Do You Demand the Best Holster When It Comes to Defending Yourself? One Word “Galco”!

Being a serious person about self-defense and being a Peace Officer in Oklahoma I am serious about defending others. While being out and about, I am always on alert to any unusual activity or anyone acting in an unusual way. Because I have been a LEO all my adult life, I have learned to read body language and the way people communicate to me or around me. This is a good personal survival tool and the other side of this two-sided blade; I know when someone is not being truthful or at least deceitful.

In my forays out into society I am ever vigilant about my surroundings. I am also “well heeled” with a high-quality pistol or revolver. The main “dirt-nap-pill-dispenser” I carry is my Sig 1911 in .45acp with an extra dispenser of dirt-nap-pills. For credible self-defense capabilities I carry my Sig in a high-quality holster. If you are serious about carrying a concealed weapon, you better be serious about the holster you are carrying it in. The reason is, Murphy’s Law, “If anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst time possible.” So, if I paid $1,400 for my tack-driving Sig 1911, a dependable top-quality holster from Galco costing $132.00 is not unreasonable. I consider the firearm carry system one uses a very close second to the firearm you choose to carry.

Galco started out in 1969 by Richard N. Gallagher. The company name then was Jackass Leather Company. I have a Jackass shoulder holster I bought about 1978. Since them I have modified it with a different holster and ammo pouch. In 1980 the name was changed to Galco International LTD. In 1983 Galco moved from Chicago to their present home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ruger Firearms

Having the off-duty to on-duty carry requirements it is hard to duplicate the way the weapon is brought into action. Duty holsters tend to have an anti-threat system wherein it is harder to take an officer’s firearm from them. I carried a threat-level three holster for patrol duty. For off-duty I carried, and still do, an open top holster such as the Galcos’ Yaqui or Avenger holsters. These are my two favorite highly trusted holsters. I have several for several different pistols. For muscle memory purposes, I carry the Sig on the right side, high up and tight.

The open top holster style helps balance from going to a threat level three duty holster to and off-duty carry. What I am explaining is, when I go to draw my 1911 there is no felt restrictions which tells my subconscious “pull the damn gun man.” If my subconscious detects restrictions then muscle memory takes over. Many hours of practice and training with the threat level holsters is required to establish the “muscle memory” or subconscious memory. For me this worked well. For other officers it may not.

Growing up watching westerns with my dad was fun and a Blessed memory of our time together. We had many other adventures together such as fly-fishing in Colorado. I am a fourth-generation fly fisherman. Because of the love for the old west and my farming and ranching background, I love my single action revolvers and lever-action rifles. I have several single action revolvers including a Colt Single Action Army in .45 LC.

Galco sent me their Model 1880’s Cross-Draw Holster for T&E. Since receiving the 1880 I have carried it to the Range for some fun shooting. I have carried it to the Farm for my stomping around in the woods and plugging cans and rubber balls found on the huge sandbar there. After carrying my Colt in the 1880 for about a month, I can say it worked perfectly. The 1880 Galco holster is well designed and perfect for the cross-draw deployment of the Colt. If I was with another person while drawing and shooting, I kept them on my right side so as not to “flash” them with the business end of the Colt. The 1880 is a great holster. I love this holster….and so does my BFF Sam Houston. Yes, a direct descendent. With Sam around I have to keep an eye on him as he keeps an eye on my Galco 1880 holster. Sam loves the Galco brand and carries his off-duty weapon, 1911, in one too.


If you are looking for a high quality and very functional holster, belt or ammo carrier which will last you many years, then I have one word for you, “Galco”. You cannot go wrong in buying any Galco product. Galco takes great pride in their work and production of leather products. I have had for more than 15 years a shorter version of the Avenger in black for a 4.75” 1911. It is shown in this article. It is still in great shape. You may pay more but you can’t buy better than a Galco product.

Yaqui Slide Belt Holster

  • Premium steerhide
  • Adjustable tension units
  • Neutral cant
  • Accommodates multiple barrel lengths on similar frame size
  • Fits belts up to 1 3/4″

“The renowned Yaqui Slide was ushered into the modern era of holster design in 1992 when Galco achieved yet another industry first: adding a set of independent tension screw adjustments, allowing for a custom fit to the firearm and micro-adjustment of the draw stroke.

The minimalist design and near-vertical carry angle make the Yaqui Slide very fast to draw from, while securing the firearm during everyday activity. The belt channel on most Yaquis has a circular cut-out for placement on the pant loop to prevent shifting of the holster.

The open-muzzle Yaqui design is a favorite of those who own multiple barrel lengths of the same gun model. Constructed of premium steerhide, the Yaqui Slide fits belts up to 1 3/4″.

Made for semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers, the Yaqui Slide is made in right or left hand designs and is available in tan or black finish.”

MSRP: $94.00

Model 1880’s Cross-Draw Holster

NOTE: This holster is NOT legal for SASS due to its steep angle.

  • Premium steerhide construction
  • Hammer thong retention strap
  • High-ride design
  • Fits belts up to 3″ wide

“Model 1880s™ is the holster for the single action shooter on the budget of the working cowboy. It is reminiscent of the rigs worn in American Westerns in the 1950’s and 60’s. The holster is high-ride and is now available for both a strong side draw and cross draw. It is constructed of premium full-grain natural tan steerhide. Available in natural tan. Fits belts up to 3″ wide.”

MSRP: $109.00

Avenger Belt Holster

“The Avenger combines all the desirable features of a truly practical belt holster.”

  • Premium steerhide
  • Adjustable tension unit
  • Reinforced mouth and molded sight rails
  • Neutral cant
  • Fits belts up to 1 3/4″

“Full firing grip accessibility allows an instant shooting grip, the molded sight rail prevent snags on the draw, and the reinforced holster opening provides easy one-handed return to holster. The vertical orientation allows the fastest, wrist-locked draw stroke. The tension unit makes micro-adjustment of the draw stroke simple. The Avenger is constructed of premium steerhide and fits belts up to 1 3/4″ wide.

The Avenger is made for semiautomatic pistols and is available in right- or left-hand designs, in tan or black.”

MSRP: $132.00

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Yaqui Slide Belt Holster

Model 1880’s Cross-Draw Holster

Avenger Belt Holster

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