Warriors Need Warrior Tools: Daniel Winkler Makes Tools for Our Warriors

Did I ever tell you how much I love Winkler Knives? Well do not get me started. Daniel Winkler is a genius when it comes to designing knives. He is a genius in the fact he listens and welcomes suggestions from experienced warriors who serve our Country. He is well known and highly revered by military special operators from around the world. One of his knives was carried by the Navy Seal who sent Osama bin Laden to be judged by our maker.

When considering investing in a world class knife, one should take in many factors to consider. Consider the reputation of the maker, the driving force of his edged weapon line, and the quality. The most paramount issue is who is the principal customers who trust their lives with this knife, Ax and or hatchet? Professionals who tote firearms and seek out evil in the World are those warriors.

Others who would want the very best tool for survival could be; hunters, backpackers, adventurers and law enforcement. Not likely will a law enforcement officer in New York City be in the market to carry a Daniel Winkler knife, ax or hatchet. A Wyoming game warden or rural deputy sheriff would be the likely purchaser of Winkler’s knives and or axes for duty. I know as I have had a Winkler Wild Bill Ax for many years. While filming and photo shooting in the backcountry, I carry my “Wild Bill” with me.

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Highland Hatchet

For the finest hatchet made in the USA as well on planet Earth, the WK Highland Hatchet fits the bill. This hatchet is superbly designed to be well balanced, strong and functional. For me it is the perfect size for a hatchet. The Highland Hatchet is not an ax nor is it designed to be an offensive weapon. Can this hatchet be used, if need be, as an offensive/defense weapon? Absolutely. This hatchet was designed for hunters, campers, hikers, and those who go into the wilderness to get away from all of the crazies we have somehow accumulated.

Testing of the Highland Hatchet was fun. Fun because I was in the mountains of Colorado as well as the canyon country. This top-of-the-line hatchet preformed perfectly. I could split seasoned pine logs six inches across. If one had the need, they could use the head of this hatchet to drive wood stakes into the ground without worry of damage. The handle on this hatchet fits my hands perfectly. The handle is beautiful and very functional.

In carrying the Highland Hatchet, it was quickly realized the carry system was perfect. When sitting, there is enough play, with 1.5-inch belt, to position the hatchet to be comfortable. For more than ten years I have used the “Wild Bill” ax with the same carry system. Attaching this hatchet to your backpack is easily done as well. The System works great. The next time I head to the wildlands, I will be carrying the Highland Hatchet. Love this hatchet.

Highland Hunter Knife

Winkler Highland Hunter Knife

Highland Hunter Knife

What can I say, but only WOW! Buying a Daniel Winkler’s Highland Hunter Knife is the best way to stop buying a new hunting knife every year. From personal experience as a knife lover, when I had my first Daniel Winkler ax and knife, my desire to own any other brand of knife or ax just evaporated. When you have the very best, why waste time looking for others?

The Highland Hunter Knife design is simplistic, but at the same time highly functional and superior to others. With a .189-inch thick 80CrV2 steel blade this bad-boy is as tough and strong as they come. Now, I know some of you out there will be tempted to use the Highland Hunter Knife to do some prying. This knife can handle some light to medium prying. Most knife blades are made for cutting and not so much prying. A diver’s knife is made for prying. Hunting knives are made for cleaning game. Have the right tool for the job at hand.

Deer season was not open when I was testing the Highland Hunter knife and Hatchet. Never the less, after reviewing knives, hatchets, and axes for the last 19 years, I can say the Highland Hunter knife will work perfectly when cleaning big game such as deer or even bear. This knife is suited for smaller game as well.

A sharp edge is need for a hunting knife. The Highland Hunter Knife is all that and more. This knife is very sharp. Be very careful when handling this knife and hatchet. This knife will keep and edge much longer than most, and yet touching up the edge will not be an all-day event. I believe this knife will serve you well as it will other generations in your family.

Highland Hatchet

  • Blade steel: 80CrV2
  • Hatchet Head: Black oxide no-glare finish with feathered cutting edge
  • Head: 4 7/8 inches
  • Overall length: 10 7/8 inches
  • Blade thickness: .366 inches
  • Blade Tang: Full tapered
  • Blade Custom: Hammer pole head
  • Hatchet Handle: Stained Quarter Sawn Curly White Oak handle with Beeswax finish
  • Carry System: Lined Kydex® quick access Carrier
  • MSRP: $575.00

Highland Hunter Knife

  • Blade steel: 80CrV2
  • Blace Finish: Black oxide no-glare finish with feathered cutting edge
  • Blade length: 4 ¾ inches
  • Overall length: 9 ¼ inches
  • Blade thickness: .189 inches
  • Blade Tang: Full tapered
  • Blade Custom: Thumb position: jimping
  • Handel: Stained, Quarter Sawn Curly White Oak handle with Beeswax finish
  • Sheath: Lined Boltaron® with leather cover with removable patterned overlay,
  • steel spring, belt clip included. Designed for multiple carry options.
  • MSRP: $375.00


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