Power failure, you’re not so smart phone is out of juice, no problem.

The ARC is an amazing product to be used by people from a single mom at home to the backpacker and survivalist. Power failure, no problem. Power failure and your cell phones’ juice is gone, no problem. This is truly a MUST HAVE emergency light for those who live where night comes knocking. I have the ARC and found it to be just the perfect supplement to home defense, camping, backpacking, hunting, boating and a general reliable source of low to ultrahigh portable light source.

GEAR AID®, an award-winning manufacturer long synonymous with outdoor adventure, provides three sizes of these wonderful lights. I chose the ARC for a medium range portable hands free light. The ARC will run on the low setting for up to 96 hours and up to eight hours on the ultrahigh setting. It can recharge a cell phone up to five times before needing a recharge. To recharge the ARC you use the provided charging cord which plugs into a USB port.

The ARC can be hung, angled and unlike other lights mounted to virtually any surface using a number of mounting systems. Both are compatible with tripods, GEAR AID mounts and RAM® mounts with adapter to deliver light and power where and when needed. My ARC will not only charge my iPhone it will charge my Kendal Fire and my cameras.

The ARC was built for the outdoors and will standup to rain, sleet, snow and blowing sand. It even has an “SOS” setting which adds an essential safety feature I just love. Out backpacking and take a fall. Turn on the “SOS” feature and know the ARC will be sending the emergency help message to all passing planes and nearby travelers.

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The ARC is a workhorse weighing in at 16 ounces and retailing for $99.95. Check out the ARC at: https://www.gearaid.com

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