Looking to buy the KAHR ST9 TIG Special Edition 9mm? Continue reading and watch our video as we review and field test the TIG Special Edition from KAHR Firearms Group.

John “TIG” Tiegen Former Marine and Benghazi American Hero

The KAHR ST9 TIG Special Edition is limited to 1,000 of these semi-auto pistols. Engravings on each pistol includes its number in the series, the TIG logo, TIG’s signature and the Beyond the Battlefield logo. Part of the proceeds KAHR receives will be donated to Beyond the Battlefield (BTB) Foundation by Kahr Firearms Group. KAHR is helping our Heroes who are in great need. I commend them for their involvement and actions taken.

John “TIG” Tiegen and his wife, Margaret, founded Beyond the Battlefield organization in 2017. Beyond the Battlefield is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public foundation. The mission is to provide support for wounded veterans as they face the many challenges encountered during rehabilitation, the healing process and reintegration into everyday life. This would be a great foundation to support.

Winchester 9mm 115gr. FMJI received my sample of the ST9 for test and evaluation. I took this 9mm from its box, broke it down, wiped it clean and put on some light oil. A few days later, my assistant Gridley and I took the ST9 to the Oklahoma City Gun Range. We brought with us Winchester 115 gr. 9mm FMJ ammo with steel cases. I like to use steel cases in testing firearms as some semi-autos do not do well with this type of ammo components. Steel case ammo from across the pond are the most likely culprits. While in Iraq as an International Police Adviser, I seen an ISO container, one of several, full of 9mm ammo made from not in the USA. We found an average of six rounds out of every 50 round box we tested, did not fire or would not feed properly. Now what do you do with 1,000,000 rounds of defective ammo?

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So Gridley and I fired the ST9 from distances of 10 and 15 feet and back at 25 feet. The ST9 being a DAO (Double Action Only) semi-auto pistol was not designed to be a target pistol. The double action pull was consistent on every shot. The pull is somewhat long but smooth to the point I could tell just about when this bad-boy was going to touch off. Since I could judge about when this pistol was going to fire, I had some great groups at 25 feet.

The ST9 has a four inch barrel and is only 6.5 inches long. I like the size and can see this would be a great CCW weapon or off duty LEO weapon. As for the eight and one round capacity magazine, for me eight rounds are enough. I like my 1911 .45 which has only an eight and one round capacity. If you practice enough, shot placement outweighs a hail of flying metal. The feel of the ST9 in my average hand was great. I love the feel. I could see why American Hero Tiegen chose this model of KAHR. Gridley and I were impressed. I told Gridley he could just stop eyeing this pistol as if anyone was going to buy it, then it would be me.

Overall Gridley and I fired through the sample ST9 about 200 plus rounds of the Winchester 115 Gr. FMJ USA Forged ammo. We were having so much fun shooting this pistol we lost count of the number of rounds. All we know is there were four empty Winchester boxes. During this testing, when we fired the first magazine full of ammo, the second round failed to come up to the side. I then “tap and rack” which loaded the next round. From here on firing over 200 rounds there were no glitches. Remember I told you about steel cases. This is the perfect reason one should practice with a brand new firearm before pressing it into service. I have every confidence in the KAHR ST9.

Overall, the ST9 is one excellent firearm and worthy of any American Hero such as law enforcement and citizens who put their own live on the line to protect others. I highly recommend this pistol.

Above is a video Gridley and I made shooting the ST9. You can watch while we test fire this semi-auto 9mm pistol. You can see the grouping we were getting. You can learn about this excellent pistol by watching this video. I hope you enjoy.

KAHR ST9 TIG Special Edition 9mm Stats

  • Barrel: 4.0 inches
  • Over All: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 18.5 ounces with Magazine 2.1 ounces
  • Rear Sight: Two white dots
  • Front Sight: One white dot
  • Grip: Textured polymer with Serial ID tag
  • Finish: Black Armor Cerakote™ slide
  • Magazine: 2 eight round stainless
  • Extra: Stainless slide with front serrations, engraved with the TIG logo, BTB logo and John TIG Tiegen signature.

MSRP: $541.00
Can buy at: $541.00 if you can find one.

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Beyond the Battlefield

Winchester USA FORGED 9mm 115 gr. FMJ
MSRP: $23.00 Box 150 rounds

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