday. With his 9mm in his hand, he rounded the corner of a “Get To Go” convenience store and came face to face with a female cop. At first, he was startled, but quickly recovered. The officer dropped something from her hand as she took cover behind the front of her patrol car. He threw a couple of shots at her and ran. He ran till he was tired and decided to hold up in this alley to catch his breath and decide his next move.

As he was standing behind some empty refrigeration boxes, he heard someone coming down the alley. He could see they were using a flashlight. It must be a cop. He thought to himself, “This is the night I get me a cop. I will hide and wait till he passes and shoot him in the head.” Jack hated cops. They treated him like his old man did till they put old bastard in prison. In fact, he hated cops more than anything else. They were always one step behind him….pushing…..pursuing and relentless in trying to send him back to prison. He was not going back.

He could partially see the officer walking his way. It was an older “pig”….a Lieutenant. Crow waited till the cop walked by. The cop paused. Crow took careful aim at his head. “Strange”, Crow thought. “I can’t move. What is going on?” Crow thought. The last thing dirt-bag Crow saw was several white flashes. The last thing he felt was something hitting him in the chest and his head jerking back. The next thing he comprehended was seeing the Fallen One he never wanted to see.


Lt. Younger was about to the end of this alley. “I guess this is a dead-end in more than one way. No dirt-bag and the end of this alley.” Younger thought. But then he heard a faint whisper. It said, “Look to your right.” And with this whisper, a sudden flood of danger came over him. Younger turned and as he did so, he pulled his Sig P320RX and brought it up and onto a man pointing a pistol at him. Training and muscle memory took over. Automatically he placed the red dot on the chest of this dirt-bag and fired three shots. He then fired the fourth into the forehead of this threat. The dirt-bag fell back into the garbage and never said a word. The Lt. watched, as the light went from the eyes of the man who would have killed him.

Younger kept him covered and called in to dispatch for backup and an EMT as there was one suspect down. After the adrenaline wore off, he became a little shook up but otherwise was glad he was going home.

About the Sig P320RX 9mm

This is a fictional account of an officer going into harm’s way. An officer who took the time and investment to upgrade his defensive tools and skills. He was going home to the new wife and this dirt-bag was going to the morgue. An event with similar circumstances which plays out many times each year. Officer’s doing their duty putting themselves in harms way for you and your families.

As a LEO, I can tell you with out a doubt, defense of you and your loved ones is your responsibility. Law enforcement cannot protect you minute by minute. Yes, if you are an important wealthy person or a high-profile politician, you can afford security and armed teams to protect you 24-7. The vast majority of us do not fit in this category. So, as a LEO, I say you must step up to the challenge and prepare for the possibility of having to protect yourself and loved ones.

The Sig P320RX 9mm was developed for those who carry a gun for a living. But equally, the P320RX can be of a great benefit to the warriors and sheepdogs. The warriors who have been trained to seek out evil, military or retired military and law enforcement. The sheepdog who has the warrior spirit, who lives by the code of protecting others and will defend the sheep at all costs. The sheepdog does not go out looking for the wolves, but will deal with them if they come to him or her.

Sig Sauer’s P320RX is an advancement in the tools we use to protect ourselves and others. The Sig Romeo1 optic is mounted to the slide just forward of the standard tall rear and front sight. In my way of thinking, the use of such optics as the Sig Romeo1 will become fairly common in the law enforcement community. I believe there is a market in the Federal law enforcement sector and then in larger local government departments. If officers train with the Romeo1 optics, it will increase their qualifications scores and their ability to protect themselves.

For those of you who would rather have a P320RX of a smaller flavor, Sig makes this excellent product in a compact version. The compact P320RX takes the same standard magazines as all of the P320 models. For duty I prefer the full-size pistols over the compact. But for CCW and civilian use, the P320RX Compact is perfect.

As a professional LEO, I strongly believed in carrying my duty weapon off duty. So, I selected the finest CCW holster I could find. DeStantis Speed Scabbard in black is what I settled on. If I carry the finest pistol made, it only makes sense to carry this weapon in the finest holster made. The P320RX 9mm fit perfectly in the Speed Scabbard holster. I can easily draw this weapon from this open top holster. See video wherein I draw from the Speed Scabbard. Love this product and the people at DeStantis.

The P320 comes with a “Striker-Fired” Interchangeable Trigger Group. My test model had an excellent trigger action. The Romeo01 with the 3 MOA (Motion-Activated Illumination) has multiple illumination settings. You can go from not so bright to really bright. The Sig Romeo01 is an excellent addition to any pistol and surly enhances the P320. The Sig Romeo01 is powered by a CR1632 battery, which is top loading and very easy to replace.

Sig 365 ammo

Sig tested the Romeo1 by firing 10,000 rounds of .45 acp 230 gr ball ammo in one of their pistols. The Romeo1 stayed zeroed in during this test period. If you worry about this optic being fragile, don’t. The Romeo01 is tough and will stand up for many years of carry.

The video in this article will talk more about shooting the P320RX. So check it out. But in testing the Sig P320RX 9mm, I found the trigger to be excellent. I found I could get good groups within and beyond the typical combat range. At twenty-five yards I could put all my shots in the “kill-zone” with ease. If I had an extra 500 rounds to better familiarized myself with the trigger action of this pistol, I could achieve much tighter groups.

Sig P320 RX Review Conclusion

The Sig P320RX 9mm is just an excellent pistol and a pleasure to shoot. The package of the P320 and the Sig Romeo1 make for the best duty and CCW weapon. I can easily see where the Sig Romeo1 optic totally enhances one’s ability to acquire the target and score some serious hits. I think this type of pistol will be the way of the future for professional gun totters. I like this pistol and highly recommend it to law enforcement and the compact version to the warriors and sheepdogs out there defending others from the wolves.

Sig P320 RX Specs

  • CALIBER: 9mm Luger
  • ACTION TYPE: Semi-Auto
  • GRIP TYPE: Modular Polymer
  • FRAME SIZE: Full-Size
  • FRAME MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • FRAME FINISH: Stainless Steel
  • SLIDE FINISH: Nitron
  • SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BARREL MATERIAL: Carbon Steel
  • TRIGGER: Striker
  • TRIGGER TYPE: Standard
  • BARREL LENGTH: 4.7 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 8.0 inches
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.4 inches
  • HEIGHT: 6.3 Inches
  • WEIGHT: 29.5 ounces without magazine

MSRP: $887.00


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Sig ammo, 9mm-115gr Elite V-Crown 365 JHP

DeStantis Leather

DeStantis Speed Scabbard

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