Best CCW Revolver for Black Bear & Dirt-Bag Country

Many times in my 40 plus years as a law enforcement officer, I have been asked what would be the best handgun I should buy as a first-time owner. My reply, “With the new first-time firearm, are you going to a safety training and shooting class?” “Will you continue to practice with the new firearm using the knowledge you learned in class?” The honest person’s reply is, “I will go through the training, but honestly I will not go to the range or out on my private land to shoot all that often.”

For the honest person who will do the training, but will not take the time to practice…..maybe once a year, I recommend a revolver. A revolver which will shoot the .357 mag caliber. As we know this firearm will shoot the shorter and less lethal .38 spl. The reason for the dual calibers is for those smaller ladies who have smaller hands with less strength in them. Hornady makes a .38 spl. In a plus-P 110 grain Critical Defense.!/

Ruger Firearms

The double action revolver is a simple firearm to use. No safeties and virtually no jams. If you have a round which does not fire, you just pull the trigger and a fresh one rotates and comes into action. Yes, there is always, “What if?” I know your brother-in-law had his revolver jam. Your brother-in-law did not have a Ruger product either. If your life or the lives of loved ones is worth anything, you buy a quality revolver made in the USA. I have Colts, Smiths & Wesson, and Ruger revolvers. My first Ruger was and is the Super Single Six .22 revolver. I still have this firearm to this day. Unbelievably dependable since 1969. Your best bet is the Ruger double action revolver. For CCW the LCR and LCRX models are the World’s Best. The best dependable CCW revolver you can buy.

Great CCW Revolver.

As for Gridley walking his dog Roo in the North Carolina woods, he will be well-healed with his Ruger LCRX and available for dispute resolutions with bears, dirt-bags or even Sasquatch. Gridley will have a sense of safety and force in being able to protect himself and his pet from fur, fangs, and claws.

I highly recommend the Ruger LCRX in .357 mag for those of you who wish to have a very dependable, safe, and affordable weapon for protection.

Ruger Says It Best:

Monolithic frame is made from 400-series stainless steel. Patented friction-reducing cam is a next generation design in fire control systems that results in a smooth, non-stacking trigger pull. Patented polymer fire control housing holds all the fire control components in their proper dimensional relationships, reduces weight significantly and helps reduce recoil.

High-strength stainless steel cylinder, featuring a PVD finish for excellent durability, is extensively fluted, reducing weight. Hogue® Tamer Monogrip® reduces perceived recoil. Grip peg allows for a variety of grip styles to be installed. Replaceable, pinned ramp front sight with white bar. External hammer for single-action use.

Left to Right, Ruger LCRX 5444, Smith 642, Smith 638

RUGER LCRX Mod. 5444

Caliber: .357mg & .38 spl

Barrel Length: 3 inches

Twist1:16 inch RH, Grooves 6

Frame: Monolithic 400-series stainless steel

Cylinder: Stainless Steal, PVD finish

Grips: GripHogue® Tamer™ Monogrip®

Front SightReplaceable, Pinned Ramp

Rear Sight: Adjustable Black Blade

Finish: Matte Black

Weight21.3 ounces

Height: 5.80 inches

Overall Length: 7.50 inches

Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds

MSRP: $859.00

Hornady Ammunition

Hornady Critical Defense Ammo, 357 Mag 125 gr FTX® Critical Defense®!/

Hornady Critical Defense Ammo, 38 Special 110 gr FTX® Critical Defense®!/

Ruger Firearms