Sig P365 SAS 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, Is Just the Best CCW Made

Sam set there shaking his head as he watched the local news. As he watched their reporting about home invasions, he thought, “Have people gone totally crazy?” He just could not comprehend two things. Why would someone force their way into a home to confront the occupants and rob them of cash or whatever. He figured in this extremely charged situation, someone would do something and someone would get killed. The other thing Sam could not understand, is why people don’t protect themselves from these attacks. People should check to see who is ringing their doorbell before opening the door.

Sam’s wife, Lily, and he had decided to buy and install one of those “Ring” doorbell systems, wherein they could see on their phone who was at the door. By way of their phone they could ask the person’s reason for being at the door.

Sometime back Sam did some research and decided to buy the Sig Sauer model P365 SAS 9mm. He purchased this firearm at his local Sig Sauer authorized dealer. Sam also bought a thousand rounds of Sig 9mm 365 115 gr. ball full metal jacket. He also purchased five hundred rounds of the Sig 9mm 365 115 gr. hollow-point. Based on his research he decided to use the P365 SAS for his house gun, car and truck gun, on the road gun and “pull your pistols, they are coming over the wire” gun. At the same Sig Sauer dealer, Sam and Lily took training on firearm safety, proper handling and loading of their P365 SAS. Between the two of them they fired 800 rounds of ball and hollow-point ammunitions. Sam and Lily both became proficient in the use of their P365 SAS.

Ruger Firearms

Sam decided to have a plan of action. He believed the plan should be simple but efficient. In the event they were threatened, he would arm himself with their Sig P365 SAS and Lily would call “911”. This basic plan was a division of duties. As Sam was dealing with the threat, Lily would call and give pertinent information to the 911 operator. First their location. If on the road their approximate location. Relate the events as they happened which triggered this emergency phone call. All information about the suspect/s and if applicable vehicle descriptions, tags and direction of travel. Then, she would tell the 911 operator her husband was armed and defending them from this attack. She would then give her husband’s name and physical description including clothing.

Sam and Lily had just finished supper and cleaned up the table and dishes. Lily had moved to the living room and was watching the television. Sam was walking toward the living room to join Lily when he heard the alert on his cellphone of some movement near the front door. Sam opened the app on his phone to see who or what was moving outside. As the app accessed the doorbell camera, Sam could see two men standing near the front door talking. He could hear what they were saying. “When we get inside, we tie them up and look for money, gold jewelry and guns. When we are finished tearing this place apart, I don’t want any witnesses.” The bigger of the two stated. The smaller man shook his head in agreement.

Sam turned to his wife who was watching him. “Call the police. Tell them two white males in black or dark hoodies are about to break into our house. Tell them I am armed and ready to defend us. Tell them I overhear them planning to kill us.” Sam told his wife. Sam then walked to his recliner and retrieved his Sig P365 SAS from a drawer in the end table. He turned and took three steps toward their front door mentally setting his mind on his actions if they broke in. He had decided to shoot the first one through the door if he was armed or not. He would then turn to the last one in and shoot him as well. All shots would be center mass. Suddenly, it seemed the front door exploded open. Sam thought, “Funny, I can hear the wood splinter.”

The two men who were just talking outside stepped in to the entryway. The larger one opened his mouth to say something. “POP….POP…..POP” This big dirt-bag went to the tip of his toes and fell face first on their hardwood floor with a loud “THUMP”. A small cheap pistol slid from his hand across the floor. The smaller second man stopped in mid stride with a look of shock and then anger. He took one step toward Sam who stood some ten feet away. Sam, still pointing his Sig in the general direction trying to cover the one on the floor and the one now stepping toward him, instantly…. without thinking about his actions…fired three quick shots into the center mass of the approaching threat. This dirt-bag staggered to his left and then turned and walked out the front door without saying a thing. Sam followed at a safe distance with two lethal Sig JHP remaining. The shorter robber went to take a step but fell forward, slightly turning and landed on his right side on the front porch. He did not move nor did the one in the front room.

Sam turned and looked at his wife to see if she was okay. Her eyes were wide. He could tell she wanted to release a scream but swallowed it instead. He could hear the 911 operator asking what was happening. Sam walked to his wife and held out his hand for the phone. Lily was in shock but did manage to hand the phone to her husband. Sam told the 911 operator he had shot two white males who broke his front door open and came into their home. He told the operator she should send two ambulances. He was asked if he could tell their condition. Sam told her, “One is on our entryway floor and not moving, and in fact is not bleeding much. When I shot the other one, he turned and walked out the front door and fell on the porch. He too is not moving. I am not going near either one.”

Shortly Sam could hear the sirens getting closer. Sam took out his phone and called his attorney friend Jeff, and explained what happened. Jeff told him the police will be taking him down to the station to get a statement of what happened. Jeff went on to say, when they come in the door, make sure you have laid the pistol on a nearby table and put some distance between himself and the firearm. When asked, Jeff said tell them you were in fear of your lives and were in danger. Jeff said to show them the video off of his cell phone. The video and auto should show the two intruder’s intentions. Jeff said he would meet him at the police station.

SIG P365 SAS 9mmSig Sauer P365 SAS

Sig Sauer makes three versions of their P365 9mm striker-fired semi-auto pistols. The P365, P365 XL and the P365 SAS. All are some of the best CCW pistols on the market….Hell on the Planet. For the purposes of this article, I was sent a P365 SAS for testing and review. I chose this model of the P365 because of it being designed with no front or back protruding sights. A snag-free pistol if you will. Two other things I was interested in was the flush-mounted “FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sight” and the ported slide and barrel.

When the FEDEX delivery person delivered my test sample of the Sig P365 SAS, I quickly removed it from the packing. I inspected the pistol closely. I looked at the “bullseye fiber-tritium night sight” in the light and then in a room with very low light. The tritium sight was bright and easily seen. After this initial inspection and recording, I put the pistol back into the Sig gun-box and locked it up in my gun safe.

The Testing

The first nice day, Gridley and I went to the Oklahoma City Gun Club to test this small bad-boy. There was very little wind by Oklahoma standards. The sun was out and the birds were singing somewhere….as the random gunfire keeps them away from here. So in other words, no excuses for bad marksmanship.

Sig’s P365 SAS feels great in the hand. Sig sent this pistol with a large rubber-band on the grip with P365 SAS printed thereon.  I decided to just leave this rubber-band on while shooting the P365 SAS but I recommend you remove it before carrying this pistol. As an undercover cop, I use to put a large number of rubber-bands on my revolver grip to keep it from sliding out of my belt, down my pants leg and onto the floor. Boy do I have stores about this problem.

In shooting the P365 SAS I found the grip to be very comfortable and facilitating in my shooting. I have an average size hand, so the gripping of this pistol was easy and natural. Trigger reach, magazine release and general operations was ideal. There is no slipping, even without the large decorative rubber-band.

As the P365 SAS has a ported slide and barrel. This porting system reduces the barrel flipping when the pistol is fired. As the projectile passes the porting, the excess gas propelling the round is released thereby reducing the barrel flipping. When shooting the P365 SAS, which has a three-inch barrel, I saw a noticeable reduction in recoil and barrel flip. Something the lady warriors would love. So in my professional opinion, I say the porting for the SAS is a much needed advancement.  I would love to see Sig add this to their Micro 9’s and the other two P365 models.

The “FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sight”, is installed below the top of the slide, which removes the chance of snagging this pistol on pulling it from your front pants pocket. In using this sight system, I had to get use to looking at something other than a front/rear sight system. This was not easy for a warrior who has been shooting as long as I have. The sight was clear and worked well. The clear plastic cap over the sight allowed external light to cause the ring around the tritium sight to glow. I love this idea. In a very low light room, I could only see the green dot tritium night sight. I found this sighting system to be innovative and take my hat off to Sig Sauer. It would be nicer if it was a Sig Sauer hat, but we have to work with what we have. My impression is with practice one can adjust to this type of sight and acquire some serious groupings of their rounds fired.

Now I don’t recommend carrying the P365 SAS in anything other than a quality holster which was designed for this model of pistol. Can one carry this pistol fully loaded in one’s front jean pocket? Yes, one can, but pulling this striker-fired pistol in a deadly stressful situation would mean it will be pointing at body parts none of us would like to have a JHP pass through at muzzle velocity. I say if you want to carry this pistol in your front baggy jean pocket, do not load a live round. Practice the draw and then loading a live round in the process of firing this weapon. Carrying the P365 SAS fully loaded in the back pocket of your pants is just asking for an unintentional discharge into the posterior apparatus….or worse.

The feed of the Sig ammo was flawless. The P365 SAS eat up the 9mm as fast as I could safely shoot. In total, with the Sig ammo and an off brand which normally can be problematic, I had no jams or misfires of any kind. I like it when you pull the trigger and the pistol goes boom. Works well for me. The Sig ammo is made in Arkansas at the Sig factory and just first quality.

SIG P365 SAS Review Conclusion

As in other Sig firearms I have tested, pistols and rifles, the P365 SAS fired flawlessly. The felt recoil and muzzle flip was greatly reduced by the porting system. Love this system. The unique and well-designed tritium sight system takes some time to get use to. After I finished a couple of magazines of Sig ammo, I could see I was doing much better in grouping. Moving up to the 12-yard line, 90% of gun fights take place at 10 or less feet, I kept all rounds in the nine rings. Dropping to the 9-yard line, I kept all rounds in the ten to “X” ring. I like the sight and the way Sig integrated it to the pistol slide. Overall, I believe Sig Sauer has a winner here. I know several law enforcement officers who carry the P365 SAS off duty and for plain cloths officers, they carry it on duty.

For you civilian warriors and sheepdogs, I think the P365 SAS is perfect for CCW. This pistol comes with two ten round mags. I suggest you buy a couple of the 12 round mags to add to the 10 shot ones. You who live in states which will not allow over the 10 round mags there would be no need. A good fix for this handicap on being able to protect yourself and others would be to move to a State which will allow larger capacity mags. If this is not on your list of things to do, buy extra 10 round mags. In all I say if you don’t at lease try the P365 SAS you will be missing out on a fantastic firearm. Please check out our video.

Sig 365 V-Crown 115 gr 9mm JHP

Shot from Sig P365 SAS

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Avg ft per sec FP Energy
1083 1055 1082 1073.3 293 fp


SIG P365 SAS 9mm Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Action Type: Semi-Auto
  • Sight Type: Flush-Mounted FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sight
  • Grip Type: Black Polymer
  • Grip Color: Black
  • Frame Size: Micro-Compact
  • Frame Material: Stainless Steel
  • Slide Finish: Nitron
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
  • Accessory Rail: Yes
  • Trigger: Striker
  • Barrel Length: 3.1 inches
  • Overall Length: 5.8 inches
  • Overall With: 1.0 inches
  • Height: 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 17.8 ounces

MSRP: $599.99


Sig Sauer


Sig 365 V-Crown 115 gr. JHP

Sig 365 9MM, 115 gr. Elite Ball FMJ

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