You must learn to summon the warrior within you to fight to run away.

Our creator gave us the gift of free will. Having free will means we can take any path in life we desire. We can make decisions based on what we perceive is our needs. We also have the right to defend ourselves with whatever means necessary. No woman or man should allow another to do harm to them. Not husband…not boyfriend….no one! We will cut this down to the ladies. Guys please keep reading.

Obviously a 4’10”, 95 pound woman is no match for a 6’ 6”, 280 pound dirt-bag who has evil in his heart. All the martial arts and black belts will do you very little good. If he is as fast as you, he will take you down. When you come in close enough to deal a blow to the side of a knee, you also are close enough for him to grab you. Your forward movement will likely take you right into his hands. If you miss this small target you are done.

So I will address the Woman Warriors. To prove the above point, trained MMA fighters of somewhat equal size have a tough time taking out their opponent. Almost 100% of the time they end up on the mat. If you decide to take on an attacker, even of equal size, you will end up on the ground and he will have you.

Now I am not saying you don’t fight your attacker. I say you keep as calm as possible and look for the first good opportunity to run away. I know running away is not very warrior like but one should keep in mind what happens after your disappearance and death. Based on my professional experience, if he takes you, he will kill you after or before he has committed the most hideous acts no horror movie has ever dared to show. So do you want to roll the dice and risk leaving you kids without a mother? Risk leaving your husband a widower? Risk leaving your family and friends grieving with the knowledge of how defiled you were before you were murdered? Risk no one ever finding your body and having closure. So yes we will fight but not to win but to run away.

Ruger Firearms

So how can the 4’ 10”, 95 pound woman successfully defend themselves. Obviously she can arm herself with a firearm and train…..train…..train….for the event she never wants to be confronted with. No one, with the exception of war hardened warriors, of normal mind looks forward to injuring or killing another human being. If an evil scum-bag decides he wants to take you from your children, husband, family and close friends you love, then he is unknowingly giving you permission to send him to Hell.

If a woman, you, cannot afford to buy a firearm then I suggest you buy an inexpensive folding tactical pocket knife. I have seen them at Wall-Mart, I know you like Wal-Mart, in the sporting goods department. These knives are less than five dollars. Now that is cheap. They have a 3 ½ inch to 4 inch blade. They can be opened with one hand. They have a pocket clip which can be used to clip this knife to a side pocket in your purse or in your jean pocket. If the knife has a serrated blade then this is the one you need. Bare knuckles is not an option. A good firearm of at least .32 caliber to .357 magnum is the best option. If firearms scare you, go to a reputable full service gun range and let them show you how simple and safe they really are.

I train women who are afraid of firearms. In our first session, their hands tremble and sweat. They are nervous and sometimes confused. To calm them down I show them the firearm demonstrating the proper handling and prove to them it is unloaded. I then lay the firearm on the shooting bench. I look at them and say,

“This firearm has no agenda, brain or soul. This firearm is mainly a hunk of metal and can be used as a paper weight. This firearm cannot hurt you or anyone else unless an earthquake makes it fall from this bench onto my foot. Even then I will not suffer too long. You can take this firearm and hit me over the head. I will bleed but the firearm did not hurt me….you did.”

I then load the firearm in front of the student. I again lay the firearm on the loading bench. I then say to the student,

“This firearm is loaded. But like when it was unloaded, the firearm cannot hurt you or me or anyone else. If an earthquake was to happen and the firearm was to fall on my foot, I would not be seriously injured. If you was to take the firearm and shoot me, the firearm did not injure me…you did. If you, I or any other human being never touched this firearm, it would lay here harmless for the next 10,000 years. It takes a careless or evil human being to turn this firearm into a tool to harm another.”

I would then take the loaded firearm demonstrating the proper handling and unload same in front of the student. I would then place the firearm on the shooting bench. If the student seems to be ready, I pick up the firearm demonstrating the proper handling by keeping the business end pointing down range and away from anyone. I then demonstrated to the student the firearm is unloaded. Semi-auto with slide back with magazine removed. If it is a revolver the cylinder is opened and exposed. I then hand the firearm to them and tell them this.

“No firearm is ever unloaded unless YOU have determined it is. Even then you treat this firearm as loaded at all times. Never take a firearm from someone unless they demonstrated to you it is unloaded. Even then when you take this firearm from them, YOU check it to your satisfaction. YOU never trust anyone, even me, if they tell you a firearm is unloaded. The reason is, one or more humans were introduced into the handling of a harmless chunk of metal making it a tool for good or evil.”

I strongly suggest if you would like to explore the concept of arming yourself with a firearm, you get professional training at your local firearm range. For you who live in the Oklahoma City metro, I strongly suggest Wilshire Gun range for your training.

As we spoke before, for those of you who don’t want or cannot afford a firearm, go to your local Wal-Mart and buy the $4 folding knife. Even then you need some training as you have decided to defend yourself by the way of hand-to-hand combat. A firearm can detour an attacker by keeping them well past arm’s length. Not always but the vast majority of the time. A hand held knife may detour an attacker if the intended victim shows resolve and they have been trained to use it. One fact is, fighting is 90% mental. If you are prepared mentally to fight to run away then you have a chance. Stab the scum-bag and as he reals backwards….run away making sure he does not pursue. If you put a few copper jacked anti dirt-bag pellets into your attacker and he falls to the ground….run away making sure he does not pursue. If he does…shoot him till he stops pursuing….then continue to run to a place of safety. Call the police and report the incident.

As in all matters of defending yourself with any type of tool (weapon), be sure of your local and state laws. This is where the training also helps. Here in the mid-west to south west states, a woman defending herself are given many more rights than say back to the north east. I do not condone taking of a life unless there are no other options. To me as a husband, father, grandfather, uncle to some very special ladies, I want all the women in my life to be safe and able to defend themselves.

Ruger Firearms