The WK F3: Own a Piece of a Warrior’s Legendary Knife
What can a Warrior say about his weapons and tools? He or she can say these weapons and tools are the best I can afford. I totally understand this. As a LEO supporting a wife and children on a salary which qualified me for government assistance, I struggled at surviving with a weapon meeting the minimal duty requirements. In other words I had six shots in my firearm and the dirt-bags had 15 in theirs. So I worked two additional jobs to upgrade to a comparable firearm to meet the evil on equal footing. A Warrior must be equipped with the best to meet evil where ever found.

The same is true of Warrior’s tools. The tools of my trade are quality and highly dependable. I buy my Warrior tools from the best sources. Now high quality normally means higher costs. A twenty dollar tactical/utility folding knife does not make me all warm and fuzzy unless I am going to dig weeds in my yard. As a Warrior, I demand the most from my Warrior weapons and tools. When crap hits the fan and metal is flying in the air, I don’t want to risk my life on a twenty dollar folding knife.

In the realm of true Warriors around the world, Daniel Winkler is well known for his fix-blade knives, axes and now folding knives. Many of our Nation’s Heroes carry a Winkler weapon and or tools. When Osama bin Laden drew his last breath, one or more of the Warriors who sent him to be judged by our maker, was carrying a Daniel Winkler knife.

Daniel Winkler has now come out with his newest and only stocked folding knife, the WK F3 folding lock-blade knife. I was honored to be one of the few who have received a sample for T&E which will be featured in a future issue of Knives Illustrated. Knives Illustrated being the best knife magazine you can buy.

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For my testing of the WK F3, I shredded cardboard, carved on hard wood and cut up a serious amount of 550 cord till my hands and arms ached. I then closely check the edge and found it had not been affected. The WK F3 has a 3.5 inch blade made of 80CrV2 hard steel. The testing was made easier by using the “thumb-rise located inside the handle at the rear of the blade. I like this innovative positioning of the thumb-rise as it gives a great deal of leverage on heavy cutting duties. This knife performed as one would expect a Daniel Winkler knife should….perfect.

The WK F3 is a light folding knife weighing in at 3.9 ounces. My sample came with Tan Micarta handles which is one half inch wide. Winkler used Titanium for the liners, pivot Screw and belt clip to give the strength a Warrior expects but at the same time the lightness we need for packing all day. The belt clip is reversible for you southpaws. Weight saving is a signature design concept of Winkler as his fix-blades and axes have skeletal handles to reduce weight. When packing up and down hills to engage evil, Warriors need lighter equipment.

Winker’s WK F3 folder is a very functional…everyday carry (EDC) knife of the highest quality. I found this folding knife to be an excellent utility knife and if need be, it could serve as a self-defense weapon. As a Warrior when I go out into the world carrying my Winkler WK F3 and “Wild Bill Axe”, I know I am carrying Warrior equipment which is carried by American Heroes around the world. American Warriors who seek out evil where ever they can find it, so as to keep the sheep of the World safe from harm. Winkler products are quickly recognized by Warrior’s who will view you as one of them. I can say I love the WK F3 Folding knife and highly recommend for my fellow Warriors to check this product out.

WK F3 Specs:

  • Blade steel: 80CrV2
  • Black oxide no-glare finish
  • Blade length: 3.5 inches
  • Overall length open: 7.375 inches
  • Overall length closed: 4.250 inches
  • Blade thickness: 0.156 inches
  • Handle: Micarta, Tan, Black and Curly Maple
  • Operation: Flipper action
  • Locking System: Liner lock
  • Other: Ball-bearing pivot
  • Titanium liners
  • Titanium pivot screw
  • Titanium belt clip reversible to left or right side
  • Thumb rise for positive grip
  • Lanyard Hole

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