Having a Good Knife to Complement Your CCW Pistol or Revolver is Essential

The nice people at Templar Knife of Waxahachie, Texas sent me a sample of their “Templar Flag” OTF (out the front) auto knife. While in Iraq as an International Police Advisor, Benchmade sent me for T&E their Infidel OTF auto knife. I was interested in seeing if the Templar Knife brand of an OTF auto knife would measure up to the Benchmade. Presently Benchmade OTF Infidel’s basic MSRP is $500 USD.

The first thing which impressed me about Templar Knife Company is my sample of the Templar Flag OTF arrived in a nice substantial box. The next impressive surprise was the product was inside a well-made tactical black canvas sheath. This sheath will enhance your hiking and outdoor experience with peace of mind your knife is secure from falling out. Many knife companies who sell more expensive OTF and auto knives, not a better product, ship the knife in a box which will fall apart after some basic use. Love the sheath and presentation box.

For the next two weeks I would pull out the Templar Flag OTF knife and just repeatedly open and close….open and close….open and close. I did this to the point I was close to causing a blister on my thumb. Since I am ambidextrous, for you rednecks this means I can use…and do…right or left hand with equal ability, I used my left hand as well. The Templar Flag OTF knife never failed nor showed any signs of becoming weaker.

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I chose to review the “spear” blade model due to its design. A design which will be excellent for personal protection. As I stated in the YouTube video, the Templar Flag OTF knife would be an excellent backup weapon to your Springfield SA-35 9mm bad-boy. I personally and professionally carry the proper blade to complement my sidearm. If you think like me, the Templar Flag OTF knife is the knife you should get. With outsourced parts, Templar Knife Company assemble, test and inspect their knives

The blade of my sample Templar Flag OTF knife is made of ELMAX steel similar to stainless but much better for knife blade construction. As you can see in the video and pictures herein, my test sample shows no wear on the blade even though I was on a stabbing and slashing binge for several heavy-duty boxes. Just amazing steel. The blade finish is a black oxide stonewashed powder D2. It is beautiful.

Templar Knife is a Texas family owned and operated business. The family-owned businesses are the heartbeat of America. Templar Knife Company is the example of the heartbeat of America. If you have not viewed my YouTube video, please do so. Be Blessed.

Templar Knife Premium Weighted Templar Flag Large:

  • Blade Material: ELMAX steel (Similar to Stainless but much better for knives.)
  • Blade Length: 3.55″
  • Large Weight: 8.6 oz
  • Handle Length: 5.25
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Zinc Alloy, CNC’d inside.
  • Overall Length: 8.75″

MSRP: $139.99

Damascus Blade models run from $199.99 to $269.99

Damascus Blade – Templar Knife Premium Weighted $199.99

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Templar Knife Premium Weighted Templar Flag

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