I Say “WOW” Because this Pistol Rocks and Rolls With the 10mm Barrel


As you may know, about a year ago I did a review of the Springfield Ronin semi auto 1911 in 10mm bad-boy round. https://warriorsandsheepdogs.com/springfield-ronin-my-manly-go-to-1911-10mm/

Henry Repeating Arms

After shooting the Springfield Ronin in 10mm and then again, a review of the Springfield 1911 Ronin in 9mm, I found out the difference in the two calibers. No contest of which round was the bad boy of the two. I have carried a 1911 professionally in .45acp for the better part of 40 years. Now that I have shot the 10mm 1911 I have to say I was impressed. So impressed with the Springfield Ronin 1911 10mm I bought the sample they sent me.


In thinking about the 10mm round I was brainstorming about how this potent dirt-nap pill would work well in other firearms outside of the semi-auto pistol. Naturally I thought of the Bond Arms product line and the different calibers they offer for their pistol frame. For instance, I have the four-inch .45 Long Colt/410-gauge barrel. I have this barrel to be able to shoot the three-inch 410-gauge shotgun slug round. Yes, when you touch this mamma off you know you just shot something special.

I contacted Bond Arms and found they did have a 10mm barrel in a six-inch version. Hey this is going to be fun. I have shot the Bond Arms pistol in .45 Long Colt with some hot ammo. I have shot the powerhouse .357 mag which was very accurate at 25 yards. I could hit a man size silhouette in the chest area at 50 yards. A 10mm six-inch barrel should be just as accurate and fun to shoot.

In a few days, I received the six-inch 10mm barrel requested from Bond Arms. I took it out of the package and inspected closely. A beautiful piece of American work. A lady shooter on the range at the same time, Ann, spontaneously made the remark “It is beautiful.” I agree with Ann.

At the range I was supplied 10mm ammo from Winchester and Hornady. Two of the best ammo producers bar none. The type of ammo, specs, and links are below. I fired several rounds of each brand and bullet weight. The Bond Arms pistol never missed a beat as well as the Hornady and Winchester ammo. The Hornady 175 gr. Critical Duty FlexLock is a well-designed round. The recoil was not all that bad. This round is designed for lower recoil and maximum bullet expansion. A great duty round for sure. The Hornady Handgun Hunter 135 gr. MonoFlex was very impressive. Lighter and faster with a superb hollow-point design. This “Handgun Hunter” round would work well on the local zombies too. The Hornady 180 gr. XTP round is a good medium weight bullet for any 10mm handgun. I have shot this round many times.


Winchester sent me two types of 10mm ammo. One is the USA Ready 170 gr. Defense Grade ammo. This round is a shooter for sure. I believe the 170 gr. “Sliver Tip” on steroids is a must have for you 10mm gun owners. This round shot perfectly in the Bond Arms 6-inch barrel I was testing. My Bond Arms six-inch barrel loved this bullet design and punch. I also was sent the Winchester “Big Bore” 200 gr. 10mm round which I can attest to its power. A couple of rounds of this bad-boy in my Bond Arms six inch 10mm barrel was all my right hand and fingers could tolerate. However, this 10mm round will be the one I have in my Springfield next time wondering in areas were furry things with fangs, claws, tusks and bad attitudes roam.


To cap this off, the six-inch 10mm Bond Arms barrel is a joy to shoot. If you don’t like recoil, then one of their .38 spl / .357 mag barrels. For me, the 10mm round now is one of favorite calibers, therefore I must have a Barrel for my Bond Arms pistol. I will be packing it in the woods while hiking just to be sure I can defend myself and others from predators with four or even two legs.

Bond Arms


Bond Arms 6 Inch 10mm Barrel


Winchester Ammunition


Winchester USA Ready Defense RED10HP


Winchester Big-Bore 200 gr.


Hornady Ammunition


Hornady 135 gr Handgun Hunter


Hornady 180 gr. XTP


Hornady Critical Duty








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