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A few months ago, Case came out with a great EDC tactical pocket knife. They call it “Marilla”, one meaning is “shining sea”. The Marilla is an EDC knife in the modern chapter of Case Knives story. Case sent me the Marilla for test and evaluation. They also sent me their Case Sodbuster Jr. which is one Case’s oldest patterns… the 33rd one they started producing over 100 years ago. But first lets us examine the newest Marilla.


The Modern EDC Marilla is a very durable, lightweight folding pocket knife. It is very light but built like a tank. The anodized aluminum with a triple-faceted face blue handle can remind one of the deep blue seas. A shining sea. The 3.4-inch S35VN blade is satin finished and held in the ready for duty position with a side locking system. Of the side and liner locks I much prefer the side lock over the liner lock systems. It is just easier to unlock with one hand, and much stronger.

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The Marilla has a flipper opening system. You push down on the protruding knob, a part of the blade, on the back side of the knife handle, and quickly give a short flip with your hand. The very strong blade will deploy and lock in place. When you acquire your own Marilla, buy or better yet received as a gift from a loved one, the first thing you should do is add a little lubricant to the pivot point of the handle. I like to use a light machine oil such as 3 in 1. After lubing the pivot point flip the blade out several times to work the oil in. At this point you are set to go.

The Marilla can be carried on your jean pocket, or on the waist band of your leisure or jogging pants by way of a well-designed strong pocket clip. I found the Marilla’s pocket clip is excellent. The Marilla is carried with point up which allows it to be put into action in a more fluid efficiently deployment. The Marilla is just a joy to carry and use.

Case Sodbuster Jr.

Case’s Smooth Yellow Synthetic Handle Sodbuster Jr., is one of the most prolific designs throughout the knife industry. As I stated before, it’s been used in Case knives for more than 100 years. Early on in my law enforcement carrier, I carried a full-size Sodbuster with black synthetic handles. This was just after we shot and eliminated the final dinosaur on the North American Continent. Okay so I exaggerate some. It was the last of the Woolly Mammoths.

Never-the-less, the folding tactical pocket knife we know and love today, was not invented yet. Because of this I carried a six-inch Italian switch-blade with white plastic handles in my right front uniform shirt pocket. This blade was and is high quality of the time. The first time I retired, I passed this knife on to my son.

The single blade Sodbuster I carried in my deep right front pocket was perfect for those old type uniform pants which were made to last. I used this knife for just about everything possible from cutting rope to cleaning Woolly Mammoths. The simplicity of the Sodbuster was it strongest feature. Simply designed and high quality equals a blade which will last for several generations. I strongly believe, the Sodbuster Jr. would be a perfect match for a young man or lady’s first pocket knife. The T&E Sodbuster Jr. I received is just like the one I carried many years ago but smaller. A great pocket knife for a first-time owner for any age. I highly recommend any Case knife but in particular the Sodbuster design which is priced right for the first-time owner.



Model No.: 25882

Pattern: Marilla

Pattern Stamp: MARILLA S35VN USA

Handle Material: Lightweight Blue Anodized Aluminum

Handle Finish: Smooth

Blade Type: Locking Drop Point

Blade Length(s): 3.4 inches

Lock Type: Frame Lock

Blade Material: S35VN

Blade Finish: Satin Finished

Closed Length: 4.75 inches

Weight: 3.6 ounces

Sheath: Sold Separately

MSRP: $179.99

Case Sodbuster Jr. #00032


Model No.: 00032

Pattern: Sodbuster Jr®

Pattern Stamp: 3137 CV

Handle Material: Yellow Synthetic

Handle Finish: Smooth

Blade Type: Skinner

Blade Length(s): 2.8 inches

Lock Type: Slip Joint

Blade Material: Chrome Vanadium

Blade Finish: Tumble Polish

Closed Length: 3.625 inches

Weight: 2.1 ounces

Sheath: Sold Separately

MSRP: $38.99



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