Children In Your Home, Wife Mad About the Trash Not Taken Out?

In my 50 plus years of law enforcement, the wife and I raised two children, had visiting grandchildren, nieces and nephews visit our house. At an early age I trained my children about the practical use of firearms and the dangers of firearms. My greatest fear was other children uneducated about firearms visiting my children at our home. For this reason, I locked up the firearms I was not using at the time.

My fears could have been calmed if there was a small safe, I could have housed my duty firearm. For the last ten or so years real serious advancements have been made to improve the quick access to your home defense firearm. At the top of the list is Hornadys’ “Rapid Safe Night Guard.” The Rapid Safe Night Guard or the Night Guard is an excellent quick access single pistol or revolver super strong lock box. A lock box which weighs 18 pounds.

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Exterior Dimensions: 3.5″ x 12″ x 10.5″

Interior Dimensions: 2.2″ x 9.2″ x 6.9″

Weight: 18 pounds

Power: 12V 2.0A or four (4) AAA batteries (not included)

I took the sample Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard and programed the four different RFID readers such as a keychain fob, two stickers for the back of your cellphone, and a rubber sensor which can be slid on your small to medium watch band. The fourth way is to use the barrel key for the back of the safe. You can also program your own personalized code to be entered on a touch pad on the left side of the drawer front.

Once you program your code, stickers, rubber watch band fob and the keychain fob you are set to use the Rapid Safe Night Guard. For me I used the keypad. When you enter the code or use the keychain fob the drawer flies out fully so you can retrieve your fist full of death and destruction. I love the way this box flies open. Be safe and responsible about storing your firearms away from busy hands or a mad wife’s intent.

For a better look at this fantastic Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard check out my YouTube video on this site.

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