A 1911 Hand Cannon of the Highest Quality, Priced for the Working Man or Woman

You know, I like carrying a 1911 style handgun. I have several in .45acp, one in .22LR, and now one in 10mm. Why 10mm you ask? Because sometimes I go to those areas where furry things with fangs, claws and bad attitudes roam. The 10mm can take down most, if not all, medium to large predators.

Now, why do I like to carry a 1911 style handgun. Living and serving in the Southwest, many of my fellow officers carried for duty, a 1911 style .45acp. A good portion of those 1911 pistols were Springfield Armory. Since the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona are steeped in western history and traditions, we tend to like more western type handguns. Single Action revolvers are a hoot to shoot, but not a good pick for law enforcement use. Hunting yes, law enforcement no. Basically I just like the feel, added safeties, knocked down power, and point shoot advantage.

Now prices for serviceable 1911 pistols run from $500 to custom $4,000 plus and even higher. Made in the USA Springfield Armory semi-auto 1911 run from around $849 for the Garrison to the Emissary at $1,349 USD. The Ronin MSPR is $899 and could be had from a gun dealer for around $820. For the serious Warrior with a soul of protection, I recommend the Springfield Ronin. A working man or woman who is serious about protecting themselves, family, and others should give the Springfield Armory Ronin a hard look. The Ronin comes in 9mm, .45acp, and as in this case the bad-ass 10mm.

Ruger Firearms

Ronin is term or name of a wandering Japanese samurai who had no lord or master. In other words, a sword for hire. A Warrior of the first degree. A great name for a great pistol to be carried by a great American Warrior.

My Ronin pistol has a two-tone finish, with a stainless-steel forged frame and forged carbon steel slide with a beautiful hot salt bluing treatment. A very strong pistol. The sample I received is one beautiful firearm. Its beauty is accentuated even further with the addition of the Crossed Cannon™ hybrid smooth/checkered wooden grips. I love these grips which complement the two-tone finish of the Ronin.

For conducting the test and evaluation of the Ronin (PX9121L) I found it to be of the highest quality. I have several 1911 pistols which I cherish. After I finished the T&E I found I loved the Ronin so much I had to buy it for me. I have evaluated hundreds of firearms for departments and the media, but seldom do I feel compelled to purchase one. As a professional, when I buy a firearm for CCW or duty, it has my highest rating of dependability to keep me alive. One cannot get any higher or serious about a firearm.

In testing the Springfield Ronin (PX9121L) in the 10mm I fired over 100 rounds of 180gr “ball” and 100 rounds of 180gr jacked hollow-point. Quickly I learned The Ronin to be very accurate. At 15 yards I could easily keep the dirt-nap pills in the “X” and 10 ring. When I fired faster, I would drift to the left some, but still kept most of them in the 10 ring. As I became use to the trigger pull, I would tighten up my group. The recoil of the 10mm round in the Ronin was slightly harder than a .45acp. The Ronin’s recoil spring sufficiently tames the beast.  The silhouette picture in this posting was my last target shot. I would have loved to have shot more but other duties prevented extension of the pleasure I was having.

The ammo I was using for the T&E was the CCI Blazer 180gr FMJ flat-nose, and the AMMO Incorporated 180gr JHP brand. I experienced two failures with the CCI Blazer. I experienced zero failures with the AMMO brand. I have never evaluated the “AMMO” brand before. The company is around five years old and is publicly traded. I was very pleased about two things. The ammo worked perfectly and it was $19 per box of 20. I can say I highly recommend the AMMO brand and not the CCI brand. In carrying this Ronin 10mm I want dependable ammo so my Ronin is loaded up with AMMO 180gr JHP.

All in all, I give the Springfield Ronin (PX9121L) my highest rating for a deadly serious tool for deadly serious situations. A great product made in the USA by highly skilled American Craftsmen.

Springfield Ronin (PX9121L) Specs

  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Finish: Blued / Stainless
  • Barrel: 5″ Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, 1:1
  • Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Blued
  • Frame: Forged Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Tactical Rack White Dot Rear
  • Recoil System: GI Style
  • Grips: Crossed Cannons Checkered
  • Magazines: 8-Round (1)
  • Weight: 40 oz
  • Length: 8.6 inches
  • Height: 5.5 Inches

MSRP: $899.00


Springfield Armory

Ronin (PX9121L)

AMMO Incorporated
10mm JH
P 180gr (Bad-Ass)

Ruger Firearms