This old World of ours is far from being the same as it was when I was growing up. I grew up in small town America in a time when situation awareness was not a phrase. There were no malls, no big-box stores and the word terrorist was little known to us.

 A Quick History of Terrorism

After World War I the Ottoman Empire was broken up by the European victors. The Ottoman Empire included North Africa, and the Middle East. The victors carved up the old Ottoman Empire into smaller regions or colonies. These sections or regions were drawn out without thought of religion, ethnicity or tribes of the local people. The end result was a religious and ethnic uprising to rid themselves of the Europeans. This became what I call a hot mess. The word terrorist was first used by the French around 1793 during the French Revolution. The French Revolutionary Government called those who opposed the ongoing revolution a terroriste.

Without a trained military to gain freedom the only avenue open to them was to start a campaign of terrorism. Our patriots did this to the English. Once these, now established countries, began to govern themselves, civil unrest and wars abounded and still continues to this day. Terrorism is now a paid trained profession. Millions of dollars are funneled to “organized” groups who commit terrorist acts. The money backing them, reportedly, comes from Iran and royal family members of the House of Saud. The House of Saud is comprised of about 15,000 members with the wealth and position belonging to 2,000. Of these 2,000 multi billionaires some have reportedly funneled money to terrorist groups.

The treat of a terrorist attack is and will always be there until the funding has dried up. I personally think this will be a while as not long ago there was a large cash infusion to the number one funder of terrorism. However, terrorists are not our main threat. Predators within our own society are our highest concerns.

Henry Repeating Arms

Situation Awareness at All Times

Situation awareness

When planning on going to the mall to shop, or attend a professional sports event where thousands will attend, you need to be aware of your surrounds. Know the risks based on past crimes in this area. You can find this out on your local police department’s website under crime statistics section. Hopefully they have one. In short, plan and use your situation awareness.

When driving into open parking areas you must realize this is the hunting grounds of bipedal predators. You need to be aware of anyone hanging around the parked vehicles. Anyone who seems to catch your attention. Anyone who seems to be too interested in you and your vehicle. As you are moving down the rows looking for a parking spot, see if anyone seems to be walking toward you. If it is a man in a suit and tie, likely he is not a threat but needs some watching. If more than one person, likely men, are moving your way be vigilant in watching them. If they seem to be focusing on you and your movements, drive out of the area. If you are parked and they surround your vehicle making statements such as “unlock your car, get out of your car”, pull out quickly not worrying about damage to other vehicles or the suspects. Try and not injuring anyone, but if you do, you are likely justified in your actions. If they put you in fear of your life or serious bodily harm then you need to do whatever you can to survive.

Situation awareness

Listen to the Little Voice

Each of us, Warriors, Sheepdogs, Sheep and even most Wolves have a little voice inside. The little voice tells you, “Something is not right!” The little voice talks to you all the time. Most people do not listen to this little voice. But the little voice is the first line of defense for each of us.

An example would be when you hear someone knock on your front door, the little voice says, “Check them out before you open the door.” You look out the peep hole and see some disheveled looking man. The little voice, “Do not open this door!” Start listening to the little internal voice. Pause for a couple of seconds and think before speaking through the door or on an external intercom. You need to let them know you are home. If the knocker does not have a legitimate reason to knock, tell them you can’t help and to leave your property. If they don’t do as you ask, call the police and arm yourself. If you don’t let them know you are home, the next thing you will hear is them kicking in the front door. The front door is the most common entry point for burglars.

Have a Mental “Set”

Have a mental “set” in your mind of what is acceptable and what is not when making decisions on where you will shop, where you will attend public events. What is acceptable for safety in where you will park? Hopefully it will be in an open areas you can easily view the surroundings. Have a mental set on actions to be taken if threatened or attacked. Have your mind made up ahead of time as the predator will have his mind made up. Fight or flight or be a victim. Remember, ninety percent of fighting is mental and ten percent is physical.

In my mind, it is a sad state of affairs when our citizens need to be armed to go shopping. Never the less it is todays reality. If an honest citizen goes armed they are either a warrior or sheepdog. If they don’t go armed, the vast majority, they are food for the wolves.

Henry Repeating Arms