An Outstanding Micro-Compact 9mm with a Remarkable Sighting System

SIG is always moving forward, improving on the best for the best. An example of this is the recent release of the SIG P938 2nd Gen. SAS. This model has taken the place of the original or Gen 1 P938 SAS, of which I own. I love my “original” SAS packing it around with me while working on foundation business or running errands. The P938 models are just the perfect micro CCW firearm especially if you are a fan of the 1911 concept.

When SIG came out with their Gen 2 P938 SAS I requested one for test and evaluation. Shortly thereafter, I received my test sample. In looking over this new Gen 2 P938 SAS I noticed the slide was slightly wider. I could see the need for this to accommodate the bullseye rear sight. In fact, this is the only sight this pistol has. Yes, there is no front sight. The top of the slide is smooth. One would then ask, “How do you aim this pistol?”

Simply you just point at your target and look at the “Meprolight FT Bullseye” sight place the “dot” inside the circle and you are on target. You can easily aim with both eyes open. If you let the dot touch the circle at, say 5 o’clock the you will shoot at that point on your target. You must keep the dot inside of the circle to make the “Bullseye”. The SIG Meprolight FT Bullseye does glow in the dark. The bullseye circle is shown clearly with ambient light flowing through the receptor on top of the sight. If there is no ambient light you will see only the dot. I wrote a T&E on the SIG P365 SAS with the same sights. Like the Gen 2 P938 SAS I found these sights to be very accurate.

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With this said, in a high stress incident wherein you are forced to defend yourself and or family, likely you will be pointing and shooting. If you are within the ten feet average gunfight distance there is no time to use any sights. This Gen 2 SIG P938 SAS naturally points well. With some practice you can be very proficient in quickly placing lead on a man size target at ten feet or less.

For reasons I cannot explain, I like my knives to be small or large. The same with my pistols and revolvers. Needless to say I like my small pistols…..aka revolvers and semi-auto types. I love my NNA Ranger II revolver for just pocket use. In semi-autos I love micro pistols as well. My favorite, hands down, micro semi-auto is the SIG P938. The reason is, when I pull the trigger, it goes boom every time. There some of you who may have different experiences with the reliability of micro pistols and even the SIG line. If you do have a problem with your SIG of any model. Contact SIG and do the right thing and get it fixed.

Never the less, when I carry my P938 SAS 1st Gen, I know in the back of my subconsciousness this firearm will work and will save my life or a life of another. Outside of the fact my 1st Gen SAS is a great looking pistol, very concealable and very deadly it is of high quality and made in the USA.

The handling of the 2nd Gen P938 SAS is very balanced and comfortable. The Hogue grips and little finger rest/extension on the P938 magazine gives my medium size hand a good feel. A feel of a solid grip on a small pistol which could be shooting 147gr +P 9mm ammo. I was shooting metal targets at a game ranch in south central Oklahoma. Some friends of mine and I were attending a men’s religious retreat there and part of the program was to go fishing and shooting pistols and shotguns. I felt this was a good time to let other shooters try the SIG 2nd Gen P938 SAS. We were shooting metal tree swing targets at about 30 feet.

While I shot video, several men tried out the 2nd Gen P938 SAS. I then ask them for their opinion on how this semi-auto shot for them. Most of them really liked the way this pistol fired and handled. One shooter said there was some trigger travel. I explained to him this was a self-defense personal combat firearm and not a target pistol. Most all of them loved the “bullseye site.” One shooter said he was not a SIG fan, (I heard there was one out there.), but did like this “concealable” 9mm. One persistent shooter became proficient with the 2nd Gen SIG P938 SAS on the metal targets. All shooters concluded this was a good CCW with several expressing a desire to purchase one.

Winchester ammoFor the ladies in the house the 2nd Gen P938 SAS does not recoil like one would think. To function the slide to load this SAS is easy compared to other micro 9mm out there. I had several ladies pull back the slide none of which had any problems.

Other than EDC for self-defense, this micro 9mm 2nd Gen P938 SAS would work great for those of you who hike on seldom traveled trails or backpacking in areas where large furry, fanged and claw critters do not frequent. A small 9mm with reduced velocity and therefore foot pounds of energy would not be adequate for larger predators except the two-legged kind. If you do use the 2nd Gen P938 SAS in areas where there are larger predators, I highly recommend the ammo you carry is the Winchester 9mm Luger, 115 Grain flat nose. This ammo had some snap in the SAS and I believe penetration is best when shooting heavy muscle large predators. One has to remain calm in facing off an aggressive animal. To scare them off is better than shooting them and making one pissed off aggressive predator.


I love my SIG 1st Gen P938 SAS and I know those of you who step up to increase your family’s and your own survival rate will be buying the 2nd Gen SIG SAS. The sights are advanced and easy to shoot with both eyes open. This pocket pistol is perfect for those who just want one semi-auto handgun for home defense. Check this pistol out on SIG’s website, link is below.

Winchester ammo is the best of the best with a history going back over one hundred and fifty years. I highly recommend their ammo as my great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles all used Winchester ammo.

SIG Sauer P938 SAS 2nd Gen. Specs

  • CALIBER: 9mm Luger
  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.0 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 5.9 inches
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.1 inches
  • HEIGHT: 3.9 inches
  • WEIGHT: 16 ounces (unloaded)
  • MAGS INCLUDED: (1) 7rd Steel Mag
  • SIGHTS: FT Bullseye
  • PISTOL SIZE: Micro-Compact
  • Frame Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steal
  • Side Finish: Nitron
  • Grips: Hogue Black Rubber
  • SIGHT RADIUS: 4.0 inches
  • TRIGGER ACTION: SAO (single action only)
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steal

MSRP: $710.00 (Average)

SIG Sauer P938 SAS 2nd Gen.


Winchester 9mm Luger, 115 Grain Flat Nose

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